Dawson County, Texas

Dawson County Family Photos 1

Pictures submitted by Louise Gillispie Stratton, April 2007  (LGS)
Pictures submitted by Deana Scott   (DS)
Pictures submitted by Pat Walton May, 2007  (PW)

Byrd M. & Rebecca A. Green Gillispie   1950's   (LGS)

They came to Lamesa in a train cattle car with all their children and belongings in 1913. My father Dock was 4 years old.    My grandparents and most of their children lived and worked on the John Wristen section of land off the Gail/Snyder highway before my birth in Dec 1928 and afterwards. They were separated from my earliest memory. When John Wristen died only my grandparents and their daughter Kate and two of her children still lived on the place. Granny and Granddad  moved to town. They bought houses across the street from each other. Granddad bought a bigger house and Aunt Kate and her two children moved in with him. I never knew why my grandparents didn't live together after about 1917, but they were never divorced.     I was always told that Granny Gillispie was full blood Cherokee Indian and that Granddad was 3/4 Cherokee Indian. I have no proof.

William Carter Rainer home  east side of railroad tracks in Lamesa, TX about 1929  (LGS)

Left is William "Lawrence" Rainer and wife Martha "Mattie" Orlena Brown Rainer. Old dog on porch.

Right is Emily Ann Irby Rainer wife of William Carter Rainer

Adrian Simpson when very young  (LGS)

Adrian Simpson and wife Josephine Houston Simpson  (LGS)

Thomas, Maxine & Ruby Gillispie  (LGS)

 Ralph Stratton headstone   (LGS)

James Bryant Brown Family (LGS)

S/Sgt Adrian Simpson during WWII.  He was a darn good cook. (LGS)

Louise Gillispie, about Jan. 1929.  (LGS)


Lovie Ruth Mayfield Galloway Gillispie, 3rd wife of  Dock Gillispie holding Greg Stratton, grandson of Dock Gillispie 1953.  (LGS)

Rainer Family Gathering (LGS)

Hugh Craig & Mary E. Collier Barron  (DS)

Hugh Craig & Mary E. Collier Barron Family (DS)

William Felmon "Bud" Statham

Jess Willard Liles  &  Vera Mae Sims
A picture of my parents just before they married that was dated 1937, and they married in 1938 (Per Lic.)  (PW)

Otto Lisenbee
(Photo taken from obit in the newspaper.  Submitted by Louise Gillispie Stratton, March 2009)



If you have any pictures you would like for me to post, please send them.

Thanks to all who help.

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