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Smeltertown Cemetery


The church at Smeltertown, Texas first opened on December 25, 1892 known as La Capilla de Santa Rosalia Y San Jose.
The church was given its name from the first parishioners who came from the town of Santa Rosalia de Camargo, Chihuahua,
Mexico. It stood on the western side of Smelter Hill. Father Carlos Pinto was instrumental in building the church. When
the church was destroyed by fire on March 11, 1946 it was known as San Jose de Rio Grande church. A new church
was to be built and the new name given was San Jose de Cristo Rey, it was built on the lower section of Smeltertown near the
river as stated in "Smeltertown" by author Fred Morales. La Capilla de Santa Rosalia Y San Jose The death records for
the church of San Jose de Cristo Rey; begin October of 1893 and go through 1956. Not all parishioners were laid
to rest at Smeltertown Cemetery also known as "La Calavera", the Skull. The records show that cemeteries such as
Evergreen, Alameda; Canutillo, and Fort Bliss National Cemetery along with several others were the final resting place for
many who had their services at San Jose de Cristo Rey church.

In an attempt to assist those who do not read Spanish, we have translated THE CAUSE OF DEATH. We have also included
the surnames as they appear in the records in the second position, for example VASQUES/BASQUES. This is an on-going project, this database will be included
in future RGR's. © Recorded by: Yolanda Medina Pérez and Margaret Saavedra
To Contact: Yolanda Medina Pérez and Margaret Saavedra, if you have questions. Click here.

      Year    Month           Last Name            First Name      Where From                    Age              Cause Of Death                               Relative              RelationBuried  Place ofRemarks Filter

      1899    8-Apr           Duran                Maria Consuelo                                01 Year          Pneumonia/Pulmonia                           Rupeto Duran
      1899    11-Apr          Cerna                Fransisca                                     01 Year
      1899    15-Apr          Veloz/Beloz          Mmaria Zenona                                 02 Years         Whooping Cough/Tos ferina                    Guadalupe Beloz
      1899    18-Apr          Aguirre              Petra                                         15 Days          Epilepsy/Alferesia                           Gertrudis Aguirre
      1899    20-Apr          Aranda               Rosario                                                        Indigestion/Empacho                          Nestor Borunda
      1899    22-Apr          Ortega               Jose                                          01 Year          Chicken Pox/Viruela                          Encarnacion Ortega
      1899    27-Apr          Holguin/Olguin       Ambrosio                                      01 Year          Chicken Pox/ Viruela                         Longino Olguin
      1899    28-Apr          Jimenes              Julio                                         01 Month         Fever/Fiebre                                 Alvino Jimenes
      1899    2-Aug           Hernandes            Maria de Jesus                                02 years         Fever/Fiebre                                 Mateo Hernandes
      1899    17-Aug          Fierro               Eligio                                        08 months        Fever/Fiebre                                 Vidal Fierro
      1899    December        Ensino               Maria                                         14 years         Heart problems/Corazon                       Marcial Ortega
      1899    4-Jul           Becerra/Beserra      Erminia                                       02 years         Fever/Fiebre                                 Feliz Beserra
      1899    11-Jul          Ogas                 Camilo                                        15 years         Fever/Fiebre                                 Juan Castelo
      1899    23-Jul          Moreno               Petra                                         45 years         An Operation/Operacion                       Juan Ramires
      1899    25-Jul          Rocha                Cecilio                                       08 years         Gangreen/Gangrena                            Ruperto Munos
      1899    26-Jul          Fierro               Anastacio                                     06 years         Stomach Pain/Dolor de Estomago               Gregorio Fierro
      1899    28-Jul          Vasques/Basques      Julio                                         01 year          Chicken Pox/Viruela                          Nicolas Basques
      1899    June            Alva                 J                                                              Chicken Pox/Viruela                          Andres Alva
      1899    4-Jun           Almanza              Pedro                                         03 Years         ChickenPox/Viruela                           Antonio Almanza
      1899    5-Jun           Hernandez            Tomasa                                        03 Years         Chicken Pox/Viruela                          Jesus Hernandez
      1899    5-Jun           Martines             Refugio                                       01 Year          Fever/Fiebre                                 Atilano Martines
      1899    6-Jun           Moreno               Guadalupe                                     25 Years         Fever/Fiebre                                 Ubaldo Mendoza
      1899    6-Jun           Flores               Virginia                                      11 Months        Fever/Fiebre                                 Jose Jose Flores
