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Coffer Family

By Jeff Clark

Coffer Family

The older man on the left is Lewis T. Coffer, the widower of Amanda Cofer (correct spelling), the woman murdered by Indians near a deep gully/embankment leading to the Leon River. Mr. Coffer returned to Alameda Cemetery near the end of his life (near the time of this photo?) to mark his beloved's grave, an iconic moment in Alameda history.

Oral tradition holds that Amanda's grave is the Alameda Cemetery's first. The woman on the back row, second from the left, is Sarah Gordia. Sarah is a full-blooded daughter of Lewis and Amanda. Given that her facial features are so different from her father's, we may surmise that her mother Amanda, also a young woman at the time of her death, may have looked similar to her daughter Sarah. The original of this photo has graciously (and miraculously) been donated to the Alameda - Cheaney Room at the Eastland County Museum by Bruce and Betty Coffer.

Submitted by Jeff Clark -

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