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McAdoo Cemetery

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NAME			BIRTH		DEATH		Reference

ALLEN,  ?? Charles Alton Allen was our father,          Re: #77 (A-6)
and as a young man, he lost his arm to a gunshot wound
in a hunting accident. Granny Allen buried that arm 
in the McAdoo Cemetery. I couldn't say for sure, but I 
believe it may be located at #77 N-6   
Charlie died September 18, 1985 and is buried in 
Kaufman, County, Texas,near Maybank, along side his wife,
Velma Gladys Dillon who died in April, 1991
                  Submitted by Lanell Allen		

ALLEN, A. J. "Buddy"	1895		1952		Re: #89 (A-7)
	Comments:   Inscription:  "Daddy"

ALLEN, Bobbie Joe	1928		1928		Re: #78 (A-6)
	Comments: Infant dau. of Ry and Eula Allen

ALLEN, Cleta Nell	4/12/1940	3/23/1980	Re: #76 (A-6)
	Comments: Inscription:  "Love lives on"   "Rest in Peace"

ALLEN, Douglas		3/20/1912	1/31/1992	Re:#209 (A-12)
	Ola Mae		5/18/1912	--
	Comments: Double Stone.

ALLEN, Faye Olive	1/23/1926	7/6/1928	Re:#88 (A-7)
	Dau. of M/M A.J. Allen
	"Another little angel before the heavenly throne."

ALLEN, Foy E.		1927		1927		Re:#75 (A-6)

ALLEN, George W.	11/27/1867	8/10/1963	Re:#84 (A-7)
	Beulah M.	12/21/1874	12/6/1948	Re:#85 (A-7)
	Comments: Double Stone.

ALLEN, Gladys Mae	9/18/1915	10/29/1987	Re:#199 (A-6)
	Grady		3/21/1909	2/3/1984	Re:#198 (A-6)
	Wed: 9/3/19320
	Comments: Double stone.  On Back Parents of Grady, Jr.; Cleta Nell
	 Inscription: "In God's Care."

ALLEN, John A.		7/22/1901	3/19/1992	Re:#222 (A-6)
	Louise C.	6/15/1906	6 8/16/1972	Re: #74 (A-6)
	Comments:  Double Stone.

ALLEN, Rose		1/3/1903	12/5/1979	Re:#90 (A-7)
	Comments:  Inscription: "Mother"

ALLEN or BROWNLOW ??		No information 		Re:#79 (A-6)

ARMSTRONG, Herman S.	1904		1956		Re:#96 (A-8)
		Masonic Emblem
	Florence B.	1906		1986		Re:#214 (A-8)
	Comments:  Double Stone.  Inscription:  "Gone but not forgotten."


BAILEY, Stephen Madison		1871	1934	 	Re:#127 (A-10)
		Family Contact
BAILEY, Sarah Elizabeth "Bette" Cady	1875	1952	Re:#128 (A-10)
	Wife of Stephen Madison Bailey	
	Family Contact

BARTON, Baby (Frank)					Re:#50 (A-4)
BARTON, Baby (Barton)					Re:#51 (A-4)
	Comments: No other information.  Plot surrounded by concrete border

BARTON, Daisy L.	7/20/1906	9/11/1990	Re:#143 (B-2)
	James B.	3/25/1909        7/17/1968	Re: #17 (B-2)
	Comments: Double Stone.

BARTON, Edna I.		1/6/1874	7/29/1958	Re:#15 (B-2)
	James J.	8/14/1866	5/6/1940	Re:#14 (S-2)
	Comments: Double Stone.  Inscription: "In Loving Memory"

BASS, Emma		5/29/1896	6/29/1958	Re:#82 (B-11)
	Comments: Maiden Name: Edwards

BASS, Lamar Bradford		No dates		Re:#24 (B-4)

BASS, Leander B. 	9/24/1908	10/15/1984	Re:#138 (B-4)
	Comments: Inscription: "Greater love hath no man than this, 
	that a man lay down his life for his friends."

BASS, Louis K.		6/8/1889	6/12/1955	Re:#103 (B-17)VETERAN
  	Cpl. Co. I. 142 Infantry World War I

BASS, Martha I.		12/23/1911	1/30/1949	Re:#25 (B-4)
	Comments: Inscription: "Asleep in Jesus"

BLACK,M Baby		1936		1936		Re:#125 (A-10)
	Infant son of Monroe & Iva

BLAIR, Delphia		7/22/1910	1/7/1934	Re:#154 (A-11)
	Comments:  Wife of Albert W.  
	 Inscription: "Enter into the joy of thy Lord."

BLAIR, Oretha Jean	9/19/1929	3/27/1934	Re:#155 (A-11)
	Comments:  Inscription: "How Beautiful Heaven Must Be"      "At Rest"

BOUCHER, Kenneth Doyle	8/14/1931	8/3/1956	Re:#139 (A-11)

BOUCHER, Ocie Turley	5/22/1908	11/18/1977	Re:#138 (A-11)
	Tyra Lucille	11/20/1908	--			
	Comments: Double Stone.

BOWEN, E. C. 			No Dates		Re:#69 (A-5)
	Comments:  Inscription: "In Remembrance"   "True to God Christ"

BRANNEN, Joseph		4/2/1829	12/29/1918	Re:#29 (A-2)
	Comments: Masonic Stone.  
	Inscription: "His friends are legion his memory sweet"

BRANTLEY,Charles Leamon	10/14/1933	9/15/1934 	Re:#108 (A-8)

BRANTLEY, Emma		1/19/1868	11/9/1959	Re:#105 (A-8)
	T. L.		10/25/1859	11/15/1928	Re:#104 (N-8)			
	Comments: Double Stone.

