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Pleasant Hill Cemetery, Eastland County, TX

The Pleasant Hill Cemetery is located on Texas Farm Road 2526 about 1 and miles east of its intersection with US 183 about 8 miles south of Cisco. And it is about 8 miles west of Carbon.

The Cemetery was in use by 1901 according to the Handbook of Texas Online. It is fenced and well maintained. The canvass of the markers was begun in June 2007 by the sisters Betty Reed Brown and JoAnn Reed Keith and me, their cousin Robert Johnson. We three are descendants of Mary W (Houston) and Andrew Joel Sims who are among the earliest burials here.

I have attempted to present the names and dates as they appear on the markers and to put my notes and comments in parentheses. The numbered rows run north/south beginning with row 1 at the west fence and proceeding eastward

I welcome comments, additions and corrections.
Bob Johnson
Last Name, First Names b-birth date d-death date row number

Bennett, Emma F b 12/08/1919 d 02/18/1920 1
Daughter of Mr and Mrs WB Bennett
(granddaughter of Lottie and CH O'Brien)
Bisbee, Jesse L b 05/23/1889 d Jan/19/1932 1
Burks, Lowell Erwin b d
Burks, Reba Estell b d
(wife of L E, nee Tucker, dau of Besse and M C)
Burks, Perry Erwin Stillborn 12/27/1939
(Son of L E and R E)
Davis, Betty Lasater b 05/03/1929 (no death date) 5
(dau of Ruby Kinard Lassater, middle name Fay)
Files, J R b 12/22/1861 d 05/10/1909 5
(James Robert)
Graves, Infant Daughter of J T and I D 08/20/1909 5
Graves, Isabel Dollie b 04/14/1873 d 5
(wife of Tom)
Graves, Tom b 12/081874 d 07/15/1963 5
(Thomas J)
Graves, Lou Ora b 02/15/1911 d 08/04/2004 5
(wife of Marion, nee Keesee, archives show Ora Lou)
Graves, Marion Otis b 10/06/1906 d 12/06/1968 5
(son of Isabel and Tom)
Hagaman, Robert E b 01/15/1896 d 11/11/1981 4
(Father of Lois Rumley and Dorothy White)
Hagaman, Dee b 10/04/1900 d 10/17/1989 4
(wife of Robert)
Hines, Mrs PA b 10/02/1839 d 03/06/1930 Mother 2
(maiden name unknown, given names
Parthenia Adeline, mother of Lillie Poe)
Ivie, Laverne Lassater b 11/30/1920 d 04/18/1994 5
(wife of MC, first name Lila, dau of Ruby {Kinard})
Ivie, Marshall C b 03/11/1918 d 10/18/2000 5
Kinard, Lee Edwin b 07/09/1929 d 08/04/2006 2
Sgt US Army Korea
Kinard, Carlita Ann b 09/09//33 d 01/14/1985 2
(wife of L E, nee Rogers)
Kinard, Carla K b 12/29/1961 d 09/07/2006 2
(daughter of LE and CA)
Kinard, Ida C b 1870 d 1952 3
(wife of Nick)
Kinard, Nick S b1969 d 1947 3
(Nickolas Seymore, father of Ray, Kellie, Edgar, and Edna Shirley)
Kinard, Gary A b 02/28/1948 d 07/05/1948 3
(son of RS and DJ, d 07/27 by Eastland County records)
Kinard, Dorothy Jane b 10/26/1919 d 11/03/1995 3
(wife of RS, nee Jones)
Kinard, Ray Seymour b 11/02/1914 d 01/18/2000 3
Kinard, Kelly L b 1903 d 1979 3
(son of Nick and Ida)
Kinard, Eva B b 1909 d 1999 3
(wife of KL, nee Eva Britton Owings)
Kinard, Lula Martin b 02/15/1900 d 05/20/1982 3
(wife of EJ, middle name Grace)
