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Ellis County Will Book 3

[From abstracts made in 1961 by Mrs. G. W. Pierce for  Mrs. A. L. Feltenberger's History of Ellis County]

Contributed by Jean Caddel

Page 1

T. E. Moore

Legatees: Mother, N. R. Moore; Sister, Nannie D. Moore; sister-in-law, Alice Moore; Brother, J. N. Moore & wife; Brother Sam Moore & wife J. E. Moore; Children of A. D. Moore. Adm: J. N. Moore (brother)

Wit: P. E. Woods  and O. W. Watson (friends)

Codicil names Miss Olivia Woods  witnesses: J. d. Stlvall

Date: Jan. 10, 1905

Wit. to codicil: J. D. Stovall Signed: T. E. Moore & Will Jennings

Filed Feb. 2, 1918 ; Recorded Mar. 18, 1918

Page 7

May Perkins   (wife of Henry Perkins; daughter of Riley Boren)

Legatees: Husband, Henry Perkins; Juanita Ray, Joaquin Ray, Riley B. Ray, Dora May Harding (Nee Parchman)

Adm: Husband, Henry L. Perkins

Wit: J. M. Carroll

Filed Feb. 15, 1918;  Recorded March 18, 1918

Page 8

M. D. Roberts

Legatees: Wife: Genoah Roberts; she named Executrix

Wit: A. L. Connally

Date: Jan. 3, 1918

Filed : Jan. 28, 1918; Recorded Mar. 30, 1918

Page 9

C. E. Douglas

Legatees: Wife: Mrs. L. L. Douglas; she also named Executrix

Date: Feb. 5, 1908 wit: W. N. Brown, C. N. Eubanks

Filed Jan. 14, 1918; Recorded Mar. 30, 1918

Page 10

J. Martin Scott

Legatee: Wife Mittie Scott Date: Aug. 23, 1909; she named Executrix

Filed : Feb. 16, 1918 Recorded Mar. 30, 1918

Page 11

Ida Alderdice

Legatee: Husband, J. M. Alderdice; he named Administrator

Wit: Mrs. H. P. Mizell;   John L. Mizell

Filed Feb. 15, 1918 Recorded April 3, 1918

Page 12

B. F. Hawkins

Legatee: Wife, Ruth A. Hawkins; she named Executrix

Date: Aug. 3, 1896

Wit: W. L. Hawkins  and W. W. Major

Filed Feb. 19, 1918 Recorded May 6, 1918

Page 13

Frances Turner

Legatees: Son, James Thomas Turner; Wife, Mary A. Turner: children of granddaughter, Gertrude Dawson, decd; granddaughter, Sallie Bethell; grandsons, Jimmie McEroy and Walter Odom; Glera Kate Tenpenny, child of Caldonia Tenpenny (dec'd).  Son, J. T. Turner named Administrator

Date: Jan. 14, 1908

Wit: Gardner Batte, R. W. Poplin, R. C. White

Filed April 20, 1917 Recorded May 6, 1918

Page 15

J. E. Williams

Legatees: Children of  John Williams, deceased, Edna & Jewell; Children of Mollie   Asberry, deceased, Roxey & Kimmie; Children of Mattie Donahew, deceased, Foster, Patrick, & Dovie. J. F. Whatt Administrator.

Date: June 1, 1918;   Wit: T. J. Powel

Filed June 3, 1918 Recorded June 7, 1918

Page 16

Ellen Bruce

Legatees: Will Bruce & Hallie May Bruce, Children of myself & Henry Bruce; Briggs Bennett & Maud Davis, Children of myself & Tobe Bennett. Jess Lowe named Administrator.

Date: July 2, 1917;   Wit: J. B. Brewer, H. L. Bunkley,   J. C. Lumpkins

Filed March 8, 1918 Recorded June 7, 1918

Page 17

R. N. Couch

Legatees: 1st wife Ellen I. Couch  and her children Orion Couch, R. E. Couch,. E. Olive West;   2nd wife Leora Couth and her children, Ina Couch, Everett Couch, victor Couch, Verna Couch, Hazel Couch, Katy  Ruth Couch, Elsie May Couch

Named Executrix Leora Couch.

