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Waxahachie, Texas

Ellis County


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Cotton Related Photographs

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CottonWagons1882.gif (111089 bytes)

Cotton harvest time, North Side Square, downtown Waxahachie, 1881. Fence & stile left mid-ground surrounded Ellis County's third courthouse. The Records Building was added to the grounds in 1887.

CottonYard1914.gif (84919 bytes)

15,000 Bale Cotton Yard, Waxahachie, TX,  1914. 8000 bales in the yard when the photo was taken. View is from the south of town looking north. The tower, center background, is the Ellis County Courthouse. This yard is in the vicinity of modern day Howard Road which leads to Waxahachie Lake.

CottonBuyersOffice.gif (112199 bytes)

Cotton buyer's office, Waxahachie, circa 1890.

CottonFirstbale.gif (114071 bytes)

B. Vinson with sample and first bale of cotton picked in Ellis County that year. Prizes were awarded for the first bale by the local Chamber of Commerce consisting of gifts of merchandise from local merchants. The sample from the bale is what cotton buyers examined to grade the quality and set the price per pound for the product.

CottonWagonsca1882.gif (319934 bytes)

Cotton harvest time in Waxahachie, on the courthouse square, circa 1882. Building center background is the Ellis Hotel, occupying site of the present day Ellis County Museum.

CottonYardca1910.gif (233353 bytes)

Cotton Yard, Waxahachie, looking north toward town. Courthouse in right background. Workers are weighing cotton bales with field scale. An average bale of cotton weighed around 500 lbs. Photo is circa 1900.

FarmersCottonGin.gif (140050 bytes)

Farmers Gin Company at harvest time, Waxahachie, Texas, circa 1905.

SouthlandCottonOilCo.gif (199448 bytes)

The Southland Cotton Oil Company, circa 1928. 

WaxaCoopGin.gif (61323 bytes)

Waxahachie Co-op Gin, circa 1930's.

WaxahachieCottonYardca1881.gif (190782 bytes)

Waxahachie Cotton Yard circa 1881 showing the Tap railroad being loaded.

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