The Ennis Weekly Local

Feb 9, 1901. Vol  XVI, No 6
J.P. Hemphill, Publisher


Turk Bros & Webb, General merchandiese, Hamilton-Brown Shoe,  Ennis and Blooming Grove

Ennis Hardware Co., Geo Higginbotham and Tom Blakey
Bass Bros, Prescription Druggists, Main Street, Ennis
J.C. Castellaw, Prescription Druggists,  Knox Street opp P.O.
R.L. Lowrance, D.D.S., Office over Ennis National Bank, Rms 3 & 4
Dr. James M. Bond, Dentist, Office over Turner's grocery store, Phone No 35-3
C.B. Lewis,  Dentist

D.A. Carson, The old reliable Restaurant man; Well equipped lunch stand, West Avenue
J. D. Bur Lumber Comopany

A.C. Joly  - Finest Carriage Work in town
Craig & Dunkerley

Buck's Stoves & Ranges  Up-to-date appliances

Cotton Seed Mill & Oil Mill

T.O. Fountain & Co  - The Main Street Grocers

Wm Ellison & Co  Groceries & Feed - 110 W. Brown

Caldwell Grocery Co  - Dallas Street

"Wanted: your corn, hay, oats, chickens, butter

W.Hunt's  Undertaker's building

North Main

Have your suits cleaned, dyed. Make them look like new

B.F. Sargeant

Architect and Contractor

Dealer in Paints and Wall paper

Knox Street

W.F. Gilbert - West Avenue - Second Hand Furniture

Hix McCanless - Architect & Builder

W.H. Brown, Attorney-at-law,  Over Freemans' Store

Bernard B. Hemphill. Attorney at law Office upstairs in city hall

Two Friends Meet After Over 30 years

The meeting which occurred in the streets of Waxahachie Saturday between J.S. Prince of Ovilla and C.R. Gibbon of this city, says the Light, was a delightful one, as it was the first since the surrender at Appomattox. At the opening of hostilities between the sections, these two men, then young in years and full of youthful hopes, were friends and comrades in Alabama. They enlisted together and both wore the gray through the storm that wreck ed both life and happiness in too many instances.... Mr. Gibson learned that Mr. Prince was in the city. He looked him up, and when the two met, those who saw it will not soon forget the light of profound pleasure that spread over each face.

Mr. J.J. McClelan of Corsicana passed thro' Ennis Wednesday morning. He says the oil well drilling machinery has nearly all been shipped from Corsicana to Beaumont.

[News from] GARRETT

Auntie Rife is building an addition to her house.

Miss Annie Miller was "at home" to her friends Saturday night.

Mr. Chas Davis is in the city. Charlies, why did you blush when that young lady asked you to buy some dishes? Look out for Hanah J. next time.

Mr. Ross Campbell nearly sawed off his thumb Monday evening.

Little Claude Groves was kicked in head by a horse. A doctor was called who dressed the wound and took several stitches.

I want to ask a certain young man if it was heads or hearts going wrong Saturday night. Please answer soon.

Mrs. Rose Campbell is on the sick List.

Mr. Aldridge made a business trip to Dallas.

There is a boy here who is always bragging about a red-headed, freckle faced,cross-eyed girl. Trot her out, or shut up. We are tired waiting to see her.

We have had much needed rain.

Miss Gladys Gallagher has an attack of the grip.

T.H. Campbell started to Mexico Sunday, but he stopped at Ennis. Feb 7.

Grand Jury Adjourns [Waxahachie Light]

After 38 days labor, completed its work Saturday afternoon.

To Hon J.E. Dillard, Judge of the 40th Judicial District of Texas ....we examined 634 witnesses, and returned 314 true bills, there being of that number 30 for felonies and 284 for misdemeanors. We as a body visited the county jail, the county farm, and the road gang.

Crockett Jennings, Foreman Grand Jury

The Courts List of Convictions - 35 divorces

Joe Crayton, burglary; 2 yrs in reformatory

Joe Perrin, theft of horse, 2 cases; 2 yrs in one case and 3 in other

C.C. Nash, passing forged instrument, two cases; two yrs in each case

James Hillburn, colored, forgery, 2 yrs

Will Walton, colored, robberty five years

Will Bruce; murder 2 yrs

Jim Browning, theft by force 2 yrs

Dud Thomas, burglary 4 yrs

Jim Bonny, colored, robbery 5 yrs

Jesse McKnight col, murger 2 years

(No appeals were taken in any of the above cases and the penitentiary agent came Tuesday to gather in the harvest)

The court also gratned 35 divorces, leaving 70 cases still on the docket.


Since we have our new building at Leli Completed, we feel more like giving you the news.

Pro. Moore is being very successful with his school and our schoolhouse is a better one than most communties have.