      1899    10-Jun          Morales              Reimundo                                                       ChickenPox/Viruela                           Morales
      1899    12-Jun          Urquides             Juan                                                           Chicken Pox/Viruela                          Urquides
      1899    14-Jun          Vasques/Basques      Melquiades                                                     Chicken Pox/Viruela                          Rosendo Basques
      1899    14-Jun          Soto                 Juana                                         03 meses         Dysentery/Disenteria                         Barbaro Soto
      1899    21-Jun          Vasques/Basques      Bitoria                                       01 year          Fever/Fiebre                                 Martin Basques
      1899    26-Jun          De Luna              Francisco                                     01 year          Chicken Pox/Viruela                          Bartolo de Luna
      1899    28-Jun          Gonsales             Juan                                          01 year          Chicken Pox/Viruela                          Miguel Gonzales
      1899    29-Jun          Huerta or Guerta     Mariano                                       01 year          Chicken Pox/Viruela                          Mariano Guerta
      1899    29-Jun          Villalobos/BillalobosMarcos                                        03 years         Dysentery/Disenteria                         Angel Biyalobos
      1899    17-Mar          Garcia               Juana                                         12 Years         Fever/Fiebre
      1899    25-Mar          Calleros             Jose                                          01 Day           Epilepsy/Alferesia
      1899    27-Mar          Erra                 Jose                                          01 Day           Fever/Fiebre                                 Petronilo Erra
      1899    28-Mar          Morales              Jose de la Luz                                07 Years         Chicken Pox/Viruela                          Candelario Martinez
      1899    3-May           Alvarado/Albarado    Casimiano                                     11 Months        Chicken Pox/Viruela                          Braulio Albarado
      1899    4-May           Salmeron             Maria                                         02 Months        Pneumonia/Pulmonia                           Mariano Salmeron
      1899    6-May           Martines             Lazara                                        02 Years         Chicken Pox/Viruela                          Santos Luna
      1899    7-May           Floriano             Maria Juana                                   02 Days          Chicken Pox/Viruela                          Estanislado Floriano
      1899    10-May          Bejarano             Eluterio                                      01 Year          Heart/Corazon                                Felipe Butieres
      1899    10-May          Poras/Porras         Juaquin                                       02 Months        Eolos                                        Jesus Poras
      1899    12-May          Baldibes             Rafael                                        01 Year          Heart/Corazon                                Rafael Baldibes
      1899    12-May          Lechuga              Juliberto                                     03 Years         Fever/Fiebre                                 Jose Lechuga
      1899    12-May          Vasques/Basques      Balentin                                      02 Years         Chicken Pox/Viruela                          Marin Basques
      1899    15-May          Munos                Juaquina                                      54 Years         Inflamation/Inflamasion                      Seberiano Mendoza
      1899    17-May          Gallegos             Luisa                                         11 Months        Chicken Pox/ Viruela                         Basilio Gallegos
      1899    22-May          Rey                  Manuela                                       01 Year          ChickenPox/Viruela                           Belen Rey
      1899    26-May          Garcia               Maria                                         03 Days          Fever/Fiebre                                 Simon Garcia
      1899    29-May          Villalobos/BillalobosTomasa                                        01 Year          Dysentery/Disenteria                         Luis Billalobos
      1899    29-May          Urquides             Pedro                                         01 Year          Pneumonia/Pulmonia                           Silverio Urquides
      1899    29-May          Valdez/Baldez        Jose                                          08 Years         ChickenPox/Viruela                           Dolores Baldez
      1899    November        Cordoba              Sebera                                        1 day            Pain/Dolor                                   Lazaro Cordoba
      1899    November        Aleman               Juana                                         10 months        Cough/Tos                                    Domingo Aleman
      1899    November        Carrillo             Telesfora                                     32 years         Childbirth/De Parto                          Tomas Mendes
      1899    November        Peireida/Pereida     Carlos                                        5 meses          Cough/Tos                                    Silbestre Peireida
      1899    2-Nov           Camacho              Nasaria                                       3 months         Indigestion/Empacho                          Sipriano