Kinard, Edgar J b 10/31/1895 d 02/21/1983 3
(son of Nick and Ida)
Langlitz, Leonard Otto b 9 Mar 1896 d 4 Apr 1939
Langlitz, Tee Clyde, b 1901 d 3 mar 1978
Wife of L O, nee Hardin, sister of Johnie Tucker and Bessie Tucker
Lasater, Ruby Kinard b 05/01/1900 d 03/29/1987 5
(nee Kinard, middle name Ann, dau of Nick and Ida)
Lockhart, Jimmie A b 1847 d 1928 Mother 2
(wife of TC, nee Jemima Ann Wall)
Lockhart, TC b 1845 d 1930 Father 2
(Thomas Colen)
Lockhard, Fannie M b 1885 d 1980 4
(wife of Almer)
Lockhart, Almer H b 1883 d 1960 4
(son of JA and TC)
Lockhart, Infant Son of AH &FM b 02/10/1914 d 02/14/1914 4
London, Vera Elizabeth Elder Kleiner b 09/11/1917 d 01/25/2002
Meeks, J T b 01/07/1862 d 04/15/1940 5
Myers, Bill L [Sr] b 06/06/1925 d 02/17/2000 4
(records show Billy Lee)
Myers, Sybil Jo b 03/01/1924 d 10/10/1983 4
(nee Claxton)
O'Brien, Bobbie b 08/01/1924 d 02/15/1935 1
Daughter of HV and FL O'Brien (middle name Nell)
O'Brien, Frances Louise b 03/29/1895 d 08/16/1981 1
Mother-Grannie-Fannie (second wife of H V, nee Hastings)
O'Brien, Houston V b 1888 d 1944 Father 1
(son of Lottie and CH)
O'Brien, Ella L b 10/05/1887 d 01/19/1919 1
(first wife of HV)
O'Brien, Johnnie Mildred b 01/16/1923 d 06/22/1924 1
O'Brien, JC b 10/15/1922 d 10/07/1965 2
(John Charles, son of FL and HV)
O'Brien, Lottie b 02/18/1856 d 03/26/1940 1
(wife of C H, nee Rushing ?, grandmother of Emma Bennett)
O'Brien, C H b 09/22/1846 d 02/10/1920 1
(grandfather of Emma Bennnett)
Poe, Robert Lee b 10/15/1869 d 01/03/1934 2
(brother of Will)
Poe, Lillie b 07/14/1870 d 03/14/1944 2
(wife of RL, nee Hines, daughter of Mrs PA)_
Poe, Tiny b 08/24/1903 d 12/25/1917 2
(daughter of Lillie and RL)
Poe, Andrew Clifford b 09/23/1911 d 19/16/1990 3
Sgt US Army Air Corps WWII
(son of Mittie and Will)
Poe, Will J b 04/01/1872 d 10/01/1954 3
(Brother of RL)
Poe, Mittie b 07/17/1874 d 02/22/1960 3
(wife of Will, nee Gardner)
Prickett, James Wesley b 05/04/1866 d 10/08/1932 2
(father of Vernie May, Ray and Leslie)
Prickett, Nannie Lowry b 10/08/1871 d 02/11/1950 2
(wife of JW)
Prickett, Vernie May b 1911 d 1916 2
(daughter of JW and Nannie)
Prickett, Flossie b 1907 d1972 3
(wife of Ray, nee F Inez Smith, sister of Jereusha)
Prickett, John R b 1914 d 1979 3
(records also name show the name Bernice Ray Prickett, husband of Flossie Inez Smith, father of Bobbie Joe, )
Prickett, Leslie E b 06/21/1905 d 06/20/1990 3
(middle name Ernest)
Prickett, Jereusha Smith b 01/06/1905 d 02/10/1983 3
(wife of Leslie, sister of Flossie Inez)
Prickett, Bobby L b 04/04/1945 (no death date) 3
(son of Ray and Flossie)
Prickett, Judy Ann b 02/04/1947 d 04/21/1988 3
(wife of Bobbie L, nee Thomas)
Prickett, Ronnie Neal b 01/15/1941 d 03/01/1986 4
(son of Jereusha and Leslie)
Prickett, Bobby Joe b 08/18/1929 d 04/12/1990 4
(son of Jereusha and Leslie)
Prickett, Carol "Beth" E b 07/02/1941 d 01/18/1992 4
(wife of Bobbie Joe, nee Smith, middle name Elizabeth)
