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Cooke County, Texas
List of Populated Places in Cooke County

The following list of cities, towns, and communities are from the Geographic Names Information System (GNIS) provided by the U.S. Geological Survey. The list (called "populated places") does NOT include the names of PPLs that no longer exist. Over the next several months, an attempt will be made to find some of those lost communites and place them in this list.

Feature Name                 Type      Latitude Longitude 
---------------------------- --------- -------- --------- 
Balm                         pop place 334448N  0965835W  
Bloomfield                   pop place 332640N  0970055W  
Bulcher                      pop place 334801N  0972546W  
Burns City                   pop place 333045N  0970214W  
Callisburg                   pop place 334152N  0970031W  
Coesfield                    pop place 334906N  0970154W  
Cook                         pop place 333643N  0970739W  
Custer City                  pop place 334058N  0970259W  
Dexter                       pop place 334907N  0965748W  
Era                          pop place 332943N  0971716W  
Freemound                    pop place 333338N  0972834W  
Gainesville                  pop place 333733N  0970759W  
Hemming                      pop place 332553N  0970508W  
Hood                         pop place 333234N  0972056W  
Leo                          pop place 332710N  0972340W  
Lindsay                      pop place 333809N  0971321W  
Lois                         pop place 332722N  0971312W  
Marysville                   pop place 334614N  0972002W  
Mountain Springs             pop place 332849N  0970237W  
Muenster                     pop place 333906N  0972234W  
Myra                         pop place 333726N  0971851W  
Oak Ridge                    pop place 333853N  0970217W  
Prairie Point                pop place 332943N  0972827W  
Rosston                      pop place 332900N  0972631W  
Shady Grove                  pop place 333401N  0965821W  
Sivells Bend                 pop place 335059N  0971325W  
Sturgeon                     pop place 334526N  0965831W  
Valley View                  pop place 332917N  0970953W  
Woodbine                     pop place 333638N  0970055W  

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