We have organized our singing Next Sunday ev at this place, and wish all that are or want to help build up their neighborhood and have a good interest in music, will come and take part with us next Sunday at Oak Grove. There will also be a Sunday school organized and Rev. Champ will fill his regular appointment.

[NOTE: Leli was small community west of Alma and Quinlin on branch of Cummings Creek. H.J. Ruffin was Trustee on the School Board 1897-1898

(Loli School #44)


It is generally understood that the smallpox now so prevalent throughout this country is of so mild a form that nobody should dred it, but when a few people with it, public sentiment may change. The News learns from Dr. McCall that Dr. McDonald, a colored physician at Waxahachie died at 4 o'clock Sunday evening with smallpox, and a man named Darmion three miles south of Milford on the Cook place, died with the disease last Friday. He was sick only four days. People should be more careful than theretofore and help control the dangerous pest.

Local Briefs

Mrs. A.L. Vines of Templeton Springs died Thursday night of consumption.

Mr. J.H. Whittington, of the Telico community, has moved to Samford.  Mr. Kirkpatrick is also at Stamford prospecting.

Mr. O.C. Somers of Marlow, I.T. and Miss Pearl Turner of Ennis, were married here Tuesday evening at the brides' home. Rev. Penrod officiating.

Lom Brow has sold his interest and the Royal Palace to his partner, Doug Kendall.

Mr. Jesse Herd held the lucky number which drew the wagon at Pace's drawing on Dec 26. He came in last week and got the wagon.

Mr. S.T. Earls was in Ennis Tuesday and gave the Local a substantial call.

The Methodist revival continues. As a result of the meeting several additions to the church.

The First Baptists have postponed their musical entertainment until Feb 15th.

W.C. Bryant was granted a new trial in his suit against the Central railroad.

The Ennis Chapter U.C.D. held their monthly meeting last Saturday at K. of P. hall.

Miss Mamie Brown, a charming lady from Dallas, visited in Ennis last Sunday as the guest of Mrs. R.T. McDuffie

The 15 year old son of Antone Nekuza, living on Waxahachie creek west of Ennis was shot in the right shoulder with a target rifle and badly hurt, but the wound is said to be not dangerous.

The Rustler says Palmer is needing a bank mighty bad. The editor might deposit his surplus coin with safety in the Ennis banks.

The people of Italy recently presented Rev. Angus Johnson with a new suit of Clothes. He was 92 years old and preaches three sermons some Sundays.

Rev. R.T. Phillips addressed the men's meeting at Y.M.C.A. building Sunday evening and it was indeed an appropriate talk. The association now has over 150 members and is moving forward in a satisfactory manner.

Mr. S.L. Cook dropped in Saturday and donated a dollar on his subscription to the Local.

Mrs. Boerner and daughter, Nellie, of Kansas City who visited last week returned home Monday.

C.M. Banner places his announcement in the columns of this issue of theLocal for re-election to office of City Secretary and ex-officio Assessor and Collector.

The people of Ennis are invited to call and investigate the Ball-Bearing Spring Motor machine. Next to Calhoun's drug store, Knox Street.

Mr. T.S. Lane of Palmer was married Tuesday at Farmerville to MissMattie Clark of Lone Oak. Tom is well and favorable known here, having beenreared in Ennis. Miss Clark is an amiable and attractive young lade,it having been our pleasure to know her for quite a while. The Local extends congratulations to the happy couple.

Dr. G.M. Hackler and Miss Hortense Alexander of Waco were married at the home of the bride Thursday evening. Dr. Hackler is one of Ennis leading physicians.

W.D. Farris is having his barn rebuilt on his ranch that was destroyed by fire a short time ago.

The Ennis Daily News

Wed. Feb 12, 1901

Vol IV No 129

J.S. Hardy, Editor,  J.P. Chambless, Manager

Issued daily except Sunday in first floor of the City Hall Corner Dallas and Brown Streets


Election Tuesday April 2, 1901

City Secretary and Ex-Officio Assessor and Collector

Joe Hawkins

C.M. Banner

A.D. (Lon) Brown

City Treasurer, John M. Loggins,

City Marshal, Tony Crowell.

Alderman Ward 3,  Dan McCarty

Alderman Ward 4, J.w. Neal

P.J. Hemphill

E.S. Overhiser (re-election)


The Daily News attention has been called to the destitute condition of an old Confederate soldier who lives at the corner of Preston and Waco Streets. Charitable institutions should take notice.

Mr. J.M. Chapman went to Waxahachie today.

Miss Eliza Kefoot is visiting J.W. Craig and family in axahachie this week.

O.R Kirkpatrick is moving today to the Mershon property on East Milam Street

Leo Foster is moving to the property recently purchased from Mr. L.O. Atwood on east Crockett street today.

