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Transcribed by Tami Ramsey from Microfilm Reel #1320039938
Obtained from UT Center for American History
Pioneer Exponent
Comanche, Texas

Friday July 3, 1908

We have just received a letter from Mrs. J.C. CHILTON (formerly Miss Alice
FARMER) in which she states that she and her husband will spend the summer
at LaPorte.

Woodmen of the World of Gap Camp, No. 1530 will unveil a monument to the
memory of the late Sov. T.R.W. GREEN at Stag creek graveyard, 13 miles
northwest of Comanche on the third Sunday in July (the 19th) at 3:00 p.m.
All Woodmen and the public invited to attend. Fraternally Yours W.L.

Mr. And Mrs. BERRY of the Board Church community were visiting her parents
Saturday night when their little boy fell from a box and sprained his ankle.
He was unable to walk at the latest news.

Will SMITH has returned home from Decatur, Wise County, where he has been
for about six weeks visiting relatives. He says that a big rain fell there
last week.

Mr.Less DILLARD and family of Comanche were down Sunday visiting her sister,

Rev. BROOK preached at Hebron Sunday

The young people had an enjoyable time at an ice cream supper at Henry
McCULLOUGH's Saturday night. Mr. COOPER furnished music with his

Harvey ARNOLD of Dallas is the guest of his aunt, Mrs. F.A. JACK.

Mrs. J.D. FARRAR has returned from a months stay with relatives at Wilson.
Her brother Mr. JOHNSON, came home with her.

E.L. HALLFORD and family went to Democrat Saturday.

J.H. GOOSBY and family visited relatives at Indian Gap Sunday

Rev. LAKER filled his appointment at the Methodist Church Sunday

Mrs. E.C. CLARK of San Angelo is the guest of Mr. And Mrs. Willis Bradley.

Miss Maggie CUNNINGHAM is at Priddy visiting her sister, Mrs. John PRIDDY

Burton & Cunningham will ship another car of cattle to Fort Worth this week.


June 23-We are needing rain. Crops are not burning any yet but if the high
winds and dry weather continue much longer they will suffer much

Mrs. LISMBEE has been quite sick for the past week and Mr. SWAN's baby is

Mr. LOVEJOY, another candidate was in our community yesterday

ENERGY NEWS-June 22-We haven't had a rain in a long time and corn is failing
fast. Most everyone is done chopping cotton.

J.I. MAYFIELD was in the community Friday looking after his phone line

The steam thrasher is busy now thrashing the grain

Mrs. HITT is improving. We hope she will soon be well again.

THENY NEWS-June 16-The farmers here are up with their work but are needing

S.L. RACKLEY has been sick for some time but is improving

Mr. And Mrs. STRAIN have a very sick baby

Mr. And Mrs. W.J. ADAMS are the proud parents of a baby boy. Also Mr. And
Mrs. Tom HAZARD and Mr. And Mrs. M.M. PEACE are rejoicing over a baby girl.

The neighbors have worked the crops of S.L. RACKLEY and A.L. STRAIN who have
been sick

Our pastor H.G. McCAIN filled his regular appointment Sunday at 11 a.m. and
there was Sunday School at 3 p.m. and a prayer meeting at 8 p.m.

Judge ABLES was called to Rotan Saturday on account of the serious illness
of his Grandchild but we have learned since, that the child died before his

Mesdames J.F. STOKLEY and Will GREEN of Proctor are visiting friends and
relatives here this week.

S.E. COUCH, well known here, is a candidate for re-election as commissioner
at Ozona

Goldwaite business men are raising a fund to improve the road from that
place to Priddy.