Dated: Jan. 30, 1917  Wit. J. T. Spencer,. G. Proctor Hines

Filed May 10, 1918 Recorded June 8, 1918

Page 19

A. C. Prude

Legatee: Wife: Mollie H. Prude also named Executrix

Date: Sept. 10, 1917; Wit. Bowd Farrar and Sid Farrar

Filed Mar. 4, 1918 ; Recording date not given

Page 20

Lizzie Cecil

Legatees: Masonic Grand Chapter of Eastern Star;   Jurisdiction of Mr. W. M. H. Cecil & Dr. W. L. Haywood; Bill Fears named Executor

Date: Oct. 12, 1917 Wit: Georgia L. Borders, W. M. S. Borders

Filed May 10, 1918 Recorded: June 17, 1918

Page 21

R. N. Champion

Legatee: Wife: Mattie Champion also named Executrix

Date May 19, 1913; Wit. P. Freeman, W. N. Brown

Filed April 30, 1918 Recorded June 20, 1918

Page 22

J. S. S. Odom

Legatee: Wife Mollie Odom, also named Executrix

Dated Nov. 16, 1917; Wit: J. T. Forbes and H. B. Smith

Filed April 29, 1918 Recorded June 20, 1918

Page 23

Mary Gill Barnes

Legatee: Daughter: Lizzie Turner also named Executrix

Date April 15, 1918; Wit: John H. Sharp, Gill Barnes, Joe P. Boren

Filed May 14, 1918 Recorded July 17, 1918

Page 24

Emily A. Stone

Legatees: Daughter: Margaret Jane Stone; children of J. C. Stone, L. P. Stone, A. J. Stone; sons Franklin Adolphus Stone, Lee Stone

Other Legatees: Clay, Albert, Bessie, Emily Stone, Ellen, Rose Mary, Homer, George, Joe, Luther, Nora.; J. C. Stone named Admistrator

[no dates filing or recording given]

Page 27

T. J. Quinn

Legatees: Wife: A. Mariah Quinn; daughter India C. Mabry, Grandson Tommie Mabry Jr.; granddaugters Jeffie Quinn Odom, India Mae Mabry

Executris: wife A. Mariah Quinn;  To assist wife: Friend, J. B. Harrell, Mark Kennard

Commissioners: G. A. Harrell, J. A. Harrell, W. G. Curby

Date: Mar. 3, 1909; Wit: W. D. Cornett, C. E. Inge

Codicil: July 17, 1914 Wit: G. C. Gross, A. L. Smith

Filed May 2, 1918 Recorded Aug. 12, 1918

Page 34

J. H. Wakeland &  Wife Ann T. Wakeland

Legatees:  Wife, Ann, husband, J. H. Wakeland, daughter, Mary C. Elliott, children of son B. T. Wakeland, decd; Minnie Wakeland, Lena Estelle.Wakeland, Alice May Wakeland, Benjamin Tolbert Wakeland.

Children: Mary C. Elliott, R. E. Wakeland, J. P. Wakeland, Will Wakeland, C. L. Wakeland. Administrators: : Four sons named above.

Date: Jan. 8, 1916  

Wit: R. J. Coleman,   J. T. Spencer,  Ann T. Wakeland

Filed July 13, 1918 Recorded Sept. 20, 1918

Page 36

James M. Richards

Legatees: Minor Child: James M. Richards, Jr., Wife: Bay Richards, Children: Lucile Cole, Gladys Richards. Executrix:: Wife, Bay Richards

Date: Mar. 16, 1918: Wit: K. G. Stroud  and J. E. Cauthen

Filed Aug. 13, 1918 Recorded Sept. 20, 1918

Page 37

J.. E. Williams

Legatees: Children of John Williams, dec'd. Edna & Jewell. Children of Mollie Asberry, dec'd, Roxey & Jimmie. Children of Mattie Donahew, D: Foster, Patrick, Dovie.    Adm. J. F. Wyatt

Date : June 1, 1918 Wit: T. J. Powell ; J. E. Cauthen

Filed Aug. 13, 1918 Recorded Sept. 20, 1918

Page 40

Sarah Anne Bell Ray

Legatees: Mary Elizabeth Vickery, Children of Cynthia Jane Simpkins, dec'd: Nova, Arthur, Lane, Inez, John, John Kendricks
Adm: James N. Patterson

Wit: R. J. Patterson  and Ray Otto Briggs

Filed Aug. 23, 1918 Recorded Feb. 26, 1919

Page 41

J. D. Sims & wife Elnora Sims

Legatees: Son: R. D. Sims, Daughters: Annie Sims, Lillie Estee Jewell Sims, Allie H. Horn Adm: Son, R. D. Sims

Date: Nov. 26, 1913    Wit: James Bracken. P. S. Park, Jr.

