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By Russell Lundberg

In collaboration with wife, Helen

May 1966

Revised and updated - 2002

Introduction by Tookie Cash, President
Dickens County Historical Society, 2003

The following is an historical account of what day-to-day life was like for a young adventurous teenager who came from Nebraska in 1937 to be a "Texas Cowboy." Russell went to work for the Matador Ranch at its Red Lake Camp in Dickens County.

The Porter girls were frequent vistors to the home of Joe Thornton, boss at Red Lake Camp, and my Aunt Helen Porter eventually became the wife of Russell Lundberg.

The story is also being published in installments in The Texas Spur newspaper, Spur, Texas.

Transcription for the Dickens County GenWeb was provided by Ron Brantner, nephew of Joe and Reba Brantner Thornton.

A list of the persons mentioned in this document is provided on the last page.


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