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Ellis County Wills - Book A

Abstracted by Barbara Knox

If possible, it is always wise to refer to the  original documents to ascertain exact names, dates and other pertinent information not shown here.  Probate packets  will often contain more information.

Anne Sullivan

Sons Herbert H. and Lucian B Sullivan

Daus Mary A. D. Thomason and Josephine P. Marchbanks;

Other Heirs William Duane Sullivan, H H. Sullivan, J. P. Marchbanks, C. E. A. Lamberson

Rec 29 Dec 1852

Peter Apperson

Wife Elizabeth, mother and gdn of minor son James R. Petty; son John Thomas.  Wife named Executrix.

Rec. 11 May 1853

Jane Andrews - page 29

Legatee - Prissilla Smith "$20 for kind attention"

Remainder of estate divided between Joseph A. Dement, J. M. Andrews, Mary F. McKnight, Eleanor F. Crabtree, Jane A. Kooken, Sarah Clayton, dau G. R. Clayton, R. Poemna Goble and T. Emily Goble

Date July 8 1869

Attest A. A. Young and James Gibson

Sworn to before County Judge A. Wright Dec. 27, 1869

Edward Sweatt - page 35

Wife Nancy

Sons Quincy A.,  A. C., Richard V. B., Geo. B. and W. C  Sweatt;

Daus Cynisca, Elizabeth Ligon, Mary P. Davis and Sarah A. Sweatt;

Gr-son James E. Scoly

Heirs: E. C. Sweatt, decd.

Executors: W. C., Q. A. and A. C. Sweatt

Rec. 31 Jan. 1854

David Smith  - page 39

Wife Elizabeth Smith; daus: Nancy Cornett (wife William Connett);  Sarah Kennard (wife Anthony Kennard) and Alsey Maria Smith; Sons: George W. Smith, Elijah P. Smith, James K. Smith, David M. Smith   Grandchildren: Children of [son] Jno. R. Smith; Frances, Elizabeth, Virginia Ann and Jno. R. Jr.; Grandchildren: Wayman H. and Elizabeth Wooley (children of dau Mary Jane Wooley (wife of Resin Wooley).

Executors: sons Elijah P. and James R. Smith

Date 15 July 1843; wit: John R. Kennard and W. E. Kennard

Recorded March, 24, 1854

R. M. Berry

Sister Elizabeth; brother William and father James S. Berry,

Rec. 24 April 1855

James Collier  (nuncupative) - page 47

"at time of last sickness 9 Feb 1855"

Mother   (property in State of Georgia), at her death to nephew James W. Collier

Wit: Samuel J. Goodloe, Richard P. Watson, B. W.Watson

Dated Feb. 14, 1855 [not signed]
Recorded: June 3, 1855

James W. Sneed   - page 48

Mother: Mary D. Patton named Executrix without bond
Nieces: Leona M. Hill, Anna C. Sneed, Sarah A. Woodard, Alice Woodward Shelinski;  Brother: Nicholas F. Sneed
Legatee: George Ogilivie

Wit: J. W. Ferris and James H. Ellis
Recorded Nov. 4, 1857

Hiram Sharp   - page 50

Beloved Wife: Julia
Sons: Jesse, John, George, Hiram, William,  I. Sharp
Daus: Martha Jane, Henrietta F., Susan Isabellea, Narcissa R., Matilda T. and Mary C. Sharp
George W. Williams (to be educated and supported from estate funds)
Executrix: wife, Julia
Dated June 30, 1857; Wit: W. Weir, G. W. Sharp, Jesse E. Sharp
Recorded: Nov. 3, 1857

Jacob Groves  - page 53

Beloved Wife Phebe
Granddaughter - Martha (dau Luther Groves decd) to be equal heir with my own children;
Sons: William Finley Groves and James Nelson Groves

Executrix and Executor: wife Phebe Groves and brother Henry Groves
Dated June 12, 1857; Wit: E[li] McJilton and John T. Sevier
Recorded  4 May 1858

Alexander  C. Sweatt    - page 54

Wife  Nancy H. Sweatt;

Executor: Dr. R. P. Sweatt

Dated: March 24, 1858; Wit: John S. Siddons and F. S. Harris
Recorded June 29, 1858

George D. A. McKnight   page 56

Beloved Wife, Elenor Francine McKnight; sons John T. and William E. M. McKnight.  Executor: Brother, S. H. A. McKnight

Dated Jan. 6, 1858. Wit: Ephraim Andrews and S. D. Orr
Recorded Oct. 6, 1858

Edward H. Tarrant

Wife Mary - "all property"

Wade H. Cobb "if living" to ch decd $2000;

Executor Jesse Tarrant Gilliam

Rec. 7 Oct. 1858

John Barnett Groves  - page 61

 Beloved Wife Malinda Groves.  She to serve as Executrix with Executor Alexander Groves.
Recorded Feb. 18, 1859

William Strong   - page 63

Beloved Wife Barsheba Matilda
Executor - friend, Z. K. W. Hoge
Dated July 12, 1859; wit: E. C. Newton and John H. Moffett
Recorded Sept. 30, 1859