Prickett, Jimmy C b 05/17/1938 (no death date) 4
(son of Jereusha and Leslie, middle name Carl)
Prickett, Linda F b 09/22/1943 (no death date) 4
(wife of Jimmie, records show Frances Ann Warren)
Rumley, Lois M b 05/30/1928 d 05/31/2003 4
(wife of WW, nee Hagaman, daughter of RE and Dee, sister of Dorothy White)
Rumley, Willard W "Repete" b 01/28/1917 d 06/19/1991 4
Shirley, Edna Kinard b 1896 d 1927 2
(daughter of Nick and Ida)
Shirley, Sammie E b 1915 d 1925 2
(son of Edna and Will)
Shirley, Will b 1893 d 1972 2
Sims, Homer b 07/26/1905 d 03/05/1988
(son of Nancy and Eddie)
Sims, Irene b 10/30/1919 d 07/08/1995
(wife of Homer, nee Neie)
Sims, Nancy J b 02/18/1881 d 08/12/1965 5
(wife of Eddie, nee Reed)
Sims, Eddie Lee b 03/27/1884 d 09/04/1980 5
Sims, Joel Cullus b 05/08/1878 d 1946
(son of AJ and MW)
Sims, Byrd W b 02/16/1880 d 06/30/1915
(son of AJ and MW)
Sims, Cynthia "Tiny" b 03/06/1882 d 08/28/1977
(wife of Joel Cullus, nee Newton)
Sims, Joe C b 06/19/1918 d 06/23986
(son of Cullus and Tiny, called JC)
Sims, Andrew Joel Mar 1947 - 1907
(with Mary parents of Cullus, Byrd and Eddie)
Sims, Mary W 1845 - 1917
(wife of Andrew Joel, nee Houston)
(Sims, Hattie Feb 1843 - before 1910
sister of Andrew Joel, grave not marked)
Sims, Charlie b 09/24/1900 d 11/23/1917
(grandson of Joel and Mary)
Sims, Ronald stillborn 10/06/1904
(twin grandson of Joel and Mary)
Sims, Donald stillborn 10/06/1904
(twin grandson of Joel and Mary)
Sims, Mable b 04/09/1915 (no death date)
(Wife of JC buried in South Dakota with family)
Smith, James Luther b12/09/1885 d 09/05/1966 5
Smith, Sidney b 10/19/1910 d 01/08/1929 5
Smith, Sarah Rebecca b 12/14/1890 d 07/17/1988 5
Stokes, Arthur Neal (Dood) b09/22/1899 d 07/10/1988
Stokes, Eria b 12/12/1903 d 07/22/1985
(wife of "Dood" nee Reese)
Tucker, Bella b 04/1896 d
(wife of Winford, nee Poe, dau of RL and LA)
Tucker, Winford b 09/29/1892 d 10/18/1991
(son of AB and MC, father of Robert Lee)
Tucker, Jodie Gerald b 08/13/1959 d 04/06/1975
(grandson of Besse and Roy)
Tucker, Robert Lee b 04/06/1915 d 11/04/1975 2
(military marker at foot) Sgt US Army WWII
(son of Bella and Winford)
Tucker, Robert L b 02/19/1898 d
(son of AB and MC)
Tucker, Johnnie b 10/13/1899 d 08/18/1978
(wife of Robert L, nee Hardin, sister of Bessie)
Tucker, Matthew Crone b 06/10/1866 d 07/08/1955
(father of Robert L)
Tucker, Annie Belle b 09/23/1871 d 1901
(wife of MC, nee Shannon)
Tucker, Roy Matthew b12/29/1894 d 10/12/1973
Tucker, Bessie Lee b 02/14/1896 d 02/10/1972
(wife of RM, nee Hardin, sister of Johnnie)
Tucker, Billy Dee b 11/03/1934 d 07/17/1995
(son of RL and Johnnie)
White, Dorothy H b 05/20/1924 d 04/19/2006 4
(nee Hagaman, Daughter of Dee and RE, sister of Lois Rumley)
Wood, Earl Francis b 1925 d 1978 1
Pfc USMC WWII (son of Frank and Bertie)
Wood, Frank b 05/03/1895 d 12/25/1955 1
(father of EF)
Wood, Bertie Belle b 10/29/1908 d 11/20/1987 1
(wife of Frank)

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