In Memory of Joe Ousley

(picture of flag presentation on microfilm)

Miss Jo Beth Ousley, in the foreground, watches as the flag that was sent to her mother by the government is raised in honor of her father, Joe Ousley, who was killed in England during World War II.

Jo Beth presented the flag to the Spur VFW post, and the VFW, in turn, presented the flag and flagpole to Jones Stadium and dedicated it to Joe Ousley.

This ceremony was part of the pre-game exercise at the Spur Ex-Student Homecoming on October 15.

Ousley attended high school in Dickens and the intermediate grades in Spur.

Left to right are Dupree Allen, Buddy Wright, Fred Gordon and Jo Beth.

Photo by Morgan Studio.

The Texas Spur, October 28, 1954
Transcribed by DCHC Members, June 19, 2005