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South Texas Canales Tree

Compiled by Kathleen Canales




Lines associated- Gutierrez , Chapa, Hinojosa, Elizondo, Canales, Guajardo. Villareal, Garcia, Alanis, Vela, Alarcon, Gonzalez, Salinas, Satillo.

This line found in Karnes, Webb and Duval, Starr counties, Realitos, Hebbronville, Tienditas Ranch, and Laredo, Texas and also in Mier, Mex.. Also associated with Mother Cabrini Church of Laredo. Chapa’s from Chapeno Rnch.They are in the 1870, 1880, 1910, 1920, 1930 Tx census. Mex Parish Records. 

Household of Anastacio and Librada Canales

Anastacio Canales also spelled Anistacio, Anaslino, Anestacio, Camales
Born about 1849  Mier. immig in 1877 in Texas. He married Maria Librada Gutierrez in Duval county Dec.15, 1877. He Died in Duval county. Age 72 in 1920 duval census (last known census of him). Anastacio was a farmer. Hired son Placido to work in 1914 manafest. Anastacio possible death is 1924.Was a residence Realitos Tx. Found in 1880 Texas census spelled Carnales. Anastacio is not buried in Librada’s cemetery or at least there is no stone, Vandals have ruined alot of the Ranchero graves. Other local Realitos cemeteries have been searched by foot. No luck. Possible cemetery for Anastacio according to living relatives is Clovis Cemetery. To call it a cemetery is being kind. It was a ghost  town then and that is being kind. At that time all that was left were a few stone walls and the remnants of some headstones. It was trashed and van-dalized. It sits in the middle of an old pasture (more like South Texas brush) and you have to go through a fence to get to it. There is no gate, it is a few hundred meters from the fence.  Only some old timer would know where it is at. Anastacio and Librada are found in an index card from the records of a San Agustin Parish, Laredo Texas. Card reads: Anastasio Canales and Librada Gutierrez, Eugenio 1893 Blp50n30Hebron, Placido 1894 Blp56n111Hebron, and Eloisa 1898 Blp106n629 Hebron.

Maria Librada Guttieres/Gutierrez christened Nov. 27, 1858 in Concepcion, Mier. She died in 1941 Texas. Headstone reads 2/9/1941 age 82. I have death cert, info on Librada: place of death is Tienditas Rch, Texas prect. #6 Realtos in Duval county. Place of burial is Tienditas Rch Tx. Headstone reads 02/01/1941 age 82. Librada was a midwife. Delivered Paul in house shown in a photo near the Cemetery where Filiberto is buried according to Eloisa Canales.

Librada's parents are: Juan Gutierrez 1815 and Antonia Maria Chapa 1824. Notes: Antonia Chapa possible 3 husbands.

Children of Juan and Antonia are:
Manuela 1871?-1946 at Salas Ranch
Francisca 1865-1934
Maria De Refugia 1858/1860 on 1870 Starr census
Juana 1866
Andres 1852-1938
Encarnacion 1851-1932
Euana 1860-1942
Seraida 1868Jose Carlos died 1848

Librada Gutierrez Chapa also had a sister by the name of Gorgonia Gutierrez Garcia and she married Juan Nepomuceno Cantu I their son Juan Nepomuceno Cantu II married Vicenta Vela Cantu. Their daughter, Guadalupe Cantu Vela married Zarzagosa Gonzalez Perez. 

Librada Gutierrez’s Paternal Grandfather- Jose F. Encarcion Gutierrez. Paternal Grandmother- Gertrudis Garcia. Paternal Great Grandfather- Jose Felipe Gutierrez 1825 married in Mier 1845 to Paternal Great Grandmother- Maria San Juan Alanis. Imaculada, Concepcion, Mier. Batch # C04228-5Film # 1162854. Maternal Grandfather- Cayetano Chapa son of Chapa and Vela. Maternal Grandmother- Maria Rumualda Canales.Film # 1162854..1870 Star Census. 

Contacts for this line - mage, crisrendon, Joe Garza, Holtkamp. Maria Rumualda’s parents are Jose Francisco Javier Canales to Blas line and Maria Gertrudis Salinas daughter of Salinas and Pena.

Determining who were the parents of Juan GUTIERREZ, husband of Ma. Antonia CHAPA,  is problematic.

The baptismal records of several of Juan and Antonia's children give conflicting information as to Juan's parents.