      1899    4-Nov           Casas                Escira                                        2 years          Fever/Fiebre                                 Clemente Olguin
      1899    5-Nov           Medrano              Leocadio                                      41 years         Pain/Dolor                                   Juan Terrones
      1899    8-Nov           Basques              Florencio                                     1 day            Born Sickly/Nacio enfermo                    Tomas Basques
      1899    16-Oct          De Orosco                                                          58 years         Fever/Fiebre                                 Sostenes Orosco
      1899    17-Oct          Zuniga/Suniga        Francisco                                     2 years          Indigestion/Empacho                          Balentin Suniga
      1899    18-Oct          Lopes                Librada                                       3 years          Indigestion/Empacho                          Ponuceno Lopes
      1899    23-Oct          Erenia               Remigia                                       29 years         Fever/Fiebre                                 Porfirio Aguirre
      1899    24-Oct          Rios                 Salome                                        1 year           Fever/Fiebre                                 Ygnacio Rios
      1899    24-Oct          Campos               Tomasa                                        2 anos           Vomiting/Basca                               V Rarigos
      1899    26-Oct          Lopes                Juan                                          1 year           Indigestion/Empacho                          Nepumoceno Lopes
      1899    September       Marin                Mariana                                       4 months         Fever/Fiebre                                 Jesus Maarin
      1899    September       Ochoa                                                              37 years         Sciatic Pain/Dolor Ciatico                   Sebastian Duran
      1899    September       Flores               Bernabe                                       5 years          Fever/Fiebre                                 Estanislao Flores
      1899    September       Bran                 Juan                                          6 days           Tos/Cough                                    Juan Bran
      1899    1-Sep           Estrada              Juan                                          01 year          Indigestion/Empacho                          Francisco Estrada
      1899    2-Sep           Terronez             Guadalupe                                     1 year           Fever/Fiebre                                 Juan Terrones
      1899    3-Sep           Ramos                Sabino                                        1 year           Fever/Fiebre                                 Jesus Ramos
      1900    13-Apr          Manriques            Tomas                                         1 year           Dysentery/Disenteria                         Manuel Manriques
      1900    28-Apr          Arsiniega            Felipa                                        1 year           Cough and Pneumonia/Tos y Pulmonia           Porfirio Aguirre
      1900    29-Apr          Juarez               Maria Concencion                              1 year           Whooping Cough/Tos Ferina                    Saturino Juarez
      1900    30-Apr                               Marina                                        46 years         Fever/Fiebre                                 Matilde Salazar
      1900    1-Aug           Gonzales             Adelaida                                      08 Months        Dysentery/Disenteria                         Refugio Gonzales
      1900    1-Aug           Vargas/Bargas        Estevan                                       24 Year          Pulmonia/Pneumonia                           Presiliano Caballero
      1900    2-Aug           Gualderame           Mario                                         10 Days          Cough/Tos                                    Jose Gualderame
      1900    2-Aug           Holguin              Liandra Eloriaga                              30 Years         Fever/Fiebre                                 Tirso Olguin
      1900    5-Aug           Quinones             Uvenselado                                    49 Years         Dismembered by Train/Despedasado Por El Tren Braulio Olguin
      1900    6-Aug           Terrones             Amado                                         10 Months        Dysentery/Disenteria                         Desiderio Terrones
      1900    6-Aug           Gomes                Amado                                         02 Years         Un Ataque/An Attack                          Eleno Gomes
      1900    7-Aug           Calderon             Balentin                                      06 Months        Delbaso                                      Ramon Calderon
      1900    10-Aug          Avila                Francisco                                     05 Months        Fever/Fiebre                                 Juan Avila
      1900    14-Aug          Guerrero             Angela                                        03 Months        Fever/Fiebre                                 Gabino Garcia
      1900    15-Aug          Juares               Manuel                                        28 Years         Fever/Fiebre                                 Santa Cruz Castillo
      1900    15-Aug          Rojas                Juan                                          08 Months        Fever/Fiebre                                 Francisco Rojas
