Clay-Bell Cemetery

Contributed by Jean Caddel

Location:   In a grove of trees near  Bell Branch Creek near Italy.  Take I-35 south to the Italy exit; turn right on L. R. Campbell Road for 2.6 miles.  You will see a sign at 1408 Campbell - drive down the lane 1/4 mile.  Three large crosses may be seen part way down the hill, although not the cemetery itself.  It is fenced, restored and maintained,  and still in use. Many older stones have been replaced with new ones.  R. D. ApPrice deeded a three-acre tract of land to this cemetery.


Birth/Death  Dates

Add'l Information
David C. Maggart 1881 Grandpa [new stone]
Mary J. Maggart 1881 Grandma [new stone]
Baby Boy Maggart 11 mos. old   1881
T. R. Clay b. Dec. 3, 1880 [broken stone]
Mary D. Clay Nov. 17, 1848 - Feb.22, 1921
Sarah ApPrice 84 yrs old Apr 4 AD 1870
R. D. ApPrice Dec. 20, 1877-Feb. 21, 1882 [Mason-from Wales]
Mrs. M. B. ApPrice Nov. 16, 1823-Jun 16, 1890
L. M. Gilmore Sep 1 1882-Sep 15, 1892 [b/d Sept. 15]
Rock no names or dates
Bell, Cleat Clifford Nov. 3, 1891-Apr 4 1947 [Tex Pvt 3 Inf WWI]
Mug No other information
Rock "     "      "
George Magby Dec. 16, 1883-Sep 20 1926 [new stone]
Sarah Magby [mother Gen Magby]
Minnie B. Wood [d] June 15 1915 [new stone]
Robert T. Bell 1845-1909 [new double stone]
Mary E. Bell 1857-1929 [wife Robert]
Joe Dodson No Dates [bro John]
Rena Dodson No Dates [dau John]
James I. Bell 1872-1928 [new stone] [son Robert]
Delia C. Bell 1880-1958 [wife James]
Maggie P Bell Dec. 25 1896-Sep 27 1899 [dau James & Della]
Ida M. Bell Jul 10, 1904-Nov 28, 1904 [dau James & Della]
Howell, Jim P.                     Jan 15, 1945

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