Filed  Nov. 5, 1918;  Recorded Feb. 26, 1919

Page 44

Charles Dietrich

Legatees: May Dietrich, Claud Dietrich, Mrs. Pauline Perry, Wife: Lou Dietrich. Executrix: Lou Dietrich

Date: Feb. 14, 1917   Wit: J. P. Clark W. H. Brown

Filed Nov. 18, 1918; Recorded Feb. 26, 1919

Page 44

Sarah E. Robertson

Legatee: Husband, J. A. Robertson. he also named Administrator

Wit: W. G. James Robertson  and  H. W. Winford

Filed Oct. 31, 1918;  Recorded Feb. 26, 1919

Page 45

Josiah Colt

Legatees:  Nettie Dancy Furman; nephew, M. P. Colt, Jr., four children of decd brother B. H. Colt; sisters Mary E. and Anna Colt

adm: Robert J. Caldwell

Date: Aug. 30, 1918 Wit: Andrew L Hainline

Filed Oct. 24, 1918; recorded Apr. 28, 1918

Page 46

John Wynn

wife Mrs. Mary Wynn

Died May 22 1882

Legatees Children: Mrs. Carrie whitten, Mrs. Alice Kirkpatrick; children decd dau Mrs. Bettie BearsL Mattie Beard, Juanita Beard, Gaither Beard; son John Lee Wynn

Adm: John Lee Wynn, Roman Ada

Date: Sept 5, 1916 wit: W. A. Claunch and E. A. Brigman

Filed Nov. 29, 1918; Rec April 28, 1919

Page 47

Mary Elmira Boren

Legatee: Husband Pierce Stokes Boren - also named administrator.

Date Dec. 3, 1916? wit: J. T. clark and O. D. Phillips

Filed Feb. 11, 1919; rec April 28, 1919

Page 48

John D. Collins

Legatees: wife; Margaret Collins, Susan McCormick, Isam Ledbetter, Thatcher Borden.

Admn: Dr.H. D. Nifong

Date Oct. 3, 1912; wit J. T. Clark and O. D. Phillips

Filed feb. 11, 1919; recorded April 29, 1919

Page 49

A. J. Fort

Legatees: Neice Annie Thomson, Masonic Home, Arlington, Tex; Children of John T Harris (brother of deceased wife Jennie Fort)

Adm John M. Weekley

Date March 10, 1917; wit: Owen Marchbanks  John H. Sharp

Filed Jan 8, 1919;  recorded Apr. 29, 1919

Page 50

A. L.Edwards

Legatees: Neices and Nepher Vida Bevil, Berta Mifflin, Floyd E. singleton.'

Ex:  D. F. . Singleton and A. L. Bevil

Date aug. 18, 1916; Wit. J. A. McKim ad thos. B. Coe

Filed Jan. 9, 1919; Recorded apr. 28, 1919

Page 51

S. Eddlemon

Legatees: Dau Miss Ola Eddlemon; heirs of m son

W. T. Eddlemon (deceased); Children: E. S. Eddlemon, J. T. Eddlemon, Mrs. Cora Kennen (widow); Mrs. Julia Norman, wife of T. W. Norman; a. L. Eddlemon, Miss Ola Eddleman, a feme sole; Mrs. Annie Simons, wife of Morton Simmons; Jake Eddlemon.

adm: Lynn D. Laswell

Date: Jan. 11, 1919; wit: J. Will Embrh and J. W. Custer

Filed Jan. 279, 1919; Rec April 28, 1919

Page 52

R. D. Rice & wife E. M Rice

Legatees: husband to wife; wife to husband

Page 53

J. C. Cutis

Legatees: wife J. L. Curtis, Jennie Hamblen, wife George amblen; children: Maud Bell, wife Joe Bell, Jimmie Norman, wife Dell Norman, Bessie Hawkins, wife Henry Hawkins, son John Curtis