      1900    18-Aug          Vasques/Basques      Benita                                        04 Months        Dysentery/Disenteria                         Vidal Basques
      1900    21-Aug          Dias                 Maria de la Luz                               18 Months        Vomiting/Basca                               Carmen Dias
      1900    23-Aug          Hernandes            Maria del Refugio                             01 Year          Vomiting/Basca                               Damian Hernandes
      1900    24-Aug          Ortegon              Bentura                                       02 Month         Inflamation/Inflamasion                      Faustino Ortegon
      1900    30-Aug          Ogas                 Manuel                                        01 Year          Fever/Fiebre                                 Apolinar Ogas
      1900    14-Dec          Romero               Bibiana                                       01 Year          Pneumonia/Pulmonia                           Encarnacion Romero
      1900    21-Dec          Jimenes              Teodoro                                       20 years         Fever/Fiebre                                 Damasio Jimenes
      1900    26-Dec          Fierro               Ulalio                                        18 Years         Inflamation/Inflamasion                      Gregorio Fierro
      1900    10-Feb          Gonsales             Bibiano                                       1 day            Born SicklyNacio enfermo                     Francisco Gonsales
      1900    11-Feb          Ocon                 Maria                                         1 year           Pulmonia/Pneumonia                           Antonio Ocon
      1900    11-Feb          Cordoba              Daniel                                        1 year           Tos/Cough                                    Andres Cordoba
      1900    21-Feb          Aguilar              Maria de Jesus                                35 years         Pneumonia/Pulmonia                           Simon Ornelas
      1900    24-Feb          Moreno               Guadalupe                                     55 years         Heart problems/Corazon                       Jesus Hernandes
      1900    26-Feb          Carmona              Paubla                                        2 months         Vomiting/Basca                               Feliz Carmona
      1900    27-Feb          Santana              Nestora                                       45 years         Fever/Fiebre                                 Polito Anrique
      1900    1-Jan           Holguin/Olguin       Martina                                       38 years         Fever/Fiebre                                 Crecencio Moraga
      1900    3-Jan                                                                                               Fever/Fiebre                                 Jose Trujillo
      1900    4-Jan                                                                              1 year           Fever/Fiebre                                 Anselmo Acosta
      1900    22-Jan          Ortega               Eduardo                                       26 years         Fever/Fiebre                                 Bernardino Porras
      1900    26-Jan          Cordoba              Santana                                       1 year           Tos/Cough                                    Andres Cordoba
      1900    26-Jan          Saines               Marciano                                      2 years          Whooping Cough/Tos ferina                    Gregorio Saens
      1900    28-Jan          Guiltron             Balentin                                      30 years         Fever/Fiebre                                 Santos Guiltran
      1900    1-Jul           Aleman
      1900    9-Jul           Flores               Jose Marcial                                  7 days           Fever/Fiebre                                 Otaviano Flores
      1900    18-Jul          Cordero              Carlotar                                      50 years         Dysentery/Disenteria                         Lazaro Sanches
      1900    26-Jul          Delgado              Presiliano                                    2 years          Fever/Fiebre                                 Patricio Delgado
      1900    31-Jul          Salcido              Luis                                          01 Year          Pulmonia/Pneumonia                           Donasiano Salcido
      1900    5-Jun           Gallardo             Quirino                                       1 day            Born Sickly/Nacio enfermo                    Marcelino Gallardo
      1900    7-Jun           Sanches              Crespina                                      50 years         Fever/Fiebre                                 Padro Jaimes
      1900    7-Jun           Lujan                Abran                                         1 year           Fever/Fiebre                                 Anastacio Lujan
      1900    18-Jun          Olivas               Jose                                          8 days           Freight/Susto                                Ramon Olivas
      1900    30-Jun          Rocha                Martina                                       20 years         Dysentery/Disenteria                         Tranquilino Rocha
      1900    11-Mar          Floriano             Jose Maria                                    1 day            Tos/Cough                                    Estanislao Floriano
      1900    14-Mar          Estrada                                                            40 years         Cough and Pneumonia/Tos y Pulmonia           Jose Munos