BRANTLEY, Grace		7/5/1899	6/26/1922	Re:#87 (A-7)

BRANTLEY, Harold	6/8/1922	6/28/1990	Re:#217 (A-7)VETERAN
	World War II.
	Pat		1/29/1929	--
	Married: 1/17/1947
	Comments: Inscription: "In Loving Memory"

BRANTLEY, Leamon	7/24/1909	5/16/1976	Re:#107 (A-8)
	Lorene		2/9/1911	8/9/1995	Re:#231 (N-8)
	Comments; Double Stone.
BRANTLEY, Mack		8/19/1890	6/20/1953	Re:#86 (A-7)
	Contents: Inscription: "At Rest"

BRANTLEY, T. J.		5/6/1906	2/6/1979	Re:#97 (A-8)
	Ruby		12/10/1911	2/4/1991	Re:#215 (N-8)
	Comments: Double Stone.   Inscription: "Parents of Curby and Norman."

BRANTLEY, Warren A. 	2/23/1895	7/19/1971	Re:#106 (A-8)VETERAN
	Texas PFC MP Co 90 Div. World War I.

BRISTER, Joe Barry Sr.	Brick marker no information	Re:#135 (A-11)

BRISTER, John Durwood	Brick marker no information	Re:#137 (A-11)

BRISTER, W. C. Jr.	1926		1927		Re:#136 (A-11)

BROOKS, E. T.		3/8/1864	7/16/1926	Re:#22 (B-4)

BROMLEY, Buford Ray	7/5/1914	5/2/1934	Re:#161 (A-13)
	Comments:  Inscription: "Tho lost to sight to memory dear"

BROWN, Ivy Jr.		10/18/1921	5/8/1924	Re:#82 (A-7)]	
	Son of M/M Ivy Brown

BROWNLOW, Baby		Metal Marker Unreadable		Re:#73 (A-6)

BROWNLOW, Billy		1926		1997		Re:#234 (A-6)

BUCKNER, Baby		Brick marker no info		Re:#115 (A-9)

BUCKNER, Baby		Brick marker no info		Re:#116 (A-9)

BUCKNER, Baby		Brick marker no info		Re:#117 (A-9)

BUCKNER, Dorothy Nell	1/27/1929	No Date		Re:#120 (A-9)

BUCKNER, Ewell B.	7/6/1898	1/18/1992	Re:#140 (B-3)
	Rosa L.		8/29/1897	10/22/1993	Re:#139 (S-3)
	Comments: Double stone.

BUCKNER, Stella			Brick no info		Re:#119 (A-9)

BUCKNER, Walter  W. 	10/1/1884	9/12/1944	Re:#118 (A-9)
		"Dearest Father"       Masonic Emblem
	Comments:   Inscription: "There are no partings in heaven"

BURROW, Florence L.	1890		1934		Re:#185 (A-15)

BURROW, James A.	1888		1942		Re:#184 (A-15)

BURROW, John H.		1/14/1916	1/8/1996	Re:#232 (A-15)
	Jewell C.	11/29/1920	--
	Married: 6/12/1937
	Comments: Double Stone.

BUTLER, H. A.		3/4/1861	2/3/1924	Re:#41 (A-3)
	Helen C.	9/27/1861	5/3/1947	Re: #42 (A-3)
	Comments: Double stone.  A sheaf of wheat and greek scrolls 
	carved into stone.

BUTLER, Robert A.	9/12/1887	2/26/1959	Re: #39 (A-3)
	Loula M.	1/27/1894	3/30/1958	Re:#40 (A-3)


CARMACK, Bille M.	1937		1937		Re:#5 (A-1)

CARMACK, John C.	1938		1938		Re:#6 (A-1)

CARMACK, John M.	1944		1944		Re:#7 (A-1)

CLARK, Chester W.	12/28/1910	3/28/1936	Re:#4 (B-1)

CLARK, George W.	1879		1929		Re:#35 (B-6)
	Sarah E.	1882		1964		Re:#36 (S-6)

CLARK, Herman L.	1/1/1898	1/8/1953	Re:#5 (B-1)

CLARK, Mary Francis	1923		1923		Re:#1 (B-1)

CLARK, Mary E.		5/12/1879	6/9/1971	Re:#2 (B-1)
	John W.		4/27/1877	7/31/1938	Re:#3 (S-1)
	Comments: Double Stone.

CORNELIUS, John W. 	9/21/1897	3/23/1981	Re:#81 (A-6)
	Lou Ella	7/19/1895	11/18/1982	Re:#223 (A-6)
	Comments: Double Stone.   Inscription:  "In Loving Memory"

CORNELIUS, Homer	1909		1952		Re:#91 (B-7)

CORNELIUS, Leonard	11/26/1905	4/26/1977	Re:#80 (A-6))VETERAN
	World War II

CORNELIUS, Martha F.	1875		1949		Re:#92 (A-7)
CORNELIUS, W. C. 	1856		1941		Re:#93 (A-7)

CYPERT, Boy	(Filmore & Gerladine)	No marker	Re:#129 (A-10)
CYPERT, Esther Earl	10/12/1884	3/23/1952	Re:#131 (A-10)
	Nathan Van	10/30/1879	3/13/1933	Re:#130 (N-10)
	Comments: Double Stone.

CYPERT, Filmore		1-31-1911	5-21-1997

CYPERT, Jo Henderson	8/16/1915	2/27/1989	Re:#212 (A10)
	James Weldon	9/16/1913	5-25-1997			
	Married 9/16/1933
	Comments: Double Stone

CYPERT, Willis Preston	1/19/1903	8/23/1974	Re:#132 (A-10)VETERAN
	PVT US Army


DANIEL, Kandance	7/12/1976	4/7/1997	Re: #148 (B-14)
	Comments: (Wood-Dunning Funeral Home-Plainview)

DAVIS, Dorothy Laverne	9/27/1928	1/23/1929	Re:#67 (A-5)
	Comments:  Inscription: "She was the sunshine of our home."

