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Different Times &
Country Cures
Alameda, Texas
By Jeff Clark

      Billie Weekes Cunningham, daughter of Willis Harlin Weekes (1906 - 1972) of the Cheaney Community, wrote in response to the recent Cooksey articles:

     "I remember Luther Cooksey well. I was always a little afraid of him, but I'm sure I was no more likely to get into trouble than anyone else. Mrs. Cooksey was a lovely lady and I think everyone admired her. Once when I was in about third grade, I had a bad ear ache and the teacher, I think it was Mrs. Moreman, took me to Mrs. Cooksey's house and gave me another of those old time medical treatments (I think I told you about Mrs. Sullivan soaking my foot in kerosene when I stepped on a nail). Mrs. Cooksey made a paste of cold bacon grease and black pepper and put it into my ear, stuffed cotton in it and told me to put my head down on my arm on my desk. Before long the ear ache went away. I sometimes wonder how kids lived through those days.

      Doyle was a cute little boy who was always in trouble. I'm sure he was no worse than any of the other little boys, but because he was the superintendent's son everybody expected him to be perfect. Evelyn was younger than I and she was everyone's little doll. She was always around and I guess we just thought it wasn't unusual for a little girl to come visit school whenever she wanted.

      I remember having chapel at school - I think every Friday morning. We sang a lot of the old songs -- "Church in the Wildwood", "Onward Christian Soldiers" and other songs that are no longer sung in schools. I think that at that time schools tried to teach a lot of the values and morals that aren't taught now. As far as I know it certainly did us no harm."

Jeff Clark -

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