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*     TEXAS RANGERS     *

Muster Rolls Company C
Ranger Star

"The Texas Rangers had two vital functions in the 19th century.
They fought hostile Indians and determined whose land was whose.
Texas would not have developed as it did without the Texas Rangers."

Mike Cox, author of The Texas Ranger: Men of Valor and Action

The Texas Rangers maintained law and order from 1879 to 1882. From Camp Roberts, near Silver Falls, the Rangers dispensed justice to law-breakers and Indians who had left the Okahoma reservation without permission.

List provided by Pioneer Memorial Museum, CROSBY COUNTY, TX

Ansley, S.M., Private        Armstrong, G.W., Capt.        Barron, J.T., Private       
Beakley, G.W., Private Bell, T.S., Private Birdwell, John, Private
Blair, J.J., Private Blair, W.J., Private Blevin, W.G., Private
Bradley, W.C., 1st Sergt. Brown, C.F., Private Brown, J.P., Private
Browning, J.R., Private Burnett, W.C., Private Callahan, S.J., Private
Carter, W.G., Private Carter, F.M., Private Chilton, P.H., Private
Clark, P.J.W., Private Cochran, J.T., Private Collier, J.L., Private
Collins, W., Private Collins, J.F., 2nd Sergt. Conrad, F.E.
Cromwell, R., Private Crowell, D.C., Private Curlis, J.J., Teamster
Dallapite, J.B., Private Davenport, A.H.S., Private           Dunn, J.M., Private
Duty, R.P., Private Elmore, J.A., Private Fork, G.M., Private
Fowler, Chas., Teamste Freeman, F.L., Private Fulton, A.L., Private
Gerren, J.M., Private Gibbs, J.H., Private Gibson, R.L., Private
Gibson, J.B., Corpl. Gill, W.A., 2nd Corpl. Golsen, W.W., Private
Green, J.F., Private Hammer, T.H., Private Hampton, Wm., 2nd Corpl.
Harrison, I., Private Harrison, Chas. A., Tmstr Heatherly, J.H., Private
Heffington, T.P., Private Hoffar, F.W., Private Hoffar, John, 1st Sergt.
Jackson, B.F., Private Jenkins, L.C., Private Jenkins, R.R., Private
Jennings, W.T., Private Johnson, J.R., Private Jones, B., 2nd Sergt.
Kimbell, J.B., Private King, P.G., Private Knight, E.L., Private
Lancaster, O.B., Private Lange, R.J., Private Lasley, J.P., Private
Lawhon, J.W., Private Lee, R.M., Private Looney, R.H., 2nd Corpl.
Luay, Jas. E., Private Majors, R.M., Private McDermott, H., Teamster
McElvey, J.L., Private McGar, Paul, Private McMurry, H.E., Private
Merrill, Henry, Private Methrin, E.P., Private Moore, G.C., Private
Moore, J.H., Private Mullens, A.H., Private Nelson, F.W., Private
O'Mallor, T., Private Odom, W.B., Private Otiff, J.E., Private
Parks, J.T., Private Phillips, T., 2nd Corpl. Phillips, J.W., 2nd Corpl.
Powell, Wm., Private Prestige, S.B., Private Price, W.Y., Private
Purcell, John, Private Rascoe, W.P., 2nd Sergt. Reagan, W.R., Private
Reynolds, J.G., 1st Corpl. Robertson, Marion, Private Rodgers, E., Teamster
Rush, C., Private Sarvyer, M.B., Private Scott, Wm., 1st Corpl.
Seay, J.B., Private Shaw, Chas., 1st Corpl. Smearley, W.J., Private
Smith, W. Sparks, T.M., Private Springer, A.W., Private
Sprulger, E.T., Private Stiff, J.E., Private Stonebraker, M.B., Private
Talley, W.B., Private Taylor, W.N., Private Tomlinson, E.A., Private
Turnbow, L.S., 2nd Corpl.          Waddill, H.B., Private Wallace, C.W., Private
Waller, W.R., Private Welson, F.W., Private White, P.L., 1st Corpl.
Wiley, W.W., Private Wilson, W.A., Private Woods, Joe, Private


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