William B. Laughlin  - page 64

Beloved Wife Rebecca; children [not by name]
Executor: James P. Lauglin
Dated Aug. 2, 1859; Wit: E. C. Newton and B. P. McFarlin
Recorded Oct. 1, 1859

Mary M. Sweatt  - page 66

Sons: Jno . J. Gilmore, Edward L. Sweatt

Daughters: Hixey T. and Josephine P. Sweatt
Husband: William C. Sweatt;  Executor: William C. Sweatt

Dated Jan. 11, 1857; Wit: R. A. Davis and A. C. Sweatt
Probated May 28, 1860;  recorded Sept. 3, 1860

R. P. Watson - page 67

State of Texas - County of Harrison

Daughters - Emiline C. Woods (wife M. L. Woods); Susan S. Knott; son Benjamin Watson.

Executor: Benjamin Watson without bond

Dated April 17, 1851; wit: R. A. Grier and Thomas H. Cowan
Recorded Sept. 4, 1860

Jane Bell   - page 71

Husband   John Bell

Dated Feb. 6, 1860; Wit: J. D. Orr and Joseph Bell

Signed "Jane Bell her mark"
Recorded Sept. 4, 1860

Minerva Chapman   -page 72

Husband John Chapman, also named Executor

Children: Robert and Elizabeth J. Chapman

Dated April 13, 1857; wit: E. C. Newton and B. P. McFarlin
Recorded Oct. 9, 1860

S. W. Short  page 73

Children by 1st wife: James Perry Short, Rebecca Ann Short, Abigail Jane Short and Mary Elizabeth Short

Children by present wife: Levicy Short, Manda Frances Short, Julius Eli Short and Delia Thankful Short

Dated March 9, 1860;

Wit: N. F. New, M. M. Knight, Wm. C. Atchison, W. J. New
Recorded: July 30, 1860

Coleman Jenkins  - page 74

Beloved Wife Elizabeth
Children - Mary E., Rachael A., America, Benjamin and Coleman; unborn child "to share equally"
Brother William Jenkins, manager of estate
Executors: Brother, William Jankins and friend, Benjam
in F. Hawkins
Dated June 30, 1861; Wit: William A. Witherspoon and J. C. Witherspoon
Recorded Jan. 7, 1862

Jesse E. Sharp   - page 77

Wife   Mary E. Sharp Executor: Rayburn Scott
Dated Oct. 6, 1861; Wit: Wm. Croft, H. Weir, W. A. Rice, James McDaniel
Recorded Jan. 7, 1862

W. H. Stokes  page 78

Wife Malinda [Malissa] Jane Stokes; "marriage contract in full effect"
Son William [F. Stokes] "all real and personal property"

Executor: T. C. Neel
Dated Feb. 28, 1862; Wit: T. C. Neel, J. B. Adams

Recorded June 26, 1862

Eli McJilton  page 79

Wife Lydia Ann

Daughters: Amanda, Josephine; Fannie McJilton; Elizabeth Thurman;  Son Lafayett[e]

Executors  James McDaniel and Robert C. Thurman

Dated Feb. 23, 1862; Wit: E. C. Zollicoffer and Thomas J. Jordan
Recorded July 14, 1862

George Glascock, Jr -  page 81

 Beloved Mother   Mrs.  Mary Jane Glascock
Sister  Fannie E. Glascock
Executors: Henry C. Lyon, John H. George, N. Oldham of Counties of Ellis and Hill

"Revokes all previous wills"
Dated Apr. 28, 1862; wit: E. Pendleton and W. C. Hooser
Recorded July 15, 1862

Mary Bishop  -  page 83

Beloved Niece Malissa J. Stokes [wife Rev. W. M. Stokes]
Nephew Thomas C. Neal
Executor Thomas C. Neal
Dated Aug 18, 1860: Wit E. W. Rogers and W. H. Getzendaner
Recorded Nov. 7, 1862

Thomas Cureton  -  page 86

Wife Caroline Cureton

Dated 1861; Wit: V. Sevier, J. M. Higgins
Recorded Nov. 11, 1862

Ephraim Andrews

Wife Margaret M - named Executrix to divide property equally among younger children: Margaret L., Rebecca P., Tabitha E., and older ch John M., Mary F. and E. F. McKnight and Jane J. Kooken

Rec. 28 Dec 1862

Jacob J. Prewitt  -  page 87

Wife Margaret H. Prewitt  all to her during her lifetime; she also named Executrix

Legatees after wife's death: 1/3 to Benton S. Castle, son of George Castle; 2/3 to my nearest of kin.