At Goldwaite more than 200 names have been signed to an endorsement of the
candidacy of R.R. WILLIAMS for Governor

Claude HUDDLESTON, aged 19 years, whose home was in Eastland County, was
killed on June 22 by a train at Wichita Falls

The postal department has threatened to abolish rural routes 1 and 2 out of
Blanket if the roads are not repaired

The case against CARGYLE, the Dublin man indicted for receiving stolen
property, attracted much more attention Tuesday than cases of minor
importance normally do. The property received by him was three quilts which
had been stolen from the WILEY cottage at Dublin. The main effort of the
defense seemed to be to establish the fact that the quilts were not worth
$50. To do this a number of prominent ladies of this city were called in as
witnesses and none of them considered the articles worth that much. On the
other hand Mrs. WILEY and two or three other Dublin ladies thought them
worth more than that. So did Mrs. WILLINGHANT of this place. By the time
the case went to the jury the real issue for them to decide was whether or
not the quilts were worth $50 or less. On this point they failed to agree,
standing 7 and 5. Stephenville Empire


School Teachers Elected-

Bibb-M.C. APPLEWHITE, principal; Miss Carrie LINDSEY, assistant

Beattie- J.L. JENKINS, principal; Miss Lillie BREWER, assistant

Vandyke-Miss Bertha ROBERSON, principal; Miss Nettie LONG, assistant

Swan Hill- W.H. CARPENTER, principal

Energy-C.G. STRICKLIN, principal

Roch School House-Miss Coda JEFFRIES, principal

Wilson-J.M. STRICKLIN, principal, Mrs. J.M. STRICKLIN, assistant

Baggitt-Miss Ada HARVEY, principal

Mountain Valley-Miss Ada KELLY

Duster-Miss Katie GRAY, principal

Suez-Miss Lillie Bell RODGERS

Gum Springs-Miss Buna McGUIRE

Hebron- O.L. KILMAN, principal; Miss Mamie PERRY, assistant

Newburg-W.A. JETER

Fairview-Miss Alma GRISSOM, Miss Ina WALLACE

Elm Grove-Miss Pearl BOYD


Carbon-June 24

J.R. FOSTER's store was broken onto and robbed Monday night. As soon as
discovery was made a searching party was made up and started on the trail
for about two and a half miles. The parties were tracked to a house and
after a search was made the goods were recovered and two men were placed
under arrest and brought to town. The goods recovered amounted to about
$150.00 in value. One man made bond in the sum of $1000 and the other was
sent to jail to await the action of the grand jury.


Jesse, son of Bud ABLE, died at Wilson June 17 and was buried at Pecan grave
yard the following day


Last Friday morning Bud RHONE and Sam BYRD, whose place of business is on
the southeast corner of the square, were arrested on charges of having
violated the injunction recently issued against them by Judge LINDSEY,
forbidding them to sell any intoxicating liquors, hence it is charged they
are in contempt of the court. It is alleged the "Tin Top", a beverage sold
by them, has and does produce intoxication and the case will be fought out
on this contention. County Attorney REID purposes to break up the selling
of this class of beverage. The defendants gave bond and the trials will
take place today before Judge LINDSEY


George FLETCHER and son Tom of Stanton are here visiting the farmers sister,

Otis GUTHRIE has bought a two seated automobile


Hico News-Mrs. NORTEN and daughter Miss Irma returned Tuesday on a visit to
relatives in Comanche

Carbon News-Mrs. I.A. DINGLER returned Tuesday from a two week visit to her
daughter in Comanche County

Blanket Signal-Rev. S.M. HAYGOOD preached for the Baptist people in Sidney
last Sunday. He reports fine crops in that country

Stamford Tribune-S.R. ECHOLS and family of Comanche County spent Sunday in
the city on their way to Guyman Oklahoma to locate to that place.

Ozona Kicker- Mrs. H.A. CARMICHAEL and children, Katherine and Neil, of
Comanche are here visiting the family of A.M. BUCK, Mrs. CARMICHAEL is the
sister of Mrs. BUCK


