News from Ennis Commercial Recorder

Friday, May 20, 1887, Vol VII No 20

Contributed by Virginia Crilley

F.A. Rust, Editor and Propietor

Endorsed by Ennis Dist Alliance

Rice Ripples

Things around Rice are lively--the town is crowded--everybody is in town on account of the ground being too wet to work, however, there are a few here who never stop wet or dry, when it is too wet they carry a plank to stand on, and it is said that they have better crops than anybody.

Rice came very near having a tragedy Sunday evening. A crowd of young men were at the depot and a freight train passed at full speed. Mr. Peter Mochell attempted to jump on the train and was jerked under it but somehow managed to keep from under the wheels, and was not injured other than a few bruises and a bad scare. The train stopped, thiking he was killed or badly hurt. It is a great wonder somebody hasn't been killed long ago. They collect at the depot and jump on every passing train, ride a short distance and then jump off; the train men cannot help it, they have their duties to perform and cannot see them until they are jumping off. It is only a matter of time until some of them will get crippled if not killed.

Several lots of wool sold here during the past few days at from 18 to 22 1/2 cents. The wool has turned out very well in this country this year.

Yours, Notpolt M.B.

Rice, May 17, 1887

Thomas J. Middleton of Midlothian has purchased the Waxahachie Mirror of E.C. Huckabee.


Dixon & Co.

Successors to P.B. Donalson At the Old Favorite Stand on the Avenue. We have added $2,000 worth of fresh drugs.

Giddings & Pickrell
W.G. Giddings and W.J. Pickrell
Dealers in Staple and Fancy Groceries, Queensware, Glassware, Boots and Shoes, Hardware, Tinware and General Merchandise

Mrs. M. A. Spurlin
Dealer in Millinery, Dress Goods
Dallas Street Ennis

R.S. Van Wie
Dealer in Wall paper, brushes, window glass, Window shades, picture frames, and undertakers goods
Store on E. Main opposite Depot

The Real Estate Agency Ennis, TX
Rust & Donaldson, Managers

Local Melange

Go to Tom King's Dixon & Co for drugs.

Dr. T.S. Riggs, Best Dentist

Try King & Roorbach's Furniture Polish

E.L. Edwards was in Waxahachie yesterday.

Eagle Cultivators at Bullard & Browns

A minstrel show is on foot for the future.

Wm Higginbotham was in Waxahachie Thursday.

The Ennis Publis School closes one week from today.

New Goods arriving at Brin's daily; call and see them.

Wm Higginbotham is the man for agricultural implements.

Tom King and T.A. Smith are on the sick list this week.

Dr. J.C. Loggins returned from New York last Wednesday morning.

Recorder Agency has a considerable list of property to dispose of this week.

Lawn 25 yrs for $100 at C.O. Wright's Dry Goods Arkansas Block.

Thatcher & Jones is now prepared to take out teeth without pain by the use of gas.

Mrs. Roxie F. Wells, nee Miss Roxie Pearson of Bristol, was in the city Monday.

The largest and best stock of whiskeys in the city at Roorbach's on Knox Street

Mens Brogan Shoes $100 to $135 at C.O. Wright's Dry Good Store, Arkansaw Block

Crumley's Drug Store is the place to buy pure drugs and get prescriptions accurately compounded.

Prof. W.B. Black, of Illinois, will formerly open the new Christian Church on June 6, 1887

The highest market price paid for chickens, butter and eggs bacon and lard by Miller & Turner's.

W. Jolesch will save you from $2 to $5 on a suit of clothes.

The Editor of the Recorder is under obligations to Mrs. C.C. Bulgier for a mess of vegetables.

S.M. Carleton has been awarded the city printing for the year ending on the 15th day of May, 1888.

Lost: A bunch of safe keys. Any party finding and returning same to R.W. Turner will be rewarded.

A.L. Goodwin has returned and can be found in his office at King & Roorbach's.

The heavy rain last Sunday morning was a severe disappointment to the church going citizens of Ennis.

Frank Corley, formerly a citizen of this place, but now of Groesbeck has been in the city visiting this week.

Mr. J.P. Novell who has been dangerously ill for over a month with pneumonia, we are pleased to say is improving.

We are glad to see our old friend, I.A. Allen back again and looking well after a protracted visit to Tom Green County.

Mr. T.H. Holt has purchased the lot formerly owned by A.N. Evans on Ennis Avenue and is erecting a brick building 25 x 60 feet on same.

J.F. Lemmon, the old reliable painter, is on deck again. He has just returned from the East, and is prepared to do any and all kinds of house, sign and ornamental painting on short notice.

Uncle Joe Rushing came around to the Recorder sanctum this morning. Uncle Joe is one of the old pioneer newspaper men of Texas and started the first newspaper ever run in Ennis, the Ennis Argus, in 1874.

I have a good mower for sale or trade, Wood & Walter make, good as new, cost $65 and has cut only four acres of grass last year. I will trade for two good milk cows or a good buggy horse, am willing to pay difference in money for horse. Apply to E. Karwowski, Ennis Texas

Last Saturday afternoon, Dr. Jones of the firm of Thatcher & Jones took the Editor of the Recorder into his dental office and administered a dose of Laughing Gass. Well now its the nices thing you ever saw or felt. Everything seems to be as beautiful as Heaven in fact for the time it is perfect heaven.

Jersey Milk regularly supplied with the best of butter in any part of Ennis, from Smith's Jersey Farm. S.J. Garland

Lost. On the streets of Ennis, Sunday night, May 8th, 1887, one Gold Ring with large cameo setting and C.B. engraved on the inside. The finder will be liberally rewarded by leaving same at this office.

Committed Suicide
Last Monday morning Mr. J.B. Strong of this city was found in an unsensible condition in his room. Medical aid was called in and investigation showed that he had bled nearly to death from a small wound in his left arm which had severed the main artery. He was taken care of and about 3 o'clock of that day died.

An inquest was held and the evidence showed that he was greatly troubled about various things and for several days he had been carrying a razor with the supposed purpose of c utting his wife's throat (This idea being received from his remarking that he had acted a d---d fool for not killing himself and a former wife whom he had left, and that when he and his present wife could not get along they would both go together) The evidence also showed that he had not eat, drank or slept for four or five days, and that he was found in the morning as above stated in a pool of blood four or five feet across and an inch deep with a razor and a bandage near by; he is supposed to have cut the artery with the razor and corded his arm with the bandage. He was buried Tuesday in Myrtle Cemetery.

The Military Concert which was given at the opera house, on last Monday night, by the "Baldridge Light Infantry" proved to be a grand success.The house was well filled with an intelligent audience. The performance was opened with prayer by Mr. Erwin. Professors Parsons and Marchbanks each made an interesting talk of about half an hour, and made the boy's bosoms swell up with ambition. As a whole the affair was an honor to the Company each one being perfect in their different parts.

NOTE: Ennis Company C, 4th Regiment, Infantry Baldridge Light Infantry (1887-1888) Texas Volunteer Guard Military Rolls

The young ladies who honored the Company with their fine singing and recitations, deserve the many thanks of the B.L.I.


P.T. Smith & Son - Groceries West Main Street

J.C. McKinney. Real Estate Agent

C.W. Lawson, Contractor and Builder

Craig & Dunkerly, Hardware, Stoves
Store on Main Street

John Bielepeldt. Dealer in Hand made boots and Shoes

Hogan & Hurlock Law and Loan agency

W.T. Reynolds Hardware, Tinware

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