DAVIS. Leon Arzia	3/29/1924	6/2/1930	Re:#68 (A-5)
	Comments:  Inscription: "In heaven there is one angel more."

DEAN, Annie		1900		1981		Re:#21 (A-2)

DEAN, Loyd		1900		1954		Re:#20 (A-2)

DENNIS, H. Leonard	5/12/1899	11/22/1983	Re:#197 (A-11)
     Ouida McLaughlin	11/1/1909	5/17/1996	Re:#233 (A-11)
	Comments: Double Stone.

DERR, J. S.		1852		1928		Re:#164 (A-13)
	Mollie		1859		1954		Re:#165 (A-13)
	Comments:  Double Stone.

DERR,  James		1888		--		Re:#158 (A-12)
	Georgia		1894		1960		Re:#159 (A-12)
	Double Stone

DERR, James Edward	3/27/1937	3/25/1938	Re:#163 (A-13)
	Comments:  Son of M/M Jack Derr   Inscription: "Our darling baby"

DICKINSON, J. T. (Tex)	9/25/1899	3/21/1982	Re:#129 (B-9)
	Ruth		7/16/1903	3/26/1964	Re:#64 (B-9)
	Comments: Double Stone.

DILLION, Elijah F.	7/14/1868	1/30/1928	Re:#55 (A-4)
	Comments: Woodmen of the World Marker     
	Inscription: "True to God and Man."

DOZIER, Cora Louise	11/11/1921	1/25/1939	Re:#152 (A-12)

DOZIER, Lilly Maude	12/19/1908	12/5/1968	Re:#149 (A-12)
	Comments:  Inscription: "In Loving Memory"

DOZIER, Ruby		2/11/1914	8/10/1931	Re:#153 (A-12)
	Comments;   Inscription: "Asleep in Jesus"

DOZIER, Thomas L.	11/7/1871	3/3/1952	Re:#150 (A-12)
	Fannie M.	3/2/1889	8/25/1943	Re: #151 (A-12)
	Comments:  Double Stone.  Inscription: "In Loving Memory"


EARLEY, Bonnie (Joe)	9/2/1907	4/22/1978	Re:#103 (A-8)VETERAN
	PFC US Army World War II.
	Minnie		10/10/1899	1/9/1991	Re:#216 (A-8)
	Comments: Double Stone.

EARLEY, Bryan		1900		192?		Re:#174 (A-14)

EARLEY, Franklin P.	1853		1934		Re:#170 (A-14)

EARLEY, James		1893		1977		Re:#172 (A-14)VETERAN
	US Army World War I.

EARLEY, Ollie R.	8/23/1886	8/20/1980	Re:#173 (A-14)

EARLEY, Sarah Katherine		Brick marker no info	Re:#171 (A-14)

EDINBURGH, Edna		11/11/1906	6/26/1971	Re:#74 (B-10)
	Russell		12/27/1891	11/19/1974	Re:#75 (B-10)
	Married 3/6/1927
	Comments: Double Stone.

EDWARDS, Florence	1872		1941		Re:#83 (B-11)
	Comments: Metal Marker.  (Curry Funeral Home)
	 Wife of H.P. Edwards   Emma Bass was Stepmother.

EDWARDS, H.P.		18?		19?		Re:#84 (B-11)
	Comments: Metal Marker - last two digits of year missing. 
	 Grandfather of Mary Moore and Wayne Edwards.

EDWARDS, Wayne H.	12/11/1917	1/18/1987	Re:#124 (B-11)VETERAN
	Comments: Flat headstone  World War II. 
	Sister Mary E. Moore  Emma Bass Stepmother.  

ELDREDGE, Benjamin F. 	3/6/1899	11/14/1992	Re:#224 (A-5)
	Ollie Lee	9/26/1902	8/26/1980	Re: #63 (A-5)
	Married: 6/28/1925
	Comments: Double Stone.

ELDREDGE, Fannie	1870		1952		Re:#62 (A-5)
	H. Clark	1864		1948		Re:#;61 (A-5)
	Comments: Double Stone.

ELDREDGE, Lillie Mae	4/11/1895	8/13/1975	Re:#66 (A-5)
	Willie		9/29/1887	5/16/1976	Re:#65 (A-5)
	Comments: Double Stone.

ELDREDGE, Norman C.	1891		1960		Re:#98 (A-8)
	Willie L.	1893		1964		Re:#99 (A-8)
	Comments: Double Stone.

ELDREDGE, Ronald Cherry  4/30/1943       4/30/1943    RE#62 (B-8)
	Son of Raymond and Johnnie Eldredge, a twin to Cherry

FAUBUS, Donald Gene	5/5/1950	5/5/1950	Re:#194 (A-16)
	Comments:  Son of M. C. Faubus  Inscription: "Our darling baby"    
	"Budded on earth to bloom in heaven"

FAUBUS,Irene		10-13-1921	8-21-1997

FAUBUS, William R.	5/26/1943	5/27/1943	Re:#193 (A-16)
FENDLEY, Annie Grace	12/9/1911	2/13/1994	Re:#141 (B-3)
	Carmen Lenzy	9/7/1912	6/19/1986	Re:#142 (B-3)
	Comments: Double Stone. Inscription: "In God's Care."