Visits from the stork-

O.O. EDGINGTON, Sipe Springs, June 16, a boy

W.J. STEELE, near Sidney, May 7, a girl

Harvey SMITH, near Sweetwater, June 9, a girl

Jackson C. LINDSAY, Bibb, June 11, a girl and boy

Solly McDONALD, near Sidney, May 6, a girl

John RUSSELL, near Gustine, June 11, a girl

Dave CARNES, near Comanche, June 15, a girl

N.V. NICHOLSON, north of Comanche, June 17, a boy

John HUMPHREY, west of Comanche, June 18, a girl

J.W. ROBERSON, Comanche, June 17, a girl

A.T. PERRY, near Comanche, June 16, a boy

Ollie ALLEN, Comanche, June 17, a boy

Tom DENTON, Gustine, June 19, a boy

Fate Holcomb, Downing, June 16, a boy

J.H. REED, Downing, June 23, a boy

Dison DALBY, Downing, June 3, a girl

Walter GARNER, Comanche, June 30, a boy

J.B. BLACKSTOCK, DeLeon, June 24, a girl

Mody WILBURN, near DeLeon, June 18, a girl

Tom HAGGARD, Near Theney, June 1, a boy

Major PIERCE, Theney, June 10, a girl

Jasper GARDEN, near Indian Gap, June 15, a boy

James SHAFER, near Newburg, June 15, a girl

Dan DUTTON, near Harmony, May 22, a boy

Thos. JETER, near Newburg, May 12, a girl

Walter CASTLEBERRY, Sipe Springs, June 12, a boy


Marriage Licenses


R.S. HARE and Eura HOGAN


K.D. JONES and Bessie May McCULLOUGH


Nat HOLMAN and Golda Kirk

Robert E. COLEMAN and Mrs. Rose RITCHEY


There will be a grand fourth of July celebration and Woodman picnic at
Brownwood. Hon. Cone JOHNSON will deliver an address in the morning and
there will be Driving Club races in the afternoon. Everything free except
the Grand Stand. The railroad will make a rate of $1.20 for the round trip
from Comanche. Everybody go.


The skating rink is open Tuesday and Friday nights. Music by the band. The
rink is also open every afternoon from 2 to 5 o'clock.


Monday of last week while Uncle Zack WEST, formerly of Comanche but now
lives near Andra, Taylor County, was driving along in his wagon six miles
from Ballinger the team was frightened and ran away. WEST was thrown from
the wagon and dragged for some distance and his lower jaw broken on the left
side, his upper jaw and the bridge of his nose were also broken and his body
was bruised and lacerated nearly all over. His brother, W.P. WEST,
immediately went to Ballinger to see him and has returned and says that
while fatal results are not likely his brother is very seriously hurt, as
the doctors have been unable to get his lower jaw to stay in place, though
they have set it three times.

Mr. Elmo COLEMAN stole off to Brownwood Wednesday evening, where he was
married to Mrs. Rose RITCHIE a charming widow of that place. They came in
on the midnight train and are now at the home of Mr. And Mrs. R.B. NEWMAN.

County Court will convene next Monday

The Presbyterian Church was handsomely decorated Tuesday night with white
daisies and smilax and the aisles and entrance to the church were carpeted
with white muslin in honor of the wedding, which took place at 9 o'clock.
The contracting parties were Miss Golda KIRK and Mr. Nat HOLMAN both of them
from very prominent families of this county, and the wedding was preformed
by Rev. G.B. HALL. The organ commenced with the wedding march and the house
was nearly filled with friends of the young couple, and when the bride and
groom came down the aisle preceded by attendants, the scene was one of great
beauty. The bridesmaids were Misses Ellen MOORE and Cleve BURKS; the
groomsmen, Foltz HOLMAN and George SARTWELL, the ushers Bob MOORE and Walter
Jack CUNNINGHAM. The bride was dressed in White embroidered chiffon made
over white silk, en princess, and wore a white aigrette in her hair and
carried a bouquet of white daisies and the bridesmaids in white lingerie
dresses and carried bouquets of pink roses. At the conclusion of the
ceremony the bridal party went to the home of the happy couple next to the
Christian church, which had already been furnished and the immediately began
housekeeping. The presents received by the newly married couple were
numerous and handsome as well as valuable. The bride is the daughter of
Mrs. Lacy KIRK. She is a young lady of many graces of mind and person, who
is capable of tilling the home she will adorn with happiness and will prove
to be truly a helpmate and companion by the husband she has chosen to honor
her hand. The groom is from one of our best families.


