Andrew LOCKHART was the son of Bird LOCKHART, Sr. And Sarah Williamson LOCKHART. Andrew was born in Hampshire, VA abt 1781. His siblings were Byrd , Jr. born 1782, Hampshire VA; Samuel born 1784, Hampshire, VA; Mary(Polly) born March 10, 1787, Hampshire, VA; William Charles born December 3, 1790, Hampshire, VA; Nancy born 1793, Hampshire, VA; Sarah Ann born 1794, Hampshire , VA; Margaret born 1800, Hampshire, VA; and Drusilla born December 25, 1802, Hampshire, VA.

Briggs family records in Washington County, Ohio, show that Andrew LOCKHART married Esther Briggs. This family appears on the 1810 Washington County, Ohio census. ( Name of spouse is derived from BRIGGS FAMILY History(possession of Sue Briggs Eyerly 2991 N. 250 E., Provo, UT 84601 (1981). Confirmed by Montgomery County, Illinois records.

Andrew LOCKHART appears on the Muster rolls of Capt. William JonesíCo. of Volunteer Infantry, Illinois ordered into service March 9, 1813 ( War of 1812) . A copy of his enlistment shows that he enlisted March 9, 1813 and served as a private until April 9, 1813. Andrew LOCKHART appears from April 9, 1813 until May 9, 1813 serving as a private in the same company. He appears on the Muster rolls for June 9, 1813 as serving as a fourth Corporal. Illinois Land records reveal that ANDREW LOCKHART purchased Federal Lands July, 1817 and 4 sections in May, 1818, Madison Co, Ill. Brother CHARLES LOCKHART also purchased Illinois Federal Lands, August , 1816, Madison Co, Ill. Madison County, Ill. Court Records and Indentures, 1813-1818 reveal that ANDREW LOCKHART applied and received permission to keep a tavern.

The Illinois Territorial census taken to see if Illinois qualified for Statehood, in 1818, lists Andrew LOCKHART. The 1818 Illinois census (while in Madison County, Ill.), Andrew LOCKHART with 13 other white inhabitants. The 1820 Illinois census lists Andrew LOCKHART.

Andrew LOCKHART and Esther Briggs LOCKHART had nine children. ( I have only been able to account for 6)
Sarah Elvira LOCKHART
Drusilla Malinda LOCKHART
Washington LOCKHART

Andrew LOCKHART came to Texas with the De Witt Colony. He was granted land through the Empresario. Information has come to me through THE QUARTERLY OF THE TEXAS STATE HISTORICAL ASSOCIATION, Vol. VII, October 1904, Number 2, page 165. This information was originally obtained from " Titles, De Wittís Contract," two volumes and "Titles to Special Grants, one volume, all three (manuscripts) are in the General Land Office of the State of Texas.

Andrew LOCKHART/married/Date of Arrival- March 25, 1829/ Size of Family-9/Size of Grant-1 sitio(4,428 Acres)/Date of Title- Sept. 14,1831/ Reference to "Titles De Wittís Contract"- 515-518
" A family man is given one sitio and each single man is granted ľ sitio. Andrew heads the list with 9 in his household."

ANDREW LOCKHART inherited lands from sons that died before him. He received lands of BYRD B., JOHN, and WASHINGTON LOCKHART. Court Documents found REPUBLIC of TEXAS , GONZALES Co, 1840 reveals" that ANDREW LOCKHART, James B. Patrick and CHARLES LOCKHART are held and bounded for the sum of Ten Thousand Dollars- good and lawful money of this Republic.. such that said ANDREW LOCKHART has been appointed Administrator of the ..Succession of BYRD B. LOCKHARTís estate." February 12,1846, Bird B. LOCKHARTís estate is being settled in The Republic of Texas, County of Gonzales. Jasper Gilbert, Sarah E. Gilbert, William Patterson, Drusilla Patterson, and Andrew Lockhart have all signed an agreement about the distribution of Bird B. Lockhartís land. February 12, 1846 , in the Republic of Texas, County of Gonzales, Jasper Gilbert , Sarah E. Gilbert, Drusilla Patterson, and William R. Patterson relinquish rights and get a dollar from the Government of Mexico on land that was owned by John Lockhart, son of Andrew Lockhart.

Andrew LOCKHART died October, 1846, Dewitt Co, Tx . Leaves by will land to Drusilla Malinda Patterson and Sarah Elvira Gilbert. His two only surviving heirs.

