Ennis Saturday Review
Sept. 2, 1876
Letters remaining in Ennis Post Office, Sept. 24, 1876. Persons calling for them will please say "advertised."

J. M. Dixon, P. M.

M. S. Carter P. Pressley
B. F. Parker Geo. Clifton
F. Ridge G. D.Gilley
J. B. Reeves P. M. Heard
Miss C. Shard C. Howard
Mrs. N. C. Wilson H. M. Knoweles
P. Wheatley T. Malyan
J. F. Williams G. S. Miller
J. Osborn J. Osborn
M. Overstrut M. Overstrut
P. Pressley

Funeral services for Mrs. Nancy Montgomery, consort of W. W. Montgomery, will be held at Reagor's Chapel 10 am on second Sabbath in September.

J. F. McFarlin of Milford has been judged insane  (on the subject of religion) and committed to the asylum at Austin.  

Mr. Galbreath and family have returned from Corsicana and are settled in their former home.

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