Ma.Antonia's parents (the maternal grandparents) are consistently given as: Cayetano CHAPA and Rumalda CANALES.

Juan's parents are listed as follows on the baptismal records of his children:

1. Baptismal record for Juan and Antonia's daughter Francisca (bapt. 1856) gives Juan's parents as Ygnacio GUTIERREZ and Juana SANCHEZ.

2. Baptismal record for Juan and Antonia's daughter Librada (bapt. 1858) gives Juan's parents as Encarnacion GUTIERREZ and Gertrudis GARCIA.

3. Baptismal record for Juan and Antonia's daughter Ma. del Refugio (bapt. 1860) give Juan's parents as Jose Encarnacion GUTIERREZ and Gertrudis GARCIA.

4. Baptismal record for Juan and Antonia's daugher Ma. Manuela GUTIERREZ (bapt. 1864) give Juan's parents as Jose Juan GUTIEEREZ and Antonia GUZMAN.

Without primary source proof, I don't think you can definitively say who were the parents of Juan GUTIERREZ (husband of Antonia CHAPA

The name "Chapa" originated here in the America's it derives from the Italian name of "schiapapria" brought here by Juan Bautista Schiapapria born 1630 Arbisola, Italy. He changed the name to "Chapa" when he came to Mexico. He studied in Mexico City around 1650 and migrated to Cadereyta, Mexico, and served as personal assistant to General Alonzo de Leon. He married Beatriz Olivares Treviño, the Gr. granddaughter of Diego Treviño. The parents of Juan Bautista Schiapapria were Bartolome Schiapapria and Batestina Badi. Juan is known as a writer of early histories of Nuevo Leon he held various titles and accompanied de Leon on many expeditions.

So anyone today with the name Chapa, can trace his biginnings here in the America's to "Juan Bautista Schiapapria (Chapa)". We Chapa's are all related, so to all you Chapa's I say "HI COUSIN"!


Rodolfo Jose Vilalba y Gutierrez Garcia Aguirre Escobar Palacios


Children of Anastacio and Librada

1. Fransesca Carnales- b. 1879 age 1 on 1880 census Spelled Fransesco.  Is Francisca the oldest daughter that was married to Antonio Hinojosa and the mother of children Librada raised? She died young. Email contact maria reyes.

2. Celestino Carnales- aft. 1878 2M. old on 1880 census. born Aft. 1878. Celestino [Gutierrez] Canales married to Cliseria Ramirez born on 09 14, 1885 and when he died, she married Celestino's brother Samuel. Realitos, Duval  County, Texas. According to Estela Canales, wife of little Anasctacio, Celestino and Cervando moved "out west,"  and lost touch with the family.

Celestino [Gutierrez] Canales and Cliseria Ramirez. They had 2 children. 

i. Jose Canales. His birth 1909 in Duval Co in 1920 (Born in Texas). 
ii.Pedro Canales. He was born 1913 in Duval Co, Texas. 

Name: Celestino Canales
Death date: 24 Jun 1909
Death pleace: San Antonio, Bexar, Texas
Gender: Male
Age at death: 31 years
Estimated birth year: 1878
Father's name: Anastino Canales
Mother's name: Librada Gutierrez
Film number: 2034168
Digital GS number: 4165803
Image number 2276
Digital OS number 4165803
Image number: 2276
Reference number: 7257
Collection: Texas Deaths, 1890-1976

3. Lasaro Canales. He was born Aft. 1878.

4. Eloisa Canales. b. after 1878. d. 1950 in Kennedy, TX. Married Nieves Chapa (cousin).

They had two children:
i. Olivia Chapa
ii. Eva Chapa. She was born abt. 1924

Name: Eloise Chapa
Death date: 13 May 1950
Death place: Corpus Christi, Nueces, Texas
Gender: Female
Race or color (no document)
Age at death: 50 years 5 months 29 days
Estimated birth year 1800
Father's name: Anastacio Canales
Mother's name: Librada Gutierrez
Film number: 2074369
Digital OS number 4169861
Image number: 2872
Collection: Texas Deaths, 1890-1976


5. Fermin Canales - b 1883 duval d 1939 duval married Amalia Guerra born on 10 04, 1889 died on 02 15, 1927 in Duval County. Grave marker at the Tienditas cemetary. Email contact