Mr. Tate McDuffie in attempting to couple a car near Hearne, his hand was caught in between the cars and mashed very badly.

Messrs. H.T. Moore and E. K. Atwood are attending the Cattlemen's convention in Ft. Worth

Gibson Grocery Co has rented the building recently vacated by J.A.Clarke and brother, and will soon have it stock with groceries.

Mr. M.D. Hunter of Kankakee, IL is in the city for a few daysprospecting. Mr. Hunter is a breeder of fine stock and thinks he will locate in Ennis.

Mrs. A. Efron and Mrs. J.L. Blumenthal are visiting today in Corsicana.

Nita, the little daughter of Mr. W.W. Bradley, is reported quite sick today.

For Sale

Small farm 47 acres four miles east of Ennis. Apply to J.A. Pace

The school girl who took the black mitten at the post office thismorning, will please leave same with Miss Robertine Wheless at money order window.

Have Cramer photograph your residence.

Mr. J.W. Mundell left today to visit in New Mexico.

The trumpet corps boys will meet tonight at the Royal Palace to discuss organization. There are now 43 names on the list.

This is our off year on electing a mayor, but our neighboring city,Waxahachie, has a contest on, and a great clamor by some for a change. While we have no disposition to meddle in the policies of other towns; we look with pride to the progress that has been made in Waxahachie during the last two years. She is just about to open her cotton mill;' she launched the Chautauqua, besides many other enterprises of great worth to the town. Her business men are all having the best trade in her history. Why this clamor for change!

To the Knights of the Maccabees

all members of Ennis Tent No 3 are urgently and especially requested toattend the review on next Thursday night as important business andbusiness concerning every member and interest of the Maccabees generallywill come before the Tent.

T.H. Collier, Commander

W.V. Fisk, Rec Keeper

[NOTE:The Knights of the Maccabees were a fraternal and benevolent"legal reserve society." Families of deceased members received benefits in the form of legal-reserve insurance. All white persons of sound health and good character, from birth to 70 years of age, were eligible formembership. Their name comes from the Biblical Maccabees. The order was founded in London, Ontario in 1878 and reorganized in 1883. Before 1914,it was known as the Knights of the Maccabees. Subsequent to 1914, ithas been simply been called "The Maccabees."]

The Ennis Weekly Local

Feb 16, 1901

Vol XVI No 7

J.P. Hemphill, Publisher


The rain has stopped all farm work and nearly all the men are sitting around stoves telling what they would do if they could "just run this government of ours".

Joe Cave and family spent Sunday with his Mother.

Mrs. S. Tidwell is spending the week with her many friends.

The third grade gave a nice entertainment Friday. The little folks did splendid and much praise is due Miss Willie Stirman, their teacher.

The babe of M. H. Corbin is quite sick.

Little Ethel Jones has the grip.

The young folks enjoyed a party at Mr. Jones' Saturday night.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Will Coates, Feb 10, a bouncing baby girl.

Earnest and Mamie are so "stuck up" about the new comver that they don't know their old friend.

Chas. Gallagher has the grip.

Feb 13 Marriage License

T.M. Browning and Alta Keller

F H Sanguinett and Cora Kemble

Joseph Allen and Mary McBicker

Isaac Austin and Annie Kero

JH Ledbetter and Mary B. Kidd

J E Keyworth and Katie Carroll

W W Taber and Myrtle Montgomery

J E Olson and Dora Faulkner

CREECHVILLE   [ NOTE: four miles east of Ennis]

We have had the long looked for rain and it came in a propicious time;all the cisterns were dry and everybody doing as they used to --hauling water, but that has stopped now, and a great many are alreadysquealing "so much rain". But the greatest drawback is the mud.

Our little village is seriously afflicted with measles. Mr. Creech'sfamily are down with them; also Mrs. Cryer's and Mr. Whitbeck's family.

Mr. Orvill has been very low with pneumonia in connection with the measles and was not expected to live, but he is now some better.

Then Mr. Tom Derden's folks have measles as well s Mrs. Juli Derden's family, C.W. Phelph's, Mr. Galegly's, J.P. Darden's, Mrs. Duncan's, Mr. Lipscombs', Mr. Mason's and Mr. Ray's folks are all afflicted with the disease. I don't think there is another community that can furnish a report equal to this for measles. All cases are doing well except Miss Elsie Phelps. She is very sick but is not considered dangerous.

Our proficient teacher, Mr. Morgan, is getting along nicely with his school at this place, but the attendance last week was slim on account of the measles.

Misses Bertha Kirkpatrick and Carry Hogge made a flying trip to Telico.

I wonder if there isn't some other attraction over that way besides the big new schoolhouse.

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