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This is a small cemetery located northeast of Cisco about one mile U. S. Highway 183 on 3101. It is enclosed with a fence. There is a wooden sign over the gate but it is very deteriorated.
George H. JAY Jun 3, 1859-Sep 11, 1880

The town of Jayton in Kent County, Texas was named for this man's father, George JAY. His tombstone says, "Let Me Go Home"

Clara RICHARDSON March 5, 1883-June 10, 1884
Olen RICHARDSON July 16, 1880-June 6, 1881
Cordelia RICHARDSON October 2, 1878-September 26, 1879
Children of A. J. & S.E. RICHARDSON

Hannah LATHAM May 16, 1822-March 31, 1880

Truman C. LATHAM August 8, 1880-December 26, 1886

Elgin Sidney MURCHINSON February 26, 1889-November 19, 1889
Son of N. W. & Florence MURCHINSON

R.F. GREER August 29, 1906- June 6, 1942
B.H. GREER July 30, 1865-February 4, 1934
Cora GREER July 26, 1876- Nov 13, 1955
Abbie O. GREER July 30, 1903-July 2, 1992
A new tombstone which reads “Mollie”
Mary M. Edwards RANEY 1874 Bell Co TX.- 1912 Eastland Co TX
Wife of Monacher Franklin (Frank) RANEY Sr.
Mother of Darrell S. & John RANEY

There were eight funeral markers that were not readable. Others believed buried in this cemetery are:
Tom LATHAM buried by his first wife Hannah Latham Florence MURCHINSON wife of N. W. MURCHINSON
Stillborn son of Mr. & Mrs. Robert DAVIS Feb. 18, 1922
Infant son of Mr. & Mrs. Edward HAINES
Rosa Reagan HAINES wife of Edward HAINES died May 1, 1922
Infant son of Mr. & Mrs. Norman LAWRENCE
Mexican Infant
Stillborn son of Mr. & Mrs. John RANEY 1920
Infant daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Lee LOWRANCE died June 1910 age 15
Stillborn children of Mr. & Mrs. J. H. HENSLEY, 2 girls & 1 boy two years apart. This word comes from Ada TANKERSLEY’s daughter, Josie.
Infant son of Mr. & Mrs. Newl RAWSOWER (may be RAMSOWER)

George Hickman BAIRD, son of Mr. & Mrs. Hickman BAIRD born & died 1916
Robert F. (Bud) GREER Aug 29, 1906-Jun 6, 1942
Following are children of Mr. & Mrs. B. H. GREER
Johnnie GREER (dau) 1915-1920
Louisa GREER (dau) born & died 1921
Lois GREER (dau) 1900-1922

This cemetery was visited on January 18, 1997 by Wanda Skinner for the purpose of updating the records.
B.H. GREER was Buck Henderson GREER whose father was Buck Henderson GREER and his mother was Rosa TORGETT. His wife was Cora Johnson GREER. His death is recorded in book 3A page 290 Eastland County Courthouse. Page 226 of The Eastland County History Book gives more information this family. His birthday is listed as July 16, 1886 Ga. on the death certificate. This is another of the many puzzles to genealogy.

Submitted by Wanda Skinner

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