3 children:

i. Fidel Canales: His birth 1909 in Duval Co. US Census 1930 Age 11 in 1920.
ii. Celestino Canales. He was born 1924 in Duval Co. US Census 1930.
Notes for Celestino Canales:
Unconfirmed - Celestino married Eva Chapa. Daughter of Eloisa Canales & Nieves Chape
If that is the case, Celestino and Eva are cousins. Lived on the Chapa ranch for some time.
iii. Cervando Canales: 1930 Duval census

6. Juan Canales Sr. b. 1884 Realitos d 1960 Tienditas married Genoveva Vela in Kennedy in 1905- 15 . She was born on 01 03, 1887. She died on 03 11, 1964 in Duval (Tendietas), Texas. Genoveva Vela is the daughter of Juan Vela and Benancia Lopez. This family line wears RED at reunions. Contact for this line usaeagle and George Gonzalez.

Name: Genoveva V. Canales
Death date: 11 March 1964
Death place: Alice, Jjim Wells, Texas, United States
Gender: Female
Race or color (on document): White
Age at death: 75 years 2 months 8 days
Estimated birth year:
Birthdate: 03 Jan 1889
Birthplace: Mexico
Father's name: Juan Vela
Mother's name: Benancia Lopez
Film number: 2117407
Digital OS number: 4137707
Image number 03329
Reference number: 18000
Collection: Texas Deaths, 1890-1976


i. Ernestina (Vela) Canales. She was born on 04 22, 1906 
ii. Juanito (Vela) Canales. He was born on 11 22, 1907 in Tienditas, Duval Co.,  Texas. He died in Tienditas, Duval Co., Texas. 
iii. Elisa (Vela) Canales. She was born on 10 16, 1909 in Tienditas, Duval County,  Texas. She died on 12 26, 1981 in Duval County, Texas. 
iv. Ester (Vela) Canales. She was born on 10 16, 1909 in Tienditas, Duval Co.,  Texas. 
v. Elvira (Vela) Canales . She was born on 05 10, 1911. 
vi. Abel (Vela) Canales. He was born on 12 15, 1912 in Tienditas, Duval Co., TX 
vii. Eloisa (Vela) Canales. She was born on 04 07, 1914 in Duval County, Texas- contact hru son usaeagle.
viii. Emilia (Vela) Canales. She was born on 02 02, 1916 in Tienditas, Duval
ix. Amador (Vela) Canales. He was born on 02 16, 1918 in Tienditas, Duval Co.,
x. Cerbando (Canales) Canales. He was born on 06 09, 1921 in Tienditas, Duval
xi. Elodia Canales. She was born on 04 20, 1923 in Tienditas, Duval Co., Texas-email contact son George Gonzalez.
xii. Estela Canales. She was born on 02 24, 1925 in Tienditas, Duval Co., Texas
xiii. Emita (Maria) Canales. She was born on 10 01, 1927 in Tienditas, Duval Co., Texas. She died on 10 11, 1927 in Tienditas, Duval Co., Texas. 
xiv. Maria Canales. She was born on 02 04, 1929 in Tienditas, Duval Co., Texas.  She died in Lives in Duval County. 
xv. Manuel* Canales. He was born 1931. He died 1931 in Tienditas, Duval Co., Texas (as infant). 

7. Samuel Canales - 458-62-0949 b. 1889 Gloria Ranch d. 1905 Realitos. Samuels 1st wife was Cleceria/Cliseria RAMIREZ (dau. of Jose Ma. RAMIREZ and Petra RAMIREZ). Cliseria was married to both Samuel and Celestino Canales. Email contact Irma Holtkamp.


i. Pedro Canales. His birth 1913 in Duval Co in 1920 (Born in Texas). M-
ii. Jesusa Canales. Her birth 1921 (Age 9 in 1930 Duval US Census - Realitos,  TX).m. Edmundo Garcia b 1919 
iii.Jose Canales. He was born 1919 in Realitos, Texas. 

8.Placido Canales- b. Oct 4 1894 d. Aug 1 1984 Married Eudelia Elizondo. Eudellia ss#-454-78-3479 - Placido SS# 461-03-1337. WWII draft card. Placido and Eudelia are buried in Laredo. Email contact  This family line wears BLACK at reunions. Parents of Eudelia - Antonio (Paez)-Elizondo and Francisca Guajardo. Francisca’s mother is Refugia P. from Linares area.