Exec: wife J. L. Curtis

date Aug. 25, 1916 wit: S. A. . Wkilkinson

Filed Feb. 15, 1919; rec July 28, 1919

Page 54

J. W. & Mary C. Roberts husband & wife

Legatees: son H E. Roberts: gr-son R. E. Simmons; gr-ch: Riley Gale, Mamie Gale, Samuel  Gale dau Lottie Aldredge, Mary Elizabeth Hartly, Amanda Marshall, Adrien Harrison

Adm: H. E. Roberts

[no date] Wit C. C. Cooke and S. P. Skinner

filed Feb. 26, 1919; rec July 26, 1919

Page 56

Mrs. Rachel W. Hancock

Legatees: son Thomas W. Ridgway;  sister Mary S. Whitfield

Adm: Thomas W. Ridgway, Mary S. Whitfield

date Oct 12, 1910; Wit R. S. Middleson and J. E.lHammer

Filed Feb 17, 1919; Rec July 29, 1919

Page 57

Euclid E. Nelson

Page 58

Miss Ann Davis

Legatees: Lizzie Lockaby, P. W. Davis (Adminisrator) Miss Minnie Gober, Sallie Curtis

Date: March 21 1919; wit: W. H. Bentley & T. J. Davis

filed Apr. 23, 1919; Recorded July 29, 1919

Page 59

J. C. & Emma Malloy

Legatee: Survivor

Adm: survivor

Date May 23, 1919; wit: C A. Weatherford and A. Y. Wilcher

Filed for record [no dates]

Page 60

G. M. and Isabella Ward, husband and wife

Legatee son Lm M. Ward

Children: W. T. Ward, Susan Elizabeth Rogers, ne Ward, G. W. Ward, Alice Morrison ne Ward

Adm: Survivor

Witness: J. O> Hinton, L. C. Rhodes

Date: Feb. 23, 1927

Signed G. M. Ward  X -his mark

Page 62

William White

Legatee: Wife Ida White also named Executrix

Wit: J. Baldriodge, Fred A. Newton

date Oct. 31, 1918

signed William White

Filed Aug. 9, 1919; rec Sept 24, 1919

Page 62

J. A Marshall

Legatees: wife Jennie Marshall - also named Executrix

Children: annie "Farrar, wife of J. H. Farrarl Ed Marshall; Mar Strooud, wife of Tom Stroud; Marvin Marshall; Fannie chapmanm, wife of Alfred chapan; bob Marshall, Pearl Douglas, wife of Larkin Douglas, Joe Marshall

Wit: M. D. Rutherford, Miss Teresa Pearce

date Nov. 19k 1913 - Signed J. A Marshall

Filed Mar. 4, 1914; Rec Sept. 25, 1919

Page 63

Anna H. Bunkley

Legatees: children, William W. Bunkley,Edward A. Bunkley, Camilla B. Bunkley, Jesse O. Bunkley, charlee L. Bunkley, Horatio L. Bunkley, Emmie C. Carter, wife of Jesse M. Carter; Beatrice M. Lee, wife of J. M. Lee, Anna Gertrude Huckabee, widow

Adm: William W. Bunkley, Horatio L. Bunkley, J. M. Lee

Wit: R. C. :Phillips

Date Oct. 9, 1909

Signed  Anna B. Bunkley

Page 65

Thomas Lincoln Lohr

Legatees: wife Laura Jane Lohr, also named Executrix]

Children: Claud Thomas Lohr;  Leona Lohr

Wit: J. H. Lohr J. C. Hinton'

Date Nov. 17, 1915 Signed Thomas Lincon Lohr

Filed Mar. 7, 1917; rec. Sept. 25, 1919

Page 66

S. H. Brown

Legatee wife Margaret A. Brown also named executrix

wit: K. Baldridge, P. Freeman

Date Jan. 12, 1905

Signed S. H. Brown

Filed Mar. 7, 1917; Rec Sept.25, 1919

Page 67

E. P. Shands

Legatees Dau. Edna May Shands

Adm: Son Bert Shands

Wiot: Tom Whipple, L. L. Lohr

Date April 2, 1919 sogned E. P; Shands

Filed July 2, 1919; Rec Sept. 25, 1919

Page 67

Smith Pratt

Legatees: wife  Florence Blount, Mrs. Nellie Arnold - also named Executrix

Wit:Wm Blount, Wm Massey

Date Jjne 13, 1919; Signed SSith Pratt

filed July 15, 1919; Rec Sept. 29, 1919

Page 68

W. H. & M. E. Johnson (husband and wife)

Legatee - survivor

Wit: C . A. Weatherford, W. A. Cox

Date. April 5, 1912 ;