FENDLEY, Carmie Dale	5/22/1936	5/22/1936	Re:#37 (B-6)

FINNEY, Minnie Clemmie	12/24/1874	no date		Re:#51 (B-7)
	Vol Crawford	11/15/1876	2/7/1943	Re:#52 (B-7)
	Comments: Double Stone

FORMBY, Marshall C.	12/6/1877	5/18/1957	Re:#105 (B-17)
	Rosa Mae	5/9/1882	11/11/1971	Re:#104 (B-17)	
	Comments: Double Stone

FORMBY,  Marshall C. "Potts" Jr.VETERAN
	    		4/12/1911	12/27/1984	Re:#116 (B-17)            
	   US Army World War II
                Sharleen Wells	9/30/1918
	Married: 9/8/1948
	Comments: Double Stone

FOX,  Ausborn Glen  	 12/11/1912 	 6/24/1986	Re:#207 (A-14)VETERAN
	PFC US Army
	Dortha Lucile	7/13/1917	--
	Married: 12/8/1935
	Comments:  Double Stone.

FOX, Buel K.		2/21/1910	7/31/1974	Re:#177 (N-15)VETERAN
                LTC US Army
	Helen E   	3/5/1908	11/22/1991	Re:#203 (A-15)
	Comments:  Double Stone.

FOX, Lawrence Bailey	4/22/1911	12/10/1990	Re:#204 (N-15)
	Comments:  Stone with Cotton Bolls engraved.
	  Inscription:  "In God's Hands"

FOX, Orville Glen	7/28/1936	8/22/1969	Re:#187 (A-16)
	Comments:  Inscription: "After Night Eternal Morn"

FOX, Rita		5/11/1935	4/12/1979	Re:#188 (A-16)
	Comments:  Inscription:  "After Night Eternal Morn."

FREDRICK, Rena Jo	11/4/1935	10/10/1993	Re:#213 (A-8)


GARRETT, Jim		1876		1949		Re:#28 (B-4)

GATLIN, J. Asa		1865		1953		Re:#59 (A-5)
GATLIN, L. L. Mrs.		No other info		Re:#60 (A-5)

GILMORE, Iva D. (Dot)	6/2/1905	6/7/1935	Re:#102 (A-8)
GOLLIHAR, Charles	10/10/??	3/11/1940	Re:#20 (B-4)
	Comments: Single grave markers.   Big GOLLIHAR Marker in middle of plot.

GOLLIHAR, Phoebe Arminda 8/16/1870 	2/28/1966	Re:#19 (B-4)

GRIFFIN, Clifford Leon	9/15/1936	12/11/1978	Re:#7 (B-1)
	Comments: Inscription: "Beloved Husband and Father"

GRIFFIN, J. J. (Jack)	7/11/1891	9/16/1949	Re:#9 (A-1)

GRIFFIN, Jessie Lee	4/29/1940	4/29/1940	Re:#10 (B-1)
	Comments: Inscription: "Asleep at Birth"

GRIFFIN, Martelia	1896		1961		Re:#11 (B-1)
	S. J. (Jim)	1902		1984		Re:#144 (B-1)
	Comments: Double Stone.  Inscription: "Till we shall meet and never part"

GRIFFIN, Ricky Leon	1/18/1960	1/18/1960	Re:#8 (B-1)
	Comments: Inscription: "Asleep at Birth"

GRIFFIN, Robert Wayne	12/11/1938	12/11/1938	Re:#9 (B-1)
	Comments: Inscription: "Asleep at Birth"

GRIFFIN, Viva I.	11/7/1895	5/26/1978	Re:#10 (A-1)

GRISSOM, Palo B.	5/26/1880	5/20/1969	Re:#123 (A-10)
	Rema E.		10/17/1884	6/12/1966	Re:#124 (A-10)
	Comments:  Double Stone.


HARRIS, Alice Gertrude	2/11/1884	5/12/1968	Re:#48 (A-4)
	Comments: Back of Stone has Harris inscribed on it.

HARDIN, Bryan C.	4/22/1896	7/25/1990	Re:#127 (B-10)
	Pearl H.	11/22/1898	10/6/1989	Re:#126 (B-10)
	Married: 4/18/1916

HARDIN, Sandra		2-23-1936	8-4-1997

HARRIS, Charles H.	8/19/1907	6/23/1979	Re:#195 (A-16)
	Willie Fay	5/14/1913	--
	Married: 6/1/1930
	Comments:  Double Stone.

HARRIS, Dessie Mae	5/20/1923	7/13/1993	Re:#120 (B-12)
	William Raymon	3/3/1923	--
	Married: 3/3/1947
	Comments: Double Stone - Parents of Kirk and Kent

HARRIS, Eloie Wilton	7/15/1919	12/10/1991	Re:#225 (A-4)VETERAN
	Cpt US Army Air Corps World War II.
	Comments:  Cross engraved on stone.

HARRIS, George Franklin 4/7/1876	2/17/1971	Re:#47 (A-4)

HARRIS, H. F. 		10/20/1933	9/9/1984	Re:#202 (A-16)
	Lovey		11/5/1935	--
	Married: 2/9/1952
	Comments: Double Stone.  Inscription: "Our Sons - Dwayne, Steve, David, Dale"
	"He has received success who has lived well, laughed often and loved much; 
	who has gained the respect of intelligent men and the love of little children; 
	who has filled his niche and accomplished his task; 
	who has left the world better than he found it; 
	who has always looked for the best in others and given the best he had;
                whose life was an inspiration; whose memory a beneficiton."

HARRIS, Henry F.	5/7/1905	5/25/1995	Re:#230 (A-16)
		Masonic Emblem
	Exia		12/27/1906	6/22/1986	Re:#201 (A-16)
		Eastern Star Emblem
	Married: 9/13/1935
	Comments: Double Stone.

