Sevier Family Old Letters

Contributed by Denise Phillips

These two letters are from the family records of Denise Phillips, descendant of George and Elizabeth McKey Sevier. Letter to Elizabeth Catherine "Kate" SevierMawbry James (daughter of George and Elizabeth Sevier) and Kate's daughter, Bettie. P. J. McKey refers to herself as Kate's sister and Bettie's aunt, although this is not documented.

Center Citty PO
Ellis Co [possibly Hill Co] Texas
May the 8, 1892
Dear Sister
I will try and write you a few lines to let you know that I have not forgoten you. I was so glad to here from you and that dear little Bettie I cant my self. [sic] I would like so mutch to see you all. I will write as soon as we stake and I want you to write and tell me how you are all getting a long. I know you are doing better than we are. We have plenty of grass and water. Now we have sold out and will start in a few days. We will go southwest. I will make this one move and then am going to stop. I think I am coming to see you if I live long. This is a hard place and we have spent the best of our last dayes here. The helth is not any better here than anywhere in Texas. Thare has bin more sickness here this winter than I even sen. I have not bin well this winter. John is nerly grane [?] we kist a giid nabet cattek kast' winter. But we wasn't to get what stock we have of the shinoke before winter.
Kate I would want to come back to Elis [Ellis County[ if we was abel to get a home there. If we had of staid there we ....lost of bin rich. Now tell cousin' betie I would like to see here and all of the children. I would know all about Saley and Bert {?] and all the rest. If I ever get stratend [straigntened] out a gane I do want to come to see you all when we get setteld. I want you to come awhile with us you and Bettie. Will go after you if you will come. I will write as soon as I stake and get stratened out so I can tell you something important. Well I will close fore fear I ---- you. Well mabe Ritcherd would like to know where Wales Wamach is. We left him in Leon Co 2 years ago. He warnt doing any good fore his self. Give Richerd and Mit [Mittie] my best respects. All jaines in sending there love to you. Good by.
I remain as ever you sister
P J McKey

Dear Niece
Your letter is at hand. I was more than glad to hear from you. I have nothing of importance to write to you. Times is hard here crops look very well hear. Betty I am so glad to hearfrom you. I have thought of you so mutch. Jane Morrson told John that you was sure a good looking girle. I want your pitcure. I would of come to sees you all last summer but we had the luck to lose our work horses and we had no go. I said then I wasgoing this sumer but will have sould out. We are nearly redy to move. We will go to watter is we hjave staid here till we can sorter live. Binie lives in Blanco Co. Blanco PO. John is at home now. Julia is next to John then Tomie then Eugene and Lida. We have 5 children with us. Bene is marrad and they have a girl so I am grandma. I want to se you all Bettie. I will write to you as long as I live.
Bettie I want to tell you to be carful whin you think of marran. If you don't get a good man you are in to it then you have a good one are none. Dont't think him good know him to be good.[?] It is the luck of the James girles. Make a bad choise and it ant so funny after while. The James boyes all done well. But take care fore the girles. Your uncle John lives in Tempel Bell Co. He is marrad and got one little girl. He is doing well and you never saw a nicer man in your life./ I will write to him and tell him to send you his an baby picture. Pa has bin to see him last winter and wionter before last. But I did not see him. I don't know where you Pa is. I think he is died are some of us could herare of him. Bettie I am getting as gray as a rat. I am going on 46 and stout I recon fore all my life since I have had a family. I have had a hard time and stil having it I will close fore this time. I want you to write as soon as I write a gane. I aunt till death.
Good by frome your Aunt
P J McKey

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