Signed  W.H. Johnson N, E. Johnson

Filed for record May 14, 1919; recorded Nov. 26, 1919

Page 69

Mattie C. Lancaster

Legatee husband J. M. Lacastrer (also named administrator)

Wit: O. H. Chapman and E. C. McCartney

Date March 5, 1907

Signed Mattie Lancaster

Filed for record May14, 1919; recorded Nov. 26, 1919

Page 69

T.F. Thompson

Legatees: wife: Minnie Lee Thompson; Dauighter Dollie Mae Thompson, mother Mrs. N. A. Tompson, brother R. A. Thompson'

adm: A. J. Thompson, D. H. Thompson Joe C. Thompson

wit: John and a. B.. Dunaway

date Oct. 15, 1914;

siged T. F. Thompson

Filed for record Sept /4,. 1914; rec. Feb. 16, 1920

Page 70

D. L. Hinkle and wife Elizabeth Hinkle

Legatee  survivor

Administrator Survivor

wit: R. D. Burleson, A. C. Hinkle

Date Sept. 14, 1915

Signed D. L. Hinkle;  Elizabeth Hinkle

Filed  Nov. 6, 1916; Rec. Feb. 16, 1920

Page 71

Will of Maggie E. White

Legatees: Children: Robert M. White, W. A. White, W. Gregg White, Des. V. White, Mary L. Quaite, Houston M. White, Linnie L. White, A. Jewell White.

Wit: J. R. Spence, A. Tinsley

Adm. W. A. White

Date: Oct. 14, 1919

Signed: Maggie E. White

Filed for record Nov. 17, 1919; Recorded Feb. 16, 1920

Page 72

R. R. Hendricks

Legatees: Wife: Mrs. Daisey

Son: Homer Hendricks

Exec: Wife

Wit: R. G. Phillips, G. C. Groce

Filed Nov. 6, 1919; Recorded Feb. 16, 1920

Page 73

Wilburn Edgar Hampton

Legatee: Wife: Mrs. Wilburn E. Hampton

Exec: Mrs. Wilburn E. Hampton

Wit: Roy Allen Brown, Boyd Brown

Date: Mar. 15, 1915

Signed: Wilburn Edgar Hampton

Filed for record Sept. 11, 1919; Recorded Feb. 15, 1920

Page 73

T. E. Slay

Legatees: Children: W. H. Slay, Burnett Slay, Lilia Burnett (ne Slay), Clyde & Theodore, sons of Fred Slay.

Adm: W. H. Slay

Wit: Whit George, P. S. Parks, Jr.

Date: Mar. 19, 1913

Signed: T. E. Slay

Filed for record Nov. 3, 1919

Page 75

Will of Anna Epps

Legatees: Sarah E. Loflin, Elizabeth Ellen Bowd, Minnie Lee Rambo, Maggie J. Davis, D. T. Epps, Mary J. Harkey, Eugenger A. Edwards;

Children of deceased son, Matt P. Epps;

Children of deceased Son, John Calvin Epps

Children of deceased daughter, Emily Ellen Bowd,

Gr'children: Andrew Epps, Louisa Epps, Lille Lee Epps; James Luther Epps.

Exe: W. A. Johnson

Wit: F. W. Ward, L. L. Grantham

Date: May 31, 1916

her   X    Mark

Signed: Anna Epps

Filed for record Sept. 27, 1916; Recorded Feb. 19, 1920

Page 76

Charles A. Gagliano

Legatee: Wife: Rosazella R. Gagliano

Adm: Wife

Wit: J. Baldridge, H. R. Davis

Date: May 12, 1919

Signed: Chas. A. Gagliano

Filed for record Sept. 11, 1919; Recorded Feb. 19, 1920

Page 76

State of Okla. County of Bryan

Will of A. L. C. Counter

Legatees: Bro., Dr. A. L. Taylor & wife, Dr. L. M. Taylor, C. M. Taylor, Maggie Taylor, Miss C. E. Taylor.