HARRIS, Mollie		4/10/1886	4/11/1959	Re:#53 (B-7)
	Ward H.		5/19/1871	7/7/1945	Re: #54 (B-7)
	Comments: Double Stone.  Inscription: "In loving memory"

HARRIS, Ray H.		7/20/1905	1/27/1923	Re:#46 (A-4)
	Comments: Inscription: "He has gone to the mansions of rest"  
	Footstone with initials RHH	

HARRIS, William C.	9/6/1931		--
	Tojuana F.	9/18/1932	1/8/1973	Re:#196  (A-16)
	Double Stone

HARVEY, Eunice Mae	5/16/1891	3/13/1989	Re:#119  (B-14)
	Thomas Arch	10/7/1880	12/12/1976	Re:#95  (B-14)
	Comments: Double Stone

HARVEY, Nedra June					Re:#73 (B-9)

HERRING, Elsie Izora	7/21/1882	2/4/1928	Re:#101 (A-8)
	James David	10/10/1875	9/21/1939	Re:#100 (A-8)
	Comments: Double Stone.

HERRERA, Joe Jr.	11/1/1946	8/19/1985	Re:#114 (BB-3)
	Comments: (Carter Adams Funeral Home)

HEWITT, Baby						Re:#14 (A-2)
	Comments: Metal Marker HEWITT all other spaces empty

HICKMAN, Guinn L.	3/1/1922	1/1/1995	Re:#145 (B-12)VETERAN
	Cpl US Army World War II
	 Wilma Jo	9/26/1929	--			
	Married 12/31/1948
	Comments: Double Stone (Adams Funeral Home)

HICKMAN, James H.	1869		1934		Re:#126 (A-10)
HICKMAN, Loyd C.	12/28/1889	1/27/1977	Re:#56 (B-8)
	Verna M.	1/22/1893	11/14/1963	Re:#55 (B-8)
	Comments: Double Stone.

HINES, Harvey Eugene	6/26/1927	2/11/1931	Re:#31 (A-2)

HINES, Mary Catherine	9/19/1925	9/29/1927	Re:#17 (A-2)
	Comments: Dove under curtained arch with stars and ribbons.
	 Inscription: "Rest in Peace"

HODGES, Dovie		2/13/1887	4/16/1965	Re:#66 (B-9)
	Comments: Inscription: "At Rest"

HODGES, John S.		4/7/1874	10/8/1941	Re:#67 (B-9)
	Comments: Inscription: "At Rest"

HOLLAND, James Wame	1/18/1949	1/10/1977	Re:#18
	Comments: Inscriptiion: "Beloved Son and Brother"
	"Sorrow Vanquished, Labor Ended, Jordan Passed, Home at Last."

HOLMES, Baby (Melvin & Bess)	No marker		Re:#112 (A-8)

HOLMES, Findley			Brick Marker -		Re:#109 (A-8)
			 concrete border around plot no info.
HOLMES, Melvin A.	1/9/1912	6/8/1952	Re:#63 (B-8)

HOWELL, Baby  (Issac & Mary)				Re:#95 (A-7)
		Brick marker - no information

HUTCHENS, Lois I. Allen Brownlow
			8/20/1905	4/2/1987	Re:#220 (A-6)


ISAAC, Allen   		6/17/1936	6/20/1936	Re:#183 (A-15)
	(Amos and Aline)

ISAAC, Mrs. Sampson		Brick marker no info.	Re:#181 (A-15)
ISAAC, Sampson		---		4/18/1934	Re:#182 (A-15)VETERAN
	Texas Wagoner 15 US Cav.


JACKSON, John W.	5/5/1896	10/11/1963	Re:#191 (A-16)VETERAN
		Sgt. 90th inf. Div. 412 Res labor BN OMC World War I.
	Lula J.		9/8/1895	1/18/1978	Re:#192 (A-16)
	Married:  8/14/1920
	Comments: Double Stone.  Inscriptions: "Born Loved Died" 
	 "Reborn to the Service of God."

JAMES, Leona B. Williamson and infant daughter: Catherine Jane
			6/8/1925	8/29/1947	Re:#69 (S-9)  

JONES, Annie L.		1878		1924		Re:#2 (A-1)
	John W.		1875		1960		Re:#3 (N-1)
	Comments: Double Stone.

JONES, Annie Pearl	5/18/1878	5/14/1970	Re:#23 (B-4)

JONES, Elmo		11/4/1918	8/31/1920	Re:#1 (A-1)
JONES, May		5/27/1901	7/9/1993	Re:#131 (B-9)

JONES, Olis Lavoice	12/12/1924	6/19/1992	Re:#133 (B-8)VETERAN
	PFC US Army Air Corps World War II
	Evelyn Rawls	7/23/1928	--

JONES, Troy Don		1/2/1931	10/14/1971	Re:#72 (B-9)

JONES, T. Russell	11/8/1889	1/22/1985	Re:#132 (B-9)VETERAN
	PVT US Army World War I.

JOHNSON, Elmer L.	12/27/1882	5/1/1974	Re:#77 (B-10)
	Florence E.	12/13/1882	7/13/1972	Re:#76 (B-10)
	Married 1/10/1904
	Comments: Double Stone.

