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Posting Queries and Messages

When writing your messages, it is important that you mention Ellis County or one of its landmarks in the body of your message. Your message should concern persons who are connected to Ellis County. In order for a query to be of the most benefit to you, be specific about who you are looking for. Give full names, locations and dates, as best you can. List only surnames that appear in the message.


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Archived Queries

Many queries were present when we began using the GenConnect Query System and the RootsWeb Message Boards and remain on this website as archived queries. These queries are arranged in each file chronologically. You may access our archives through the links below. You may use the search/find feature of your browser to locate your surnames or put our search engine to work. It's found on our homepage. Enjoy!

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Surname List

The Ellis County TXGenWeb does not actually maintain a dedicated surname list.  Instead, we found that posting your surnames in the RootsWeb Message Boards give you greater exposure through their search engine.

If you would like to submit the Surnames you are researching in Ellis County, please enter the Message Board and post a query that says something similar to:

Researching the _______, and _______ families in Ellis Co., TX
Interested in exchanging information about the _______ family of Ellis Co., Tx

To be more effective, include dates, events and other data that further identify the families you are researching. Always mention Ellis County when you post your Surnames, else the moderator cannot tell if you have posted to the correct forum. This is a query forum, but you don't have to post a full blown query to get results. Please DO NOT include surnames that have no connection to this county.





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