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Freer, Texas is named for Daniel John (DJ) Freer, born in Pennsylvania in 1866. He went to the wilderness of the Washington Territory in 1889 and then moved to the Indian Territory of Oklahoma and married Nancy Gabehart in 1890. They had six children - a son named Charley and five daughters. In 1915 entrepreneur C. W. Hahl advertised in nationwide newspapers for people to come to "Rosita Valley" (later known as Freer) to buy land at $1,000 for 60 acres to establish a community. In 1916 Mr. Freer sent his son Charley to South Texas from Oklahoma to check out the situation. Charley liked what he saw and met and married Hinnie Riley of the Rosita Valley shortly thereafter. Minnie later became the first postmaster of Freer.

The rest of the Freer family moved to Rosita Valley in 1917. At that time there were no stores or post office in Rosita Valley to service the six families that lived there. They all travelled to nearby San Diego (25 miles east) to shop, and everyone got their mail in San Diego at Box 112. In 1925 D.J. Freer and J. T. Johnson submitted three names to the Post Office Department in Washington, D.C. to establish a post office in the community. The Post Office Department selected Freer because the other two names - Riley and Wendt - were already names of towns in Texas. Freer was a fitting name for several reasons: Mr. Freer operated the Post Office out of his home. He actually purchased and developed the original townsite (which is now the four streets east and west of the existing Main Street). He built the first utility plant for the town. Home of the "Official Rattlesnake Round Up of Texas" He owned one of the first gas stations. He donated land for the first church. He helped establish the first Chamber of Commerce in 1934. The Post Office was moved to the City Drug Store in 1928 which was owned by Charley and Minnie Freer. Minnie then became the first official postmaster. The City of Freer was first incorporated in 1936 but because it was too expensive to maintain the city, an election was held on March 7, 1936 to discontinue the official incorporation. In 1938 Freer was the second largest producing oil field in the United States. The population was estimated at 5,000-8,000 people, ant there was a monthly oilfield payroll of over S500,000. The 3,000 oil wells around Freer produced 50,000 barrels of o il a day. D. J. Freer died on December 7, 1941 (Pearl Harbor Day) in a San Antonio hospital at the age of 75. J. D. White, a long-time rancher in Freer, is a direct descendant of Mr. Freer. Mr. White's mother was one of D. J. Freer's daughters.


The only town in the United States named Freer is located in Texas. People with the surname "Freer" come from all over

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