JOHNSON, Glyn V.	1908		1949		Re:#90 (B-13)
	Comments: Inscription "May your sleep be as sweet as our memories of you"


KINGERY, Carolyn (Polly) 9/13/1933	12/20/1981	Re:#113 (B-14)
	Comments: Concrete Vault

LAMBERT, Alex Loyd	9/5/1908	1/1/1965	Re:#89 (B-11)
	Rena Neff	1/17/1910	--
	Married: 12/24/1937
	Comments: Double Stone

LAWSON, Francis Louise	3/11/1914	3/9/1935	Re:#64 (A-5)
	Wife of F. M. Lawson
	Comments: Inscription: "Gone but not forgotten"

LOPEZ, Delores		--		1965		Re:#110 (BB-3
	Comments: Stone is Concrete Cross - handwritten inscription 
	reads "Recuerdoz Desus Padles Lupes Ely Lopez"

LUMSDEN, Osie E.	2/26/1906	8/6/1980	Re:#81 (B-10)
	Pauline I.	12/4/1911	12/7/1977	Re:#80 (S-10)
	Married: 5/30/1929
	Comments: Double Stone.

MACON, Elbert Leroy	3/1/1931	4/16/1934	Re:#19 (A-2)

McCOMBS, E. Aline Allen 2/8/1915	8/14/1986	Re:#221 (A-6)

McCOY, Monte James	5/28/1909	12/15/1969	Re:#34 (B-5)VETERAN
	Texas CPL 454 Base HQ AB SQ AAF World War II
     Edna Lila Mae Stephenson 3/25/1909	1/9/1990	Re:#137 (B-5)

	Comments: Double Stone.  Inscription: "Love is stronger than death"

McDONALD, Andrew W.	10/31/1874	1/12/1942	Re:#44 (B-6)
	Ethel M.	9/10/1881	1/14/1961	Re:#43 (B-6)
	Comments: Double Stone

McDONALD, Milton Roy	7/30/1910	10/13/1976	Re:#45 (B-6)VETERAN
	Capt. US Army
	Venice Bell	8/5/1910	4/13/1986	Re:#135 (B-6)
	Married 10/15/1938
	Comments: Double Stone.  Inscription: "Our Sons David and Thomas"

McLAUGHLIN, Baby (G.W. and Bunny)         No Marker	Re:#143 (A-11)

McLAUGHLIN, Chas. Rudolph 3/28/1922	1/31/1942	Re:#144 (A-11)

McLAUGHLIN, Charles	2/3/1888	5/5/1965	Re:#145 (A-11)
McLAUGHLIN, Egbert Bruce   8/19/1913	2/21/1943	Re:#141 (A-11)VETERANKIA
	Texas Sgt 200 Coast Arty World War II.   
	Killed in Service.

McLAUGHLIN, Elijah B.	9/15/1850	2/13/1924	Re:#140 (A-11)

McLAUGHLIN, George W.		No marker		Re:#142 (A-11)VETERAN 
	World War I

McLAUGHLIN, Joe Lee	4/4/1911	2/13/1965	Re:#162 (A-13)
McLAUGHLIN, Lessie Ellis   7/24/1900	5/29/1991	Re:#211 (A-11)
McLAUGHLIN, Nancy A.	2/21/1854	7/14/1915	Re:#210 (A-11)

McLAUGHLIN, Rush	11/19/1878	11/8/1958	Re:#156 (A-12)
	 Rose		12/4/1884	4/23/1977	Re:#157 (N-12)
	Comments:  Inscription:  "At Rest"
	Double Stone

McNEECE, Baby		Metal marker unreadable.	Re:#72 (A-6)

McWILLIAMS, Elmer Wayne	11/6/1932	4/6/1934	Re:#169
	Comments:  Inscription: 
	 "Papa and Mama weep not for me, I am waiting in heaven for thee"

McWILLIAMS, Howard W.	11/28/1943	9/8/1973	Re:#179 (A-15) VETERAN
	Texas SP5 US Army Vietnam

McWILLIAMS, Lawson H.	1893		1989		Re:#208 (A-14)
	Lucy C.		1895		1956		Re:#168 (A-14)
	Comments: Double Stone.  Inscription:  "Gone to a better land."

McWILLIAMS, William R.	7/8/1924	10/14/1968	Re:#180 (A-15)VETERAN
	US Veteran
	Comments: Flat stone.

MERRELL, Geneva D. (Hardin) 1/4/1920	9/17/1993	Re:#128 (B-10)
	Comments: Inscription: "Loving Mother and Grandmother"

MERRITT, Elmo Charles	9/19/1908	1/3/1987	Re:#130 (B-9)VETERAN
	Tec 5 US Army World War II

MILLER, John H. (Buddy)	1875		1961		Re:#86 (B-11)
	 Josie Viola.	1886		1975		Re:#85 (S-11)			
	Comments: Double stone.  In front of Marker is flat stone that reads:  
	"In memory of Gordon R. Miller
	Sgt. US Army World War II PH 1914 - 1944,  Member the Lost Battalion."

MOORE, Emily Lee	11/5/1891	2/6/1974	Re:#99 (B-15)
	Wm. Isaac	7/24/1891	4/6/1971	Re:#100 S-15)
	Married: 6/7/1914
	Comments: Double Stone

MOORE, Mary E.		1916		1982		Re:#123 (B-11)
	Comments:  Metal Marker. (Franklin Bartley Funeral Home)

MORRISON, J.W.		6/3/1926	6/18/1927	Re:#30 (B-5)
	Comments: Inscription: Son of Virgil and Zola Morrison  
	 "God nneded one more angel child admist his shining band 
	and so he bent with loving smile and clasped our darling's hand."

MORRISON, Gus		11/25/1901	6/27/1967	Re:#16 (B-2)VETERAN
	TEXAS PVT US Army World War II.

MORRISON, Virgil N.	7/19/1900	1/4/1971	Re:#31 (B-5)
	Zola M.		8/15/1905	9/9/1993	Re:#136 (S-5)
	Comments: Double Stone.


NEELEY, Annie D.	8/9/1890	12/5/1934	Re:#33 (A-3)
	Comments: Inscription: "A good mother and wife."