Andrew LOCKHART Children:
Matilda LOCKHART- at approximately age 13 , she was taken on December 9, 1828, by a band of Comanches. Matilda was brought to San Antonio by the Comanches March 19,1840. This is written as the "Council House Fight." A letter written by Catherine W. LOCKHART to her mother, Mrs Elizabeth Barton of Franklin Furnance, State of Ohio states:

Pecan Fort, Texas
April 9th 1840

Dear Mother,

I again write you not having received no letter from you for several months. I am happy to inform you that Andrew LOCKHART at last has succeeded in getting his daughter from the Indians. They brought in a little boy to Bexar who was taken at the same time she was, and proposed a treaty to which the whites agreed on condition they would fetch in all the prisoners in their possession. They Returned to their camps and in a few days returned with Matilda Lockhart only. The American officers met them in the Council house, and the Indians being informed that they were to consider themselves prisoners until all were brot in, they drew their bows and arrows which they had concealed under their buffalo skins and commenced using of them. The Americans being quite unarmed were obliged to use rock axes or anything they could get hold of. There were six Americans and about thirty Indians killed, and twenty one squaws kept to let them know the result. Since which time they have returned with two American children and seven Mexicans. They exchange equal number and will retain the wrest until they are all brot in- or as many as they have in their possession. A Mrs. Webster made her escape about the same time Matilda Lockhart left, carrying with her a doughter four years old a sickly child and living on prickly pear apples and being twelve days in reaching Bexar. We still look forward to the time when we will be at peace with all our enemies and our country free. Love from each to you all.

Affectionately your daughter
Catherine W. Lockhart.
Mrs. Elizabeth Barton

This copy of the letter is from YANAGUANA SOCIETY PUBLICATIONS, Vol V, San Antonio, 1940, pages 78-79.

Sarah Elvira LOCKHART married Jasper L. GILBERT, June 29, 1837 in Colorado County, Texas. Jasper L GILBERT appears on the TAXPAYERS OF THE REPUBLIC OF TEXAS, Colorado County, 1838 with # acres- 1111, Value, 555, Poll - 1.

1840 CITIZENS OF TX , Vol 3 Land Grants:
GILBERT,JASPER/arrived in TX, 1822/ cl 1 lg acres 1/lb 1/ unconditional cer. COLO/ Feb 1838

Sarah Elvira Lockhart Gilbert and Jasper L. Gilbert have three children:
Pleasant Lee Gilbert, born 1840, in Texas
Bartley S. Gilbert, born 1842, in Texas
Francis Gilbert, born 1847 , in Texas

Sarah Elvira Lockhart Gilbert must have died in 1847 because a copy of original document (found in the Dewitt County Courthouse in the Sarah E. Gilbert File) states:

"The estate of Mrs. Gilbert to T. Polk Dr To Medical Services Rendered family $5.00" This bill was sworn before Amos Hill, Jr. on the 10th day of February, 1847.

Court documents obtained from Dewitt County, Tx( found in the Sarah E. Gilbert File) reveal that Jasper L. Gilbert refuses to administer his late wifeís estate. They also reveal that Jasper L. Gilbert refuses to take care of his children, Pleasant L and Bartley S. Gilbert. The minor heirs of Sarah Elvira Gilbert must have a guardian appointed.

Copy of Letter found in Dewitt County Courthouse (Sarah E. Gilbert file):

" Cameron, July 13th 1847 Esqr. Baker I take this liberty of droping you a few lines to informing you that Jasper L. Gilbert of this county refuses to administer on his late wifeís estate( Sarah E. Gilbert) as it is truly necessary for the benefit of the children as well as other persons that it should be done I hope you will cite hime to appear at the next term of the Probate Court Yours Respectfully J.M. Baker Esqr Wm R Patterson"

Copy of Petition by Jasper L. Gilbert (found in the Dewitt County Courthouse( Sarah E. Gilbert file)

State of Texas
County of Dewitt
I hereby make publication that Jasper L. Gilbert hath filed a petition with the Honorable Probate Judge of said County in Vacation praying to be appointed Guardian to the minor Heirs of him and his wife Sarah E. Gilbert Deceased namely Pleasant L. Gilbert and Bartley S. Gilbert under the age of 14 years. This is to notify all persons interested in said petition to attend at the Court House in the Town of Cameron on the last Monday in September 1847. It being the 27th day of said month and the regular term of Probate court as said petition will then be acted upon. Given under my official Signature this 13th September AD 1847 James N Smith Ex Officio It appears from Documents found in the Dewitt County Courthouse(Sarah E. Gilbert file) that Richard H. Chisholm was appointed guardian of Pleasant and Bartley and that Wm. R. Patterson was made executor of Sarah E. Gilbertís estate. (1848)
Carla Hillman Ratcliff

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