G.W. WILSON is out in the San Angelo country.

Fred COX and family have moved to Brady.

W.R. SLIDER returned last week from Marlin.

J.J. FRANKLIN of Stephenville was here last week.

Mrs. Fayette SIMPSON went to Dublin Tuesday to visit relatives.

Miss Ora RAWLS of Dublin id the quest of Mrs. Hubert REESE.

Will CHANCELLOR of Hamlin is visiting his parents near Gustine.

John JUSTIN of Nacona is the guest of his aunt, Mrs. GERGANESS.

Mrs. SHROPSHIRE of Brownwood has been here visiting relatives.

Rev. L.B. OWEN left Wednesday for Victor to begin a Baptist revival.

Miss Ellen HARRIS of Dublin was the guest of Mrs. SARTWELL last week.

Miss Buna HITCHCOCK returned last week from Baylor University.

Mr. And Mrs. Jay HOLCOMB of Abilene came in last Friday to visit relatives.

Mrs. Caroline STEWART spent several days this week with her son at Blanket.

Mrs. FURMAN of Dublin has been the guest of her mother, Mrs. M.S. ALLEN

J.C.C. MARTIN went to Fort Worth Tuesday to see about a real estate deal.
Chief Clerk KYLE of the Wells Fargo Co. was here Thursday, from Fort Worth.

Mrs. A.C. COKER has returned from a three week visit with friends in

Chas. CUTHBERSON left Monday for Colorado City, to see his mother who is

W.H. AKER, of Breckenridge, has been here visiting his father, David AKER
who is sick.

Judge HARDIN of Stephenville was here last Friday looking after his lumber

Mr. And Mrs. T.R. HOLMSLEY left Tuesday night for Colorado to spend the
summer vacation.

Finis MASON has returned to Comanche from Louisiana where he has been
playing baseball.

Miss Bessie REEVES of Brownwood is here to make her home with her sister,
Mrs. Virgil McDANIEL.

Mrs. R.V. NEELY, daughter and son left last Friday for Battle Creek, Mich.
To spend several weeks.

Mesdames W.R. SLIDER and A.F. BLUE left yesterday for Jonesboro, Ark. To
visit a sister for three weeks.

Mrs. Geo. GRAY and daughter Clara of Cherokee are guests of their daughter
and sister, Mrs. Mark BOONE>

Mrs. Clay MONTGOMERY has returned to her home in Crockett county. Her
sister Miss Mamie LONG went with her.

Mrs. ULERY and her daughter of Denver, Colo., who have been visiting the
family of Geo. VERNON left Tuesday for their home.

Misses Ruby GRANGER and Myrtle PAINE went to Fort Worth Wednesday to attend
the summer school at Polytechnic college.

Mrs. PENROD of Pocatello, Idaho had been the quest of the family of M.W.
CARROLL. She was formerly Miss Myrtle BISHOP of Dublin.

Mr. TURNER of Fort Worth and Eb JONES of Stephenville were here Saturday
before the county board of equalization in regard to the Fensco railroads

Scott H. MACK of Ballinger was here last Friday. He says his section of the
state is prospering, has fine prospects and the people are very buoyant. A
fine grain crop has just been harvested and the cotton is at a good stand
and promises a big yield.

Mr. And Mrs. J.M. HUGHES will leave Monday for Elida, New Mexico to spend
several months for the benefit of her health.

Mrs. D.B. TURNER and Miss Lottie PAINE went to DeLeon last Friday to visit
relatives for several weeks.

Mrs. Pink ANDERSON of Blanket was the guest of her daughter, Mrs. Harry
CAMPBELL last week.

Miss BOARDMAN who has been the guest of Mrs. STEED left yesterday for her
home in Oklahoma.

Mrs. E.M. KELLEY and daughter, Miss Berta, have been at Coleman visiting

Will BOTTS and family have moved to town and he is clerking for Haney &

W.L. and L.M. STEPHENS and Chas. CONNER are out west prospecting. Miss Ruth
WALDROP of Gorman was here last week, visiting her parents.