NEELEY, Carl		11/22/1883	4/11/1954	Re:#32 (A-3)
	Comments: Inscription: "A good father and husband."

NEELEY, Eula Edith	6/10/1910	12/27/1966	Re:#34 (A-3)
	Comments: Inscription: "She rests in peace"

NEELEY, James Marion	2/3/1927	7/12/1927	Re:#31 (A-3)
	Son of M/M C. C. Neeley
	Comments: Inscription: "Sweetly sleeping" on footstone.

NEELEY, Roy C.		9/27/1923	12/6/1923 	Re:#30 (A-3)
	Son of M/M C. C. Neeley 
	Comments: Inscription: "Budded on earth to bloom in heaven"

NEFF, Archie		9/22/1912	1/--/1998

NEFF, Dovie Lee (Adams) Paty 9/23/1913	7/25/1991	Re:#122 (B-11)

NEFF, Noble		9/16/1924	--
          Nonda		1/17/1927	3/21/1992	Re:#125 (B-11)
	Married: 11/21/1945
	Comments: Double Marker
NEFF, Mary		8/12/1890	6/7/1972	Re:#87 (B-11)
	Roy Lee		7/25/1887	1/8/1965	Re:#88 (B-11)
	Married: 8/16/1908
	Comments: Double Stone. Picture of Couple on stone.



PARHAM, Thomas Ewing	1896		1941		Re:#61 (B-8)
	Comments: Inscription: "Tho lost to sight, to memory dear"

PARKINSON, Verna Mae	11/30/1920	5/31/1957	Re:#57 (B-8)
	Comments: Inscription: "Asleep in Jesus"

PIPKIN, Fay Elizabeth	6/15/1928	6/15/1928	Re:#32 (B-5)
	Comments: Inscription: Dau. of L. B. and Hattie Pipkin  
	"A little flower of love that blossomed but to die,
	transplanted now above to bloom with God on high."

PIPKIN, Hattie		1-28-1902	1-19-1997

PIPKIN, L. Bush		7/9/1893	12/5/1971	Re:#33 (B-5)
	Hattie E.	1/28/1902	1/19/1997	Re:#147 (B-5)		
	Married: 3/21/1920
	Comments: Double Stone.

PHIFER, Baby Girl	12/20/1925	12/20/1925	Re:#4 (A-1)
	Comments: Infant dau. of M/M Emmitt Phifer  "Asleep at birth"  
	Lamb sculpture on top of stone.

PHIFER, John F.		4/22/1876	5/25/1946	Re:#35 (A-3)
PHIFER, Katie R.	3/29/1882	12/11/1966	Re:#36 (A-3)

PHIFER, May		5/24/1906	5/20/1991	Re:#228 (A-1)
	Emmitt		12/28/1904	11/3/1991	Re:#229 (A-1)
	Comments: Double Stone.

PHIFER, Ruth		3/27/1917	8/13/1989	Re:#219 (A-6)
	Willie W.	3/17/1913	5/2/1985	Re:#218 (A-6)
	Married: 1/2/1933
	Comments: Double Stone.

POTEET, Henry B.	1866		1936		Re:#166 (A-14)
	Arminda C.	1868		1943		Re:#167 (A-14)
	Comments:  Double Stone.   Inscription: "At Rest"

POWERS, Emma		12/19/1893	7/4/1985	Re #118 (B-14)
	John T.		1/17/1887	12/18/1976	Re:#93 (B-14)
	Comments: Double Stone

POWERS, George		4/9/1892	11/14/1941	Re:#92 (B-14)
POWERS, Jane		7/26/1851	3/4/1938	Re:#91 (B-14)
	Comments: Inscription: "In Loving Remembrance"

POWERS, Otho T.		6/20/1916	11/20/1943	Re:#94 (B-14)VETERAN KIA
	Sgt. 193 Armd Tank Bn World War II
	Comments: Killed in Service

PULLEN, Fern L.		9/14/1896	9/27/1979	Re:#78 (B-10) 
	Walter L.	3/23/1892	3/3/1975	Re: #79 (B-10)
	Married: 1/9/1916
	Comments: Double Stone.	



RICH, Baby  				4/12/1934	Re:#186 (A-15)
	Comments:  Infant son of Aubrey and Lois.

RICH, Ezra G.		12/3/1892	6/4/1980	Re:#107 (B-17)VETERAN
	CPL US Army World War I
	 Ada F.		9/22/1898	12/25/1980	Re:#106 (B-17)
  	Married: 8/26/1917
	Comments: Double Stone, Picture of couple on back. 
	 Parents of Clara, Floyd and Troy inscribed.

RICH, Marietta		1865		1951		Re:#178 (A-15)
	Comments:  Inscription:  "At Rest"

RICH, Robert A.		4/23/1866	2/5/1930	Re:#176 (A-14)

RIGSBY, Vera E.		8/21/1905	8/4/1985	Re:#117 (B-15)
	T. Hiram	2/13/1902	4/1/1970	Re:#98 (B-15)
	Comments: Double Stone

ROBERTSON, Baby       No Marker	Re:#133 (A-10)
	(Infant of Chas. and Jettie)
ROBERTSON, Edward C.	9/3/1880	12/22/1941	Re:#70 (A-6)
		"Father"   Masonic Emblem  
		"In memory of our precious husband and Father."
	Junie J.	7/12/1887	2/5/1961	Re:#71 (n-6)
		"Mother"  "In memory of our precious Mother."
	Comments Double stone.

