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     We believe this picture was taken in Concho County, Texas around the 1903-1905 time period.   
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Information we have received to date  

Date Received Furnished by Subject # Subject Name Subject comments
July 24, 1999 Faye Elder- email me at this address  9 Joseph Barnabus Currie Obit from Ballinger Banner-Leader
November 17, 1911
Uncle Joe Currie.

   Uncle Joe Currie, ex-County Treasurer of Concho county, who was visiting his daughter, Mrs. Joe Hardin, in our city, died suddenly last Friday night at the home of his Daughter.       He had a  stroke of paralysis a short while ago but had apparently recovered from same, but for the past few days was not feeling so well though nothing of a serious nature. While sitting in his chair talking all at once he died and when the family took hold of (him) found he was dead.
    Uncle Joe was one of the prominent and pioneer citizens of this Western country honorable upright and just in all his dealings with is fellowman and died as he had lived in the triumphs of a living faith.  He was 70 years of age at the time of his death and had been a consistent member of the Baptist church many years.  He leaves three daughters, Mrs. Joe Hardin of our city, and Mrs. George Garland of San Angelo, and Miss Ina Currie also four sons and a host of relatives and friends to morn his sudden demise.  His remains were prepared for burial here by Undertaker, C. R. Crews of this city and taken to Paint Rock for interment the Baptist Pastor of Millersview officiating.
    There was perhaps not a more wider and favorably known man in this country than was Uncle Joe Currie enjoying a wide friendship, who join relatives in mourning his passing into that country which no one has every (sic) yet returned.    

(Sons not named in the above article were: John, Barney, Robert, and Joseph V. Currie.)

July 24, 1999 Faye Elder - email me at this address 12 Ina Jean Currie  Daughter of Joseph and Ann Currie 
July 24, 1999 Faye Elder - email me at this address


15 Ann Elizabeth Browning Currie  Wife of Joseph Barnabus Currie rests by his side in the Paint Rock Cemetery
Aug 2, 1999 Mary Love Berryman
31 Henry Davis Pearce You can find a story about Henry Davis Pearce and his family at
There is also an index to the book he wrote
"126 Biographical Sketches of Confederate Soldiers"
by H. D. Pearce, Robert Lee, Coke County,
Texas, 1910 on the Coke County TXGenWeb Project
Oct 6, 1999 Richard L. Dunkle
10 J.W. King My name is Richard L. Dunkle and I believe the man to be J. W. King, my great grand father. My grandmother was Susie Etta King and was born in Eden in October, 1902. She later married Raymond Dancer. When she became pregnant with my mother, (Juanita Susie Dancer), Raymond "disappeared". Any help in researching my family would be greatly appreciated.
Oct 6, 1999 Richard L. Dunkle
25 Missouri Elizabeth King I believe this woman to be my great grandmother , Missouri Elizabeth King and very much pregnant with my grandmother Susie Etta King who was born this month (October) in Eden.
Oct 8, 1999 Becky Rogers
6 Calvin Walker McCutchen  
Jul 16, 2000 Sandra Greene Camp


 Joann D. Galloway Dannelley Since I never met my great-grandmother, I could be wrong that this is her picture.  I do have a picture of her and the woman in the reunion picture looks remarkably like the picture I have.  If it is my great-grandmother, she married my great-grandfather, Swain G. Dannelley, on 16 July 1868, in Maury County Tennessee.  They lived in Lawrence County, Alabama, where their children were born.  Sometime between 1876 when my grandfather Dillon Christopher was born and 1880 they traveled to Coleman County, Texas, where they settled.  My grandfather and his 2 brothers and 2 sisters were married in either Runnels County or Coleman County.
Mar 14, 2001 and updated Jan 19, 2007

Ed Walker mailto:edwalker

William Warren Foreman
This is my Great Grandfather William Warren Foreman. He is buried in Norwood Cemetery with a Confederate marker. His wife was Martha Ann Thomas. Of their 8 children one was Addie (Foreman) Clayton, who married Finis E. Clayton and lived all their lives on their ranch slightly north of Norwood cemetery. One of their daughters Euda Mae married my father Walter Edmond Walker, they both lived and died in Bangs, Brown co, and are buried there. My mom's last living sibling was William Jennings Bryan Clayton who lived his entire life in Runnels county.
 Jul 18,  2001
Jana Fanning
5 Arthur Roy Wilson Arthur Roy Wilson was my great grandfather. The only pictures we have of him, he was close to 40 years old, but I am almost 100% sure that this is him as a 15 year old boy. Arthur was sentenced to 49 years in the Huntsville State Prison at the age of 23 for shooting and killing Roy Stuart on July 20, 1912 in front of Barbee's store in Paint Rock, Texas.
Jul 18, 2001 Jana Fanning


8 Walter J. Wilson I believe this to be my great great grandfather, Walter J. Wilson. Called "J.W." & "Blackie". There are no known pictures of him, but he is the father of Arthur Roy Wilson (No. 5). His wife was Mary E. (maiden unknown) and his other sons were Oscar and Harvey. He was known to be a very cruel man, and was noted for his Black hair. I don't know if I will ever know for sure if this is him or not, but in my heart I believe it is. There is a remarkable family resemblance in him and one of my uncles(his great grandson.)
Jul 18. 2001 Jana Fanning 17 Harvey Wilson This boy could possibly be one of the children of Walter J. Wilson (NO. 8). It would more than likely be Harvey Wilson who would have been 9 years old at the time.
Apr 27 2002 Chuck Zonker
38 Samuel R. Rice Samuel Rice, born Union Co. Arkansas Nov 10, 1843. Co B, 28th Texas Calvelry, Walker's Division. Enlisted in New Salem, Cherokee Co. Texas.  Lived in Bosque & Runnels Counties after the war.  Died in Big Spring, Howard County Texas, Apr 132 1925. I'm not 100% sure of course, but sure looks like a picture I have of him and his wife, but don't know the date. he told my Aunt of having to eat meat cut from dead horses, because that was about all that they could find. Samuel Rice was my Great Grandfather on my mother's side.
Aug 5 2004 Brenda McClure
33 Allie Belle Pierce I believe this could be Allie Belle Pierce, mother of Joe Hardin, Dora Hardin, and Anna Lee Pierce. The age would be right and this photo is very much like one I have of her taken about that time. Not positive.


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