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December 1997

EL MESTEÑO Vol 1, No. 3 by Homero S Vera Museum Coordinator

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San Diego de Arriba and San Diego de Abajo

The grants of San Diego de Arriba and San Diego de Abajo were first surveyed by Don Faustino Contreras on May 5, 1809. He had come to the place called San Diego to survey 16 Leagues of agostadero de Ganado mayor for four citizens of the Villa of Mier: San Diego de Arriba for Don Julián Flores, San Diego de Abajo for Ventura Flores – (Julián’s son), San Leandro for José Antonio de la Peña, and Santa Florentina for Juan Sánchez Rosales. Each tract consisted of four leagues.

They were denounced on May, 30, 1810 on behalf of the grantees by Don José Pascual Guerra, for the sum of $184.00 pesos and paid to the government treasury in San Luis Potosí.

The Grantee grazed the land for several years but due to flood and unfriendly Natives they were forced to go back to Cuidad Mier. After Spain lost the war for Independence, they set out to reclaim their lands. With a new government installed they had to file a claim and  on February 19, 1831 paid $296.00 pesos to the treasury of Cuidad Victoria. Tamaulipas. On April 18, 1831 the possession of land was granted to them. During this time José Antonio de la Peña died and his son, Ygnacio de la Peña, was the heir to his four leagues.

On July 22, 1831, Don José Santiago de Ynojosa, Mayor of the Villa de Mier, went to said track of land, San Diego de Abajo, and rode with Ventura Flores in all four direction and legally declared him owner of his four leagues. He also rode with Jacinto Flores, brother of Ventura, and heir of Julián in all four directions of San Diego of Arriba and legally declared him owner.


In 1831 Julián Flores was 87 years old and it is understandable why son Jacinto rode in his behalf .
Juan Saenz, son of the Head Shepherd who was born at Rancho de Julián Flores and remained there
till 1831, testified in 1860 that Ventura rode in all directions of the grant. Ownership of the grant
was confirmed by the Fourteenth Judicial District Court of Nueces County on December 11, 1860
under and in accordance with provisions of an act of the Legislature February 11, 1860 and the
transcript of the trial: State of Texas vs. Trinidad Flores y Perez became the Title Deed. A copy
of the deed can be obtained from the Texas General Land Office, San Patricio File 1-423 in Austin,


Contributed by Eddie U Garcia