ROBERTSON, Jettie Bailey	"Beloved Sister"	Re:#134 (A-10)
	Daughter of Stephen and Sarah Bailey
	Family Contact  	
ROSE, Grandma		7/4/1835	8/12/1923	Re:#54 (A-4)
	Comments:  Inscription: "Wife of L G B Rose"  "Come ye blessed" 
	  "Grandma Rose"
	Photo   "Prepare to meet me in heaven"

RUMFIELD, H. P. (Bid)	9/1/1870	11/3/1960	Re:#29 (B-4)


SHAW, Josie Ann		3/29/1882	3/22/1967	Re:#68 (B-9)

SHAW, Shirley Ann	8/24/1949	7/2/1968	Re:#65 (B-9)

SIMPSON, Boy		Marker unreadable		Re:#59 (B-8)

SIMPSON, Boy		Unmarked grave. 		Re:#60 (B-8)
		 Concrete block set to mark gravesite

SKELTON Baby		1929		1929		Re:#38 (B-6)

SMITH, Mamie Lee			10/1918		Re:#15 (A-1)
	Comments: First body in cemetery.  Metal Marker contains no information. 
	 Three month old baby daughter of M/M George Smith.

SPARKMAN, Bertha	3/28/1891	12/6/1970	Re:#146 (A-12)

SPARKMAN, Elbert C.	1/31/1888	10/8/1932	Re:#147 (A-12)
SPARKMAN, Jack W.	11/29/1922	2/27/1945	Re:#148 (A-12)VETERAN KIA
	Texas PFC 34 Inf. World War II.
	Killed in Service.

STEPHENS, Buck		7/10/1904	7/15/1966	Re:#40 (B-6)

STEPHENS, Harriet	8/4/1882	5/28/1938	Re:#41 (B-6)

STEPHENSON, Annie	1888		1962		Re:#26 (B-4(
	Walter		1878		1953		Re:#27 (B-4)	
	Comments: Double Stone

STEPHENSON, Jim		1918		1996		Re:#146 (B-5)


TIDWELL, Dorothea L.	5/20/1926	7/30/1991	Re:#121 (B-12)
	Marvin W.	6/15/1924	--
	Wed:  6/12/1948
	Comments: Double Stone

TOLAND, Robert		6/6/1919	4/11/1997	Re:# 235 (A-3)VETERAN
	US Army Veteran
	Comments: Metal Marker  (Sanders Funeral Home - Lubbock)
	Married Eugenia Butler Oct. 15, 1950

TOOKE, E. H. Jockey	9/1/1908	9/24/1979	Re:#42 (B-6)
	Lorell		9/18/1919	--
	Married: 9/11/1941
	Comments: Double Stone

TOOKE, Walter H.	1875		1964		Re:#39 (A-6)

TULLOS, Sarah			9/25/1932	Re#58 (A-8)	

TUTTHILL, Rhoda G.	2/1/1879	10/11/1966	Re:#96 (B-15)
	Comments: Inscription reads Mother  "Precious Memories"

TUTTHILL, Stephen J.	1/4/1854	3/11/1953	Re:#97 (B-15)
	Comments: Inscription reads: Dad "Precious Memories"


UNKNOWN - 20 Gravesites						


VAN LEER, A. Wayne	7/30/1880	8/19/1967	Re:#121 (A-10)
	Eula N.		6/15/1894	12/30/1973	Re:#122 (A-10)
	Married 5/11/1913
	Comments: Double Stone.


WALLACE, Clyde Francis	11/16/1932	11/16/1932	Re:#46 (B-7)
	Inf. Son of M/M C. T. Wallace

WALLACE, Frances	1903		1970		Re:#47 (B-7)
	Truman		1904		1991		Re:#134 (S-7)
WALLACE, Kenneth M.	1939		1965		Re:#48 (B-7)

WALLACE, Marcus D.	1879		1955		Re:#49 (B-7)
WALLACE, Olar B.	11/18/1888   	11/4/1975	Re:#53 (A-4)
	Comments: Back of Stone has "Wallace" inscribed on it.

WALLACE, Rufus I.	3/20/1890	7/2/1975	Re:#52 (A-4)

WATTS, Barney Lee	8/22/1919	5/30/1978	Re:#21 (B-3)VETERAN
	TEC 5 US Army World War II.
	Dollie Robena	7/7/1925		--
	Comments: Double Stone

WELCH, Ina Harris	5-21-1903	7-1-1997

WILLIAMS, Joella Gattis	12/6/1901	9/30/1993	Re:#227 (A-4)
	Oren Vernice	12/22/1904	4/14/1989	Re:#226 (A-4)
	Married 7/11/1926
	Comments:  Back of Stone has "Williams" incribed.  Parents of Eldon Lee.

WILLIAMSON, G. T.	11/25/1886	8/5/1976	Re:#71 (B-9)
	Sarah		5/13/1890	4/26/1948	Re:#70 (B-9)
	Comments: Double Stone.

WISNER, Edger T.	3/6/1859	1/9/1929	Re:#58 (A-5)

WOODS, Elizabeth P.		No Marker		Re:#111 (A-8)

WOODS, Jewel		1923		1923		Re:#114 (A-8)

WOODS, Oscar V.		1878		1963		Re:#110 (A-8)

WOODS, Ruby		1923		1923		Re:#113 (A-8)

WOODS, Susie		Brick marker - no information	Re:#94 (A-7)

WOOLLEY, Dickey R.	11/27/1936	2/23/1977	Re:#190 (A-16)
	Wanda N.	9/1/1938		--
	Married: 6/1/1955
	Comments: Double Stone.  Inscription:  "Parents of Tammy, Terri, Traci."

WOOLLEY, Johnie		10/30/1898	7/19/1972	Re:#189 (A-16)
		Masonic emblem
	Elsie M.	11/2/1902	7/22/1990	Re:# 200 (A-16)
	Comments:  Double Stone.
				"X, Y, Z"

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