Dated April 5, 1862; wit: R. H. Turner, G. F. Parks, J. W. Ferris
Recorded Jan. 3, 1863

William W. Parks  - page 89

Wife Sophia A. Parks
Daus Martha E. Parks, Laura J. Parks, Mary A. Parks, Sarah F. Parks, Mary W. Parks

Executor Benjamin F. Hawkins
Dated  May17, 1862; Wit: Wilson Fulton, G. W. Castles
Prob. Jan. 26, 1863; Recorded Dec. 8, 1863

Mary D. Woodward

Executrix mother, Mary  D. Patton

Rec. 9 Dec 1863

T. C. Neel  - page 92

Beloved wife Willie Elizabeth

Daughter Mattie Moss Neel

date: 10 Sept; 1863; wt: J. F. Reagor and W. m. Siddons

recorded 9 Dec 1863

William M. Daviess - page 93

Sister Mary H, Daviess - also named Executrix

Date: 29 Sept 1961; wit: E. H. Carter and Champ Carter

Recorded 9 Dec 1863

William Irwin - page 94

Grandson William Irwin, son Washington H. Irwin

Daus: Valery M. Stewart, wife L. W. Stewart; Vitura M. Prince, wife J. E. Prince, Rebecca Grissom

Son Lockhart Irwin

Children Margaret Marchbanks, wife Joseph Marchbanks, decd;

Susanah McCoy - dau by last wife

Executors: sons-in-law Larkin W. Stewart, Jonathan E. Prince

Date 21 June 1862; Wit: Benjamin F. Hawkins, Wilson Fulton

Rec. 13 Oct 1864

R. M. Tandy - page 98

Johnson Co. Texas

Beloved & aged widower, Lucy Stringfellow

Nephew David Burnett Stringfellow - cripple for life

Nieces Sallie P.  Stringfellow, Mrs. Helen Jane Hubbs and Nancy Smith

"In case my nieces and their husbands are friends of the South and Confederacy states of America then I bequeath to them and if they and their husbands are alien enemies then I bequeath their said shares to nephew and nieces in Kentucky, Edmund C. Tandy,Susan F. Kelsey, Nancy F. Moore, Elizaberth Tandy and Jane Wirt.  It is my last request of the Government of the Confederate States of America of which I am a loyal citizen and into whose service I am about to enter as a soldier for the war that they will permit my widowed sister and her crippled son both of whom were born and raised in Kentucky to get the benefit of the foregoing bequests if possible in case I should die before the end of this war...."

Date 22 April 1862; Wit: H. D. Marchbanks, D. G. Ransom

Recorded 13 Feb 1865

Elizabeth Apperson

Gr-daus Elizabet Nowlin and Elizabeth Sarah Nowlin; dau Harriet J. Nowlin; son John Apperson; gr-dau Elizabeth Ward; gr-dau N. J. Ward; gr-dau Alice Apperson, son Joh Thomas

Executrix dau Mrs. Harriet J. Nowlin

Rec 4 March 1865

John M. Hines - page 103

wife Amelia H. Hines - also named Executrix

Daus - Ella and infant not yet named

Heir Amzi Bradshaw

Executor - brother Thomas J. Hines, also ch guardian

Date 1860 ; wit: Thomas J. Hines

Recorded 22 Dec 1865

James S. Berry - page 104

Dau - M. E. Leonard

Gr-son Charles M. Berry

Son C. W. Berry (all property I may inherit from estate of brother Charles R. Berry decd of Cooper Co. Mo).

Executor - John W. Leonard, son in law

Date: 17 Dec 1865; wit: G. W. Castles, J. P. Laughlin

Rec. 14  Feb. 1866

William L. Foster - page 105

Wife Arrarat Foster

Children - Thompson G., Mary C., Robert W.,Caroline J. and W. L. Foster

Executors: Thompson G. Foster, M. B. Rankin, F. Campbell, James Hamilton

Date: 14 Dec 1865; Wit: F. Campbell and D. B. Smith

Recorded 15 Feb 1866

Wesley B. Richardson - page 107

Wife and children [not named]

Executors: Sons John I. Richardson and D. B. Richardson

Date 25 July 1865: Wit: J. D. Reagor, B. M. Works, John L. Richardson

Recorded 17 Feb 1866

Betsy D. Fields - page 108

Husband Dennis M. Fields  - "to include interest in estate of my father Peter Brown, decd, of Washington Co. Ky."

Date 13 April 1866; Wit: Benjamin F. Hawkins and W. A. Hawkins

Recorded 2 Feb 1867

George B. Sweatt - page 110

Brother R. V. B.. Sweatt - also named Executor

Date 3 Dec. 1866; Wit: Amzi Bradshaw and John King

Recorded 2  Feb 1867

R. D. Graves - page 112

State of Georgia, County of Walker

Sister Matilda Wright (1200 in gold in possession of brother John E. Graves, Wilson Co. Tenn.)

Brother John E. Graves

Niece - P. Graves

Nephews - Stokes Graves, son of brother William; Alexander Wright, Burnice and Micajah, son of brother John

Executors: John E. Graves, brother and James P. Wright brother-in-law

Date 18 Nov 1863; wit: Lawson Black, B. R. McCutchen, William Caruthers

Recorded Ellis County 30 Nov 1867

I. B. [Isaac Baker] Allen - page 114

Wife Margaret E. Allen

Date 29 Jan 1867; Test. A. Davis, W. S. Grimes

Recorded 30 Nov 1867

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