Children of Antonio and Francisca

i.Sara married Leopoldo Estrada. Guajardo Sara E De Estrada married Leopoldo. Sara Imm. 1930 age 22.
ii. Julia

iii. Juan b. 1905
iv. Zendru/Lundra
v. Francisca
vi. Eudelia (above)

The name Guajardo means, "Mountain Fastness" From the mountain range in northern Spain. The name Elizondo is from the village of the same name. Armas: Escudo jaquelado de plata y sable.

Jose Antonio ELIZONDO. He was the Original Grantee of "El Lucero" tract, near present day Encino, Texas, in Brooks County. "El Lucero" comprised 13,358 acres and was granted by Mexico on November 25, 1835. It was patented July 29, 1878 with the Texas General Land Office. Parents: Juan Antonio ELIZONDO and Concepcion TREVINO. Spouse: Maria Antonia GONZALEZ. Jose Antonio ELIZONDO and Maria Antonia GONZALEZ were married on April 16, 1798. Children were: Andres ELIZONDO, Francisco ELIZONDO, Guadalupe ELIZONDO email contact Mage. 

Page 12: Statement Of Pilar Ballarena, December 22, 1835.

Pilar Ballarena appeared to say that the land granted to her also belongs to her two brothers, Manuel Ballarena and Francisco Elizondo because they also paid equal parts for the land. Although the land was granted to one, each sibling owns one sitio of the three sitio site. Manuel de Chapa is a witness to this. The certified copy was made on December 22, 1835.]

Page 12b: Statement Of Antonio Elizondo.

In the same manner, Antonio Elizondo states that his son Andrés owns one-half of his land in El Licero. Each owns equal parts of 1 1/2 sitios of the 3 sitio grant. The witnesses are Antonio Morales, Lazaro Elizondo and Bruno Garcia. The certified copy was made on December 22, 1835.]

Children of Placido and Eudelia

i. Roy (Rogelio) b. 1932 m. Wood
ii. Joe (Ramiro) b. 1925  Never married
iii. Reymundo b. 1935 Realitos m. (Lucha) Maria De La Paz
iv. Rosa Elva b. 1940 Webb Co. m. Quinonez. Rose is divorced from Hector Quinonez, children Brenda, Alicia, Ricardo
v. Raul has WW 11. Tail gunner. m. M. Cesaria Solis-Canales
vi. Minerva b. 1930 m. Leopoldo Arispe
vii. Rueben b. 1940 m. Judith Mathews cild Christipher Canales b. 1972
viii. Maria Del Soccoro b. 1927 m. Centeno
ix. Francisca m. Simon Casiano no children

8. Alfredo born 1891
He died 1994 in Duval Died at 104 years of age according to Eloisa Canales Yzaguirre. Married Maria Carrillo b 1891 in  Duval Co in 1920 (From Benavides, TX) daughter of Librado Carillo and Juana [Hinojosa?] Chapa.  This family moved to Michigan per Alfredo Jr.

Alfredo Canales Sr. & Maria Carrillo children

i. Aurora Canales. Her birth 1912 in Duval Co. in 1920(Born in Texas). She died before 2004
ii. Olivia Canales. Her birth 1913 in Duval Co. in 1920 (Born in Texas). She died before 2004
iii. Juan Canales. His birth 1916 in in Duval Co in 1920 (Born in Texas). His death   1932  Run over by Wagon (Died at age 16). 
iv. Elida Canales. Her birth 1918 in in Duval Co in 1920 (Born in Texas). She died  Abt. 1940 in Hebronville, Texas. 
v. Alfredo Canales Jr. His birth on 03 01, 1919 in Near Realitos, Texas (Lives in  Realitos, TX 2008). 
vi. Ester Canales. She was born 1922. She died Bef. 2004. 
vii. Ovidio [Jose] Canales. He was born on 11 22, 1922 in Realitos, Texas. His  death on 06 30, 2008 in Okeen, Ok 2004 (Buried at Realitos). 
viii. Anastacio Canales. He was born on 06 24, 1924. His death on 11 03, 2005 in  Alice, Jim Wells, Texas, USA (Died age 81). 
ix. Librado Canales. His birth Abt. 1925 in Duval Co. Texas - census 1880 (US  Census 1930). He died Bef. 2004. 
x.  Maria Canales. Her birth 1927 (Lives in San Diego, Tx 2008).
xi.  Eluterio Canales. His birth 1928 (Lives in Realitos, Tx 2008). 
xii. Jesus Canales. He was born 1931. He died on 12 15, 2007 in Benavides, Texas. 
xiii. Juanito Canales. He died Bef. 2004.   
xiv. Zulema Canales. She died on 06 21, 2004 in Died in San Diego, Tx at age 75.

