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Copita Cemetery

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(Partial Listing of Graves)

Prudenciana Villarreal Ayarzagoitia -- est. 1922.

Maria Dolores Garcia Ayarzagoitia --1869 - 1947

Porfirio Villarreal Ayarzagoitia-- 1873-1954

Infant Jamison of Estefana Ayarzagoitia and Eric Jamison-- est. 1928.(stillborn)

Salvador Garza Ayarzagoitia-- 2-18-1939 (infant 1 month old)

Alvaro Arredondo Ayarzagoitia-- 4-15-1932 died 7-3-1932

Fidencio Arredondo Ayarzagoitia-- June 9, 1940

Eric Jamison --1890 died 11-30-1943

Special thanks to Sara Contreras for the above Copita Cemetery information.


The following pictures and information were sent to me by Virginia Doudney Chastain. Thanks Virginia. To contact Virginia, click Here

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Grave markers in Copita Track showing the general run-down condition of the cemetery. It would apper that the grounds have not been cared for since the late 1940's.
The flat marker in the far left center of the picture is that of Richard and Anna Bell Carlisle. To the immediate left, under the cactus is the grave marker of the youngest Carlisle child, Edith.

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Because of the intense shadows, the stone is nearly impossible to read from the photograph, but the inscription is as follows:
                                                   "Edith Carlisle Mastin"
                                                            May 26, 1900
                                                             Oct. 5, 1923
                                                 "Born in York, Nebraska"
The stone is slightly slanted and made of beautiful pink granite with grey highlights.

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Grave marker in rose granite to mark the final resting place of Mary Lukemyers Smith. Inscription states that she was born in New Jersey in 1856, died in Premont, Texas January 13, 1929.

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"This is the road leading to the Copita Track Cemetery where out ancestors are buried. According to a letter(found in my mother's papers) from Florie Carlisle Fellwork, this small cemetery was near the farm that 'Papa bought when they moved to Texas" around 1921. Bill and I visted this area in early 1993, to learn more about my Carlisle branch. We would never have found the cemetery had it not been for a kind realtor who had lived there a long time and knew the area well. He provided us with a county line map and directions"

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"This is what we faced from the road(looking east). You could see the grave markers , so we knew we were on the right track. The area was in the middle of farm land and was fenced after a fashion. The barriers, however, were more than just the fence, as the entire area was overgrown with native cactus and other prickly trees. Once 'inside', the stones seemed to be randomley placed with no boundries of family plots, etcs.
Besides Carlisles, we found that some Lyles had been buried here. That would probably have been Hazel's husband's family."

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"This is the beautiful granite marker in two-tone grey for Richard and Anna Bell Carlisle. It was apparently placed there after his death in 1934, and although she was buried there(according to the death certificate)the date was never added. Perhaps the family was gone by that time(1944)and with the War on, funds and interest for adding non-essentials may have been low priority. We do know, however, that the information on the death certificate was supplied by Hazel Lytle, so perhaps she was living still in the area."


Here is another listing of names in Copita Cemetery.
At the time she posted these names, Virginia thought Copita Cemetery was in Jim Wells Co.


If you have any further listing for this cemetery, won't you please send them in so I can post them here.

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