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Donley County Landmarks

National Register of Historic Places

Source: Wikipedia

Landmark name: Clarendon Motor Company Building

Date listed: November 10, 1994     
Location: 221 S. Sully St.
34°56′16″N 100°53′20″W     
City or town: Clarendon
Landmark name: Donley County Courthouse and Jail
Date listed: February 17, 1978     
Location: Public Sq.
34°56′14″N 100°53′26″W     
City or town: Clarendon
Landmark name: Martin-Lowe House
Date listed: November 21, 1985     
Location: 507 W. Fifth
34°56′13″N 100°53′38″W     
City or town: Clarendon     


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