Husband: J. L. Counter

Father: Wyley J. Taylor

Sister C. N. Norman

Aunt: Mrs. Aby Smith

Adm: Wyley J. Taylor

Wit: Cornelia Jones, Porter Newman

Date: Sept. 7, 1914

Signed: Mrs. A. L. C. Counter

Filed for record May 29, 1918; Recorded May 20, 1920

Page 78

Will of Elizabeth Jordon

Legatee: Gr'son: Hulice Wilson Jordon

Adm: Robert Jordon

Wit: Wm Tidwell, P. J. Hurst

Date: Dec. 21, 1917

  Signed: Elizabeth x Jordon her mark

Filed Mar. 22, 1920; Recorded May 20, 1920

Page 80

Will of P. J. Harman

Legatee: Wife: Eva Harman

Exec: Wife

Wit: A. W. Wilson, T. H. Collier

Date: Feb. 3, 1909

Signed: P. J. Harman

Filed for record Dec. 18, 1919; Recorded May 21, 1920

Page 79

Will of J. A. Orr

Legatee: Daughter: Mrs. S. J. Eskridge, Mrs. Zauline Moore.

Adm: G. T. Eskridge, L. C. Moore

Wit: C. E. Burke, R. D. Burleson

Date: July 21, 1919

Signed: J. A. Orr

Filed for record Nov. 24, 1919; Recorded May 20, 1920

Page 81

Will of R. D. Harris & wife Ann Elizabeth Harris

Legatees: Daughters: Mrs. Anna B. Taylor, Mrs. Addie F. Robinson

Adm: Survivor

Wit: C. M. Supple, S. P. Skinner

Date: Feb. 26, 1906

Signed: R. D. Harris

Ann Elizabeth Harris

Filed for record Feb. 12, 1920; Recorded May 21, 1920

Page 82

Will of C. W. Gibson

Legatee: Wife: Ella H. Gibson

Exec: Ella H. Gibson

Wit: G. C. Groce, R. D. McCombe

Date: Aug. 12, 1916

Signed: G. W. Gibaon

Filed for record Mar. 13, 1920; Recorded July 22, 1920

Page 83

Will of Alice Hodge

Legatees: Sister: Mrs. Octavia Saddlers

Exec: Mrs. Octavia Saddlers

Wit: John H. Sharp, Owen Marchbanks

Date: Dec. 30, 1915

Signed: Alice Hodge

Filed Jan. 16, 1920; Recorded July 22, 1920

Page 84

Will of P. M. Wise

Legatee: Wife: Mary J. Wise

Exec: Mary J. Wise

Wit: J. P. Wyatt, L. C. Todd

Date: June 7, 1911

Signed: E. M. Wise

Filed for record Feb. 25, 1920; Recorded July 22, 1920

Page 85

Will of J. M. Camper

Legatee: Wife: Sarah Elizabeth Camper

Exec: Sarah Elizabeth Camper

Children & gr'children: Lawreence Camper, James & Winston Fellers, Herbert Floyd, .