Also on census household

10. Leopoldo Hinojosa - 1895
11. Jesus or Jesusa Hinojosa - 1898, Karnes Co. US Census 1910
12. Esau/Csau/Isac Hinojosa - 1899, Karnes Co. US Census 1910
13. Antonio Hinojosa- 1902, Possible marriage between Antonio Hinojosa and Francisca* Canales. She was born 1879 in In Duval Co US Census 1880. Karnes Co US Census 1910. says grandson on 1910 census of Anastacio/Librada.
14. Casemido/ Casimiro Hinojosa- 1904 Karnes, Karnes Co. Census 1910
15. Jose Hinojosa - 1907 Karnes Co. Us Cewnsus 1910

16. Eliza Canales - 1897
17. Clessria - 1885. Age 25 on 1910 census


Anastacio Canales Possibel Lineage

Father: Salvador Canales  Mother: Josefa Hidalgo
Juan Francisco Javier Canales de la Garza b: 1743 m: 9/18/1771 d: 4/21/1792 married Maria D. Garcia b: Abt. 1751 d: 6/30/1817. Ciudad Mier, Tamaulipas, New Spain.
     1. Emeneciana G. Canales d: 8/19/1833
     2. Dorotea
     3. Maria Ledonta 1778
     4. Jose Antonio Tiburicio Canales b: 4/04/1773 d: 2/01/1838 married Maria Segurida de Jesus Guerra b. 03 March           1783 daughter of Juan Guerra and Isabel Trevino daughter of Trevino/ Guajardo.. Land Grant Starr County 1834 .                Jose & Segunda children
                1. Jose Gregorio de la Trinidad Canales b. 16 Nov 1804 m. 27 Jun 1835 Maria Concepcion Canales 
                2. Maria Gertrudis married Roman Gonzalez: 1854
                3. Jose Felipe
                4. Maria Jacinta de Jesus Canales b. 27 Aug 1806 m. 04 Jun 1828 Aniceto Barrera.
                5. Antonio 1805 - 1844
                6. Maria Antonia de la Encarnacion Canales b. 06 Feb 1808 m. 13 Feb 1826 Jose Antonio Ramirez                      son of Miguel
                7. Maria Micaela b: 5/08/1810 married Jose Luis Canales b: Abt. 1806 
                     son Anastacio died at birth 1840
                         Sylvestre C. Canales b. 1835
                         Anizero C. Canales b. 1838
                         Miguel D. Canales b. 1839
                         Francisca D. Canales b. 1841
                         Eulogio C. Canales b. 5/12/1844
                  8. Antonio de la Encarnation 1812 married Antonio Ramirez
                  9. Maria de la Trinidad Canales b. 29 Sep. 1812
                10. Maria Petra Canales b. 02 Feb. 1815
                11. Maria Francisca Canales b. 06 Oct. 1817 m. 16 Feb. 1823 Jose Ildefonso Ramirez
                12. Francisco 1826
                13. Felipe Santiago Canales b. 03 May 1823 m. 17 Apr. 1847 Maria Susana Garcia
                14. Maria del Refugio Marcial Canales b. 03 Jul 1823 d. 23 Sep
                15. Maria Cipriana de los Dolores Canales b. 22 Sept 1825
                16. Maria Agapita 1827-1827
                17. Juan Antonio Francisco Guerra Canales born 1803 married first wife: Maria Antonia G. de los                         Santos Barrera born 1807 m: 5/18/1825 daughter of Jose Barrera and Josefa Garcia. : Second                          husband could be Pedro Canales after a Juan Jose Canales died in 1833. contact for this line:               
                       1. Pedro  Jose Canales b. 10/25/1826
                       2. Mateo D. Canales b. 9/28/1829
                       3. Juste 1833
                       4. Miguel Canales b apt1831 married to Juanita/Juana Villarreal. Miguel Canales born 1831                              married Juanita Villarreal. Area of Monte Morales. Siblinds to Miguel= Pedro Jose 1826,                             Justo 1833, Mateo D.1829. Juanita’s possible brother Ernesto from duval 1930 census.
                           1.Crescencio Canales
                               contact for this line.This paragraph Compiled by John D. Inclan and I added some dates. 
                               MARIA-LUCINDA9 DE-LA-BARRERA-GARCIA (MARIA-DE-LOS-REYES8                                 GARCIA-IZAGUIRRE, MARIA-BRIGIDA7 IAGUIRRE-GONZALEZ, MARIA -                                 DOROTEA   6 GONZALEZ-RAMOS, JUANA-GRETRUDIS5 , RAMOS-ANZALDUA,                                 JUAN-ANTONIO4 RAMOS-DEL-BOSQUE, ANTONIA-RAFAELA3 DEL bOSQUE-                                 FLORES-DE-ABREGO, PEDRO2, FERNANDO1 DEL BOSQUE-ALMENDARIZ) She                                 married (1) CRESCENCIO CANALES-VILLARREAL, son of MIGUEL CANALES and                                 JUANA VILLARREAL. He died in Murdered in Mier, Tamaulipas, Mexico. She married                                 ROMULO DE-LA-GARZA-DE-LA-PENA 29 Jun 1882, son of JOSE-MANUEL DE LA                                 BARRERA GARCIA  and MARIA-PETRA DE-LA-PENA.
                               Children of MARIA-LUCINDA DE-LA-BARRERA-GARCIA and CRESCENCIO                                 CANALES-VILLARREAL are:
                                    i.   Juana Cananles-de-la-Barrera
                                    ii.  Maria Reyes Canales de la Barrera 1897
                                    iii. Ercillia Canales de la Barrera, b. 1 Mar 1888 d. 1981 Edinburg, Hidalgo Co. TX
                                    iv. Maria Lucinda Canales de la Barrera, b. 30 Jan 1894 Mier, Tamaulipas, Mexico
                                    v.  Crescencio Canales de la Barrera, b. 14 Feb 1896 Miet, Tamaulipas, Mexico. d. 21                                            Oct 1960 m. Ophelia Chapa 1919 Mier, Taumalipas, Mexico d. 5 Aug 1963 .