Judge DABNEY spent several days this week in Fort Worth.

Groce KILPATRICK returned to Chickasha, Oklahoma last week.

Miss Mary LEE is at Fort Worth attending a summer school.

Ernest CARPENTER went to Brownwood yesterday.

Jack PALMER and family are moving to Gustine.

G.A. CHILTON went to Mineral Wells yesterday.

Nath COOK of San Angelo was here.


Thanking my friends who promised to support me in my race for Sheriff of
Comanche County and who assisted my campaign, I have deemed it best to
withdraw from the race. J.B. NABERS


Erath District Court

Leonard HARRIS assault, six years penitentiary.

John NOGGLE, burglary, two years in penitentiary

G.T. CARGILE, charged with receiving stolen property, mistrial.

Eugene NOLAN, theft over value of $50, two years in reformatory

J.Q. McGEE, disposing mortgaged property, not guilty

Minnie TURNBOW vs Walter TURNBOW, divorce granted


Blanket News

W.T. POWERS and daughter Miss Lizzie returned Monday night from a trip to
Birmingham Alabama. Mrs S.E. LACY has her little sister Isla WARD of Sidney
visiting her this week.

J.W. DABNEY one of the most progressive farmers in this section marketed
over 4000 bushels of oats this week.

J.A. SMITH has traded his telephone exchange at Sipe Springs to W.T.
BURLESON for the latter's home in town and his farm, and will move back to
Gorman about the first of July, and Mr. BURLESON will move to Sipe Springs
and take charge of the telephone business at that time. - Gorman Progress

Late last Saturday evening the usually quiet streets of Ranger were startled
by four pistol shots. F.P. BARNETT and W.M. and A.M. JAMISON living on
Barnett Place a few miles from town. Saturday afternoon they met on Market
Street and after the passage of a few words the shooting occurred. BARNETT
firing four shots without effect. BARNETT was arrested and put under bond
by Judge DAVENPORT to appear for trial on the tenth, which he did. After an
examination of a number of witnesses the court placed BARNETT under a bond
of $1000 to await the action of the grand jury


Proctor News

June 22 - Mrs. Will GREEN and children have been visiting at Theny

Mrs. EVANS spent Sunday in Dublin

Mrs. STOCKLEY has returned to her home after a short visit with friends at

Misses Lemoine PINSON and Bess BARKER are visiting friends at Selden

Messers HENDERSON, ORR, GRAY and Misses Annie LAURIE, Lucille and Sallie
GRAY, of Hasses were the guests of R.W. GRAY Sunday

Miss WOOTEN of Dublin was the guest of Nean STEPHEN and wife Saturday and

Author REID and family are visiting in Ballinger

June 29 - Mrs. ROSS of Walters Oklahoma is here visiting her mother and her
brother R.W. GRAY

J.B.SMITH and family have gone to spend a year in the west on account of
their health. He writes back from Pecos City that they are well pleased
with their new home.

Miss Willie WOODS spent last week in Dublin

Mrs. L.T. GREEN spent three days in Granbury last week visiting friends

Ernest CROFT returned to his home Wednesday after a short visit with his

Una STONE spent Saturday in Dublin

Mr. JOHNSON was the guest of Miss Carrie WOODS Tuesday

Edward STONE, Will EWING, Willie HUGHES and Mr. ROBERTS returned Saturday
from a fishing trip. They tell some awful fish stories.

Mrs. BYERLY and daughter, Samie, have gone to Fort Worth to visit relatives

Dave JENNINGS and family have returned from a visit with Mrs. JENNINGS
sister at San Angelo

Zin BARRY shipped several cars of cattle to Fort Worth last week

Mrs. Henry EARGLE and Miss Mattie BARRY left Monday morning for Coahoma
Texas where they will visit their brother and sister, Mr. And Mrs. Claud
BARRY. Mrs. EARGLE will return in a short time; Miss Mattie will likely
remain all summer.


Fleming news

J.P. PETTIT and wife are visiting relatives out west

Joe ADAMS had the misfortune Sunday night to get his collar bone broken.

