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SPELLMANN CEMETERY is located near Nopal, in DeWitt County, Texas.

A.H. Spellmann

Anna ME Spellmann

Arthur and Dora Spellmann

Audley Spellmann

Caroline Glimp Spellmann

Christina Spellmann

Clyde and Alva Spellmann

Curtis and Elna Spellmann White

David Spellmann Memorial

Duderstadt Bench

Duderstadt Lineage

E. Christian Spellmann

Ellen Ellis Spellmann

Ernst C. Spellmann


F.G. Hahn

Fred W. Hahn

Herbert Hahn

Homer and Velma Spellmann

Jerome Duderstadt

Jessie V. Spellmann

Joycelyn Spellmann Stephens

Kenneth and Robert Spellmann Memorial

Kenneth Stephens

Leona Jane Spellmann

Lillian Spellmann

LU and Laura Spellmann

Nanie and Rudolph Spellmann

Paul and Marie Spellmann Greenwood

Paul Greenwood

Paul R. Spellmann

Paul Theodore Spellmann

R.R. Spellmann

Raymond Hahn

Royce Spellmann

Rudolph Spellmann


Photos were contributed by Elycia Whitmill. She can be contacted at

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