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Abstracted from Will Book A by Barbara Knox. More information may be found in the original records in the Office of the Ellis County Clerk, Waxahachie, Texas.

Mary F. Aday

Children G. R., J. B. F. E., W. C. and S. J. Aday; . M. A. Mayfield; M. S. Bratcher Recorded 23 Jan. 1889

L. B. Allen

Wife, Margaret E.
recorded 30 Nov 1867

Henry Anderson

Wife, Ella.
Rec. 28 July 1882

Ephraim Andrews

wife, Margaret M.,, younger children, Margaret L., Rebecca P., Tabitha E.; other children: John M., Mary F., E. F. McKnight,  Jane A. Kooken. Rec 28 April 1862

Jane Andrews

Legatee Pricilla Smith, $20; remainder estate divided among Joseph E. Dement, Jane M. Andrews, Mary F. McKnight, Eleanor F. Crabtree, Jane A. Kooken, Sarah Clayton, dau. G. R. Clayton, R. P. Goble and   T. Emily Goble. Rec. 27 Dec 1869

Thomas Henry Andrews

Wife Arend Andrews; children of decd son John; son T. S. Andrews; daus Mary Ann Wilson, Martha Jane Orr, Elizabeth White.

Rec. 22 July 1869

Elizabeth Apperson

Gr-dau. Elizabeth Nowlin and Elizabeth Sarah Nowlin; dau Harriet J. Nowlin; son John Apperson; gr-daus Elizabeth Ward, N. J. Ward and  Alice Apperson.

Rec 4 March 1863

Peter Apperson

Wife Elizabeth, also as gdn minor son James R. Petty;  son John Thomas Apperson.

Susan Apperson

Daus. A. W. Stallcup, Molly Kelly, Fannie Farrar; gr-son Tapply  Richard Crawford,  "son of my son Thomas Crawford."

Rec. 5 Aug 1892

John E. Arthur

Wife Etta D. Arthur.

Rec. 12 May 1892

Josiah Baker

Dau Barsheba M. Porter, heir Charley F. Hayes; grch William M. Strong, Howard Strong and Lou A. Massey (children of James and Caroline Strong);  James and Caroline Strong; dau Elizabeth M. Pogue, Polly P. Payne; wife Nancy Baker.

Rec. 29 August 1871

Mollie Banks

Youngest dau. Lizzie Freeman and ch of daus Anna McIntyre and Emma Dibbleman.

Filed 19 July 1890

Mattie P. Bardwell.

Husband J. W. Bardwell

Rec. 18 March 1891

Grace L. Barkley

Son H. V. Barkley

Rec. 22 Jan. 1898

W. H. Barley

State of Va. County of Warren.  "My three children, Anna V., William H. and Louis C. Barley," Henry H. Downing  of Va. named gdn of children; legatee and partner,  Charles F. Beaty. Executor: Henry H. Downing

Date: 22 Feb 1881; Filed Ellis Co 10 Nov 1885; rec. 27 July 1886

Shrebiah Bass.

State of Maine. Co. of Franklin. [no details] Rec Aug 1874

George J. Beall

State of Texas. Co. of Dallas. Wife Maggie Y,. Beall; mother M. A. Beall; unborn child; claim George C. Woodleiff; Ex: Harrison P. Parks, Dallas, Tex. date 9 Jan. 1885; Rec 27 May 1886

Jemima E. Beard

Children Cora V. and Fannie A.; property in Ennis; husband G. W. Beard;  children & their heirs: Mary C. Rose, George M. Beard, Thomas N. Beard and Fannie A. Beard; ex: husband G. W. Beard Dated 6 Nov 1879; rec. 27 Aug 1883

Jane Bell

Husband John Bell. Rec 4 Sept 1860

James S. Berry

Dau. M. E. Leonard; son C. W. Berry; gr-son Charles M. Berry. Rec. 14 Feb 1866

R. N. Berry
Sister, Elizabeth, brother, William, father, James S. Berry. Rec. 24 April 1855

Mary Bishop

Niece Melissa J. Stokes; nephew Thomas C. Neel; negro woman Catharine. Rec. 78 Nov 1862

John Blanton

Oldest son, John H. Blanton; sons Edward and Bolen Blanton; daus. Harriett Thompson, Lucy Loyd and Martha Blanton; son John gdn. for Bolen. Rec. 2 Dec 1867

F. A. Boerner

Wife Sophia Boerner; ch: Fred C., William L., Eugene B., Charles G., Sallie A. and Willie E. Boerner. Dated 11 April 1882; Rec. 31 March 1884

Joseph Boren

Wife, Ann Boren; youngest children, Thadeua P. Boren. Ex: wife. Rec. 11 May 1881

Michael Boren

Wife Mary E. Boren: ch: William M., G. R.; heirs of dau. Rhoda Wheat, decd; Alvarina Handcock, Anna H. Boren; Joseph R., Pinckney S., Michael Jr. and Willie Boren; Nancy Cooke; Mary Harris; Rec. 11 April 1876

William Bradshaw

Sisters Kate Cheatham and S. A. Bradshaw. Rec. January 1878

Elizabeth Braley

Son Thomas J. Braley.  Rec. 18 Jan 1889

Louisa Brigdon

Grdau. Jeanne Rousselle. Rec. 2 Aug 1897

Isaac J. Brown

Wife Mary E., sons John R. and Joseph H.; daus Catherine J. Bunch, Lillie E. Phariss, Sophia R. Taylor  Rec. 27 July 1898

W. C. Burch

Wife, M. J. Burch and children [not named]

Emma Burk

Heir, Cyrus Aiken  Filed Feb 20, 1893 - no record of recording

S. M. Carlton

Children: Carrie Jane, Jessie Estelle and Ella Virginia Carleton.   Recorded 17 July 1895

Nancy Jane Carroll

Husband, John C., uncle Ellis Grigg.   Rec.7 March 1896

Sallie V. Chairs

J. D. Chairs and named Ex. 20 May 1891

John S. Chambers

Wife Mary Ann; daus Margaret and Benie; gr-day Thornuile Prewitt; sons Stuart and William.   Filed 10 Jan 1889

John Chapman

Dau Elizabeth J. McElroy; son William Veal Chapman; gr-son William Veal Chapman; son-in-law George C. McElroy, also gdn for W. V. Chapman.   Rec 11 April 1873

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