                                    vi. Servando 1896
                               2. Rehitas
                               3. Anastacio 1848 married Librada Gutierras
                               4. Lucinda
                               5. Ercilia
                               6. Juan Antonio
                               7. Pedro(death cert.) confirmed son of Miguel 1920 duval census. Pedro Canales died in                                       Brooks county.
                                             Children of Pedro CANALES and Maria de San Juan BALDAZO dau. of Juan                                                BALDAZO and Antonia SANDOVAL:
                                             1. Gonzalo (not Gomalo) b. 10 Jan 1898, Mexico - appears in 1910 and 1920 census                                                      with parents
                                             2. Clemencia b. abt 1899, Mexico, died 12 Feb 1986, Falfurrias, TX. Clemencia                                                     married Maximillano HINOJOSA b. abt 1890, d. 1933. Clemencia appears in the                                                     1910 census with parents but not in the 1920 so she may have been married by                                                     then...
                                              3. Antonia (not Antonio), b. 1901, Mexico - appears in the 1910 and 1920 census                                                    with parents
                                              4. Juana b. 1903 Mexico - appears in the 1910 and 1920 censuses with parents
                                              5. Marcela, b. 1904, Mexico - appears in the 1910 and 1920 censuses with parents
                                              6. Petra (not Peta) b. 1905 (Texas or Mexico?) - appears in 1910, 1920, and 1930                                                    censuses with parents
                                              7. Federico b. 20 Aug 1907, Texas - d. 16 Apr 1957, McAllen, TX - appears in 1910,                                                    1920, and 1930 censuses with parents
                                              8. Marcelo b. abt 1909, Texas, appears in 1910, 1920, and 1930 censuses with                                                     parents.
                                               9. Miguel b. abt 1913, Texas - appears in 1920 and 1930 censuses with parents
                                             10   Jesus Ma. (Jesus Maria) b. abt 1916, Texas - appears in 1920 and 1930                                                      censuses with parents
                                             11. Carolina b. abt 1921, Texas - appears in 1930 census with parents
                                             12. Pedro Jr. b. abt 1925, Texas - appears in 1930 census with parents.

Notes: Juan Antonio Francisco Guerra Canales born 1803 married second wife in 1844: Maria Saturina Saldana Perez. They had a son:
1. Jose Evaristo born 1857-1929 married in 1880 to Jesusa Perez born 1860.
Children of Jose & Jesusa
1. Maria
2. Del Rufugio
3. Delores 1851
4. Francisco
5. Efrain
6. Christina
7. Josefa
8. Placida
9. Jesus Maria




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