The literary Society is progressing nicely. It will meet Friday night, July
17. All are invited to come and take part.


Downing News

The farmers of this area are rejoicing over a nice rain which fell this

Misses Daisy and Maude PINSON of Proctor were here Saturday and Sunday

Miss Kate GORDON from Alabama is here spending the summer with relatives.

T.H. LOCK and family visited their cousin, Mrs. Geo. MOHON, who is sick at
DeLeon last week.

A number of our people attended the Abe MULKEY meeting at DeLeon last week


Copperas Prairie & Gap News

June 29 - Mr. And Mrs. SWEATMAN gave an ice cream supper Saturday night in
honor of a number of their relatives from near Blanket and Gustine.

Sam SINGLETON and wife of Democrat were the guests of Mrs. SINGLETON's
mother, Mrs. L.E. ADAMS, Saturday and Sunday

Bill DAVIDSON, who lives south of Comanche, was in Gap country Sunday.

Elder BRYANT of Brown county preached at Copperas Prairie Sunday. He
contemplates holding a ten days meeting here in July

Miss Janie ADAMS who has been down with the measles is slowly improving

Sunday King JONES of Copperas Prairie and Miss Bessie McCULLOUGH of Pleasan
Valley went to Comanche where they were married. They were entertained
Monday evening by Mr. And Mrs. E.A. REECE


Bibb News

Ben RHODES of Oak Valley was here Saturday and Sunday

Otho COX has returned home from Bosque County.

R.R. McGEBEE was in Comanche Friday after a load of freight for J.B. GREEN

D.F. HANES is visiting the family of J.M. ATCHISON at Dublin

C.W. ATCHISON and family and Uncle Jess ATCHISON returned Saturday from near
Golthwaite where they have been visiting for the past week

Walt ROBERTS is all smiles over the arrival of a fine girl at his home.
Mother and baby doing nicely

U.S. BATES and family of Beatie visited here Sunday

Rev. CASTLEBERRY preached an interesting sermon at the Baptist church Sunday

Mrs. C.D. TRICE and children spent Saturday night visiting relatives near
Sipe Springs

Jno. DUGGER of Gap attended singing here Sunday

Emmett TRICE accompanied by his mother and sisters spent Sunday in our town

Jake FIELDER of Stag Creek was here Saturday night

M.H. NELSON and Jacox spent Saturday at Beattie

J. HATLEY and J.B. FIELDER were in the capital Saturday


Hasse News

June 22- Rev. G.S. WALKER and family went to Purves last week

We regret to hear that Mr. GAMBLIN is sick

Faytte and Troy ROGERS of Duncan visited their Uncle Mr. MORELAND Saturday
and Sunday

Dr. HAILEY and Missionary ARCHER of Comanche were here Saturday

Quinn SMITH left for Oklahoma Monday morning

Mrs. RILEY entertained the young people Monday night and all report a nice

We regret to learn that Dr. MARTIN and family will leave for Know County in
a few days where the doctor will begin work in a new field

Merton HARRIS of Mt. Pleasant who has been attending school at Baylor
University at Waco visited friends here Sunday

Mr. RAY made a business trip to Fort Worth Saturday night

Rev. STANDRIDGE preached at the First Baptist church Sunday night

Mr. And Mrs. W.B. BALDWIN went to Fort Worth Sunday Miss Bertha Lee GAINES
is at home from Baylor University at Waco


Miss Lizzie RODGERS is entertaining a house party composed of Misses Camile
THODBERG, Coralee GREEN, Clara MOORE, Emma HARRIS, Nellen WYATT, Minnie


Little Misses Ernestine and Alma ATWOOD entertained a number of their little
friends Wednesday evening with "London Bridge" and other school games after
which cake and cream were served by Misses Mamie KING, Gertrude JENKINS and
Esther BROWN

Transcribed by Tami Ramsey

2004 published for personal use only, they may NOT be reproduced in whole or part in any format for presentation, distribution or profit by anyone without the express written consent of the contributor.

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