E. J. Camper

Wit: J. S. Boren, M. L. McCall

Date: Feb. 12, 1920

Signed: J. M. Camper

Filed for record Mar. 15, 1920; Recorded July 22, 1920

Page 86

Will of J. D. Carson

Legatee: Wife: Cora Carson

Exec: Cora Carson

Wit: A. O. Moore, W. H. Brown

Date: Jan. 20, 1920

Signed: J. D. Carson

Filed for record Mar. 25, 1920; Recorded July 22, 1920

Page 86

Will of Augustus Martin

Legatees: Wife: Isabell Martin

Daughter: Myrtle F.(?), wife of O. O. Blakeley

Son: Felix G. Martin

Son: Willie P. Martin

Exec: Wife

Wit: Y. D. Kemble, C. A. Arnold

Date: Jan. 24, 1907

Signed: Augustus Martin

Filed for record Mar. 26, 1920; Recorded July 22, 1920

Page 87

Will of Mrs. M. A. Ramby, widow of T. S. Ramby

Legatees: Son: John F. Smith

Daugheter: Mrs. M. L. Batchelor

Gr'child: W. L. Smith

Adm: A. W. Greene, H. E. White

Wit: B. E. White, W. Y. Perry

Date: Mar. 31, 1919

Signed: Mrs. M. A. Ramby her X mark

Filed for record Mar. 29, 1920; Recorded July 22, 1920

Page 88

Will of M. A. Garvin

Legatee: Husband: T. F. Garvin

Exec: T. F. Garvin

Wit: R. T. Rea, J. C. Oliver

Date: Nov. 22, 1910

Signed: M. A. Garvin

Filed for record Mar. 29, 1920; Recorded July 22, 1920

Page 89

Will of Maggie A. Chambers

Legatees: Sister: Mrs. Bennie Mizell

Niece: Mrs. Thornwell Creighton, Mrs. Susie Morgan

Gr'nephew: James Creighton, Margaret Mizell, Willie Price Miaell

Exec: Mrs. Susie Morgan; John H. Sharp.

Wit: A. J. Hooper, P. B. Curd

Date: Aug. 17, 1918

Signed: Miss Maggie A. Chambers

Filed for record Apr. 1, 1920; Recorded July 22, 1920

Page 92

Will of E. M. Hickman

Legatee: Husband: J. H. Hickman

Adm: J. M. Hickman

Wit: O. E. Dunlap, T. A. Ferris

Date: Apr. 11, 1911

Signed: E. N. Hickman

Filed Apr. 10, 1920; Recorded July 22, 1920

Page 92

Will of R. A. Keenan

Legatee: Wife: Lillian A. Keenan

Exec: Lillian A. Keenan

Wit: G. C. Groce, S. P. Skinner

Date: Nov. 7, 1899

Signed: R. A. Keenan

Filed for record Apr. 16, 1920; Recorded July 22, 1920

Page 93

Will of Mary C. Humble

Legatee: Niece: Mrs. Addie Smith

Exec: Nephew, W. E. Smith

Wit: W. E. Fitzgerald, Walter R. Smith, German Walker

Date: Mar. 26, 1912

Signed: Mary C. Humble

Filed for record Apr. 9, 1920; Recorded July 22, 1920 Page 94

Page 94

Will of J. C. Maloney & wife Mary Maloney

Legatees: Daughter: Mrs. Lula F. Wakeland, wife of C. L. Wakeland

Gr'children: J. C. Wakeland, Jr., Beatrice Wakeland, Mary Estelle Wakeland, J.

C. Maloney, Harvey Maloney

Adm: C. L. Wakeland

Wit: Bert E. Kinder, R. B. Hamilton

Date: Mar. 15, 1915

Signed: J. C. Maloney; Mary M. Maloney

Filed for record May 12, 1920; Recorded July 23, 1920

Page 96 ?

Will of Luke Harrison

Legatee: Wife: Abbie Payne Harrison

Daughter: Dorothy Harrison

Son: Bryan Payne Harrison

Exec: Wife

Wit: J. F. Cobb, W. W. Hilbrant

Date: Sept. 17, 1915

Signed: Luke Harrison

Filed for record May 21, 1920; Recorded July 24, 1920

Page 97

Will of Jackson Lee Penn

Legatee: Wife: Gertrude Penn

Exec: Wife

Wit: Y. D. Kemble, G. W. Coleman

Date: June 15, 1903

Signed: J. Lee Penn

Filed for record July 7, 1920; Recorded Sept. 29, 1920

Page 98

Will of J. D. Duke

Legatees: Children: W. H. Duke, S. L. Duke, Etta Dillard, B. D. Duke, Maude M. Dillard, V. S. Duke, Phama Duke

Adm: J. C. Oliver

Wit: J. T. Spencer, Wm McManus

Date: Oct. 4, 1919

Signed: J. D. Duke

Filed for record Feb. 26, 1920; Recorded Sept. 29, 1920

Page 99

Will of Elizabeth Rogers

Legatee: Children (not named)

Adm: John J. Rogers

Wit: C. P. Dabbs, W. A. Hammond

Date: Mar. 25, 1916

Signed: Elizabeth Rogers

Filed for record May 29, 1920; Recorded Sept. 29, 1920

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