Ray Cavender Remembers Bonnie Parker

Ray Cavender, now 80 years old , remembers the times when his path crossed that of the outlaws - Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow.  Perhaps the most  vivid  recollection was when he [as a teen-ager] was hunting swamp rabbits in Ellis County.  As he was walking down the road to his uncle's house, he saw a Ford parked  with a young girl standing by it holding a "Tommy" - a Thompson submachine gun.  "She sure was purty," Cavendar recalls. Clyde Barrow was asleep in the back seat. After Bonnie declined his offer of a rabbit, Ray went on his way. 

Another meeting was during a time he worked at his stepfather's gas station in Cedar Hill and once filled the gas tank for the two outlaws.  The driver  (Barrow) gave him a $20 bill and said "Enjoy yourself," as he drove away.

Cavender and his wife, Georgia, live out on Ovilla road in Ellis County with a black dachhound and two cats named - what else - Bonnie and Clyde!

[Information from a feature story in the The Fort Worth Star-Telegram  (May 22, 2009)and used here with permission]