      1900    21-Mar          Bocanegra            Manuel                                        30 years         Fever/Fiebre                                 Pedro Jaime
      1900    22-Mar          Gallegos             Francisco                                     4 years          Indigestion/Empacho                          Julian Gallegos
      1900    11-May          Armendariz           Francisco                                     20 years         Fever/Fiebre                                 Manuel Amparan
      1900    28-May          Montes               Teofilo                                       6 months         Dysentery/Disenteria                         Julian Montes
      1900    4-May           Garcia               Maria Guadalupe                               1 year           Cough/Tos                                    Sebero Garcia
      1900    6-May           Poblano              Julian                                        2 months         Cough/Tos                                    Feliciano Poblano
      1900    7-May           Mendes               Melquiades                                    6 months         Vomiting/Basca                               Tomas Mendes
      1900    10-Nov          Montes               Ynes                                          88 Years         Pneumonia/pulmonia                           Felipe Montes
      1900    12-Nov          Quinones             Rita                                          40 Years         Trauma by a blow/Un Golpe                    Ramon Calderon
      1900    14-Nov          Salas                Maria Dolores                                 27 Years         Fever/Fiebre                                 Librado Terrones
      1900    16-Nov          Garcia               Catarino                                      40 Years         Shot/Un Balaso                               Zenon Juares
      1900    18-Nov          Ramos                Maria Felisitas Lucia                         01 Year          Fever/Fiebre                                 Matias Ramos
      1900    18-Nov          Gallegos             Ricardo                                       19 Years         Dysentery/Disenteria                         Geliberto Gallegos
      1900    26-Nov          Ortiz                Blasa                                         17 Years         Fever/Fiebre                                 Santos Ortiz
      1900    27-Nov          Esparza              Jose Antonio                                  01 Day           Born Sick/Nasio Enferma                      Epifanio Esparza
      1900    1-Oct           Relles/Reyes         Maria                                         01 Day           Born Sick/Nasio Enferma                      Ramon Relles
      1900    3-Oct           Contreras            Juliana                                       50 Years         Fever/Fiebre                                 Simon Canales
      1900    5-Oct           Alvarado             Bitoria                                       10 Months        Vomiting/Basca                               Braulio Alvarado
      1900    7-Oct           Yanes                Pablo                                         05 Years         Angina                                       Guillermo Yanes
      1900    10-Oct          Guillen              Jose Antonio                                  02 Months        Pain/Dolor                                   Isidro Guillen
      1900    1-Sep           Romero               Geronimo                                      03 years         Fever/Fiebre                                 Encarnacion Romero
      1900    24-Sep          Mendoza              Severiano                                     66 Years         Fever/Fiebre                                 Aniseto Mendoza
      1900    25-Sep          Rincon               Silbestre                                     30 Years         Fever/Fiebre                                 Evaristo regalado
      1900    29-Sep          Relles/Reyes         Maria de los Dolores                          08 Months        Cough/Tos                                    Jesus Granado
      1900    14-Sep          Arollos/Aroyos       Ovlogio                                       06 Months        Fever/Fiebre                                 Monico Arollos
      1900    14-Sep          Ramires              Crestina                                      29 years         Pneumonia/pulmonia                           Pedro Hernandes
      1900    15-Sep          Acosta               Francisco                                     01 Year          Dysentery/Disenteria                         Refugio Acosta
      1900    23-Sep          Lujan                Nicasio                                       03 Years         Pneumonia/pulmonia                           Anastacio Lujan
      1901    5-Apr           Montes               Jose                                          10 Months        Indigestion/Empacho                          Juan Montes
      1901    6-Apr           Gonzales             Pedro           h.h.h.                        42 Years         Pneumonia/Pulmonia                           Santos Ortiz
      1901    20-Apr          De La Cruz           Maria Antonia                                 03 years         Fever/Fiebre                                 Filomeno de la Cruz
      1901    24-Apr          Rangel               Salvador        Aguascalientes                24 Years         Angina                                       Maria Ranjel
      1901    26-Apr          Esparza              Prospero de la Encarnacion                    30 Years         Pneumonia/Pulmonia                           Pedro Jimenes
      1901    27-Apr          Ontiveros            Gregorio        Santa Rosalia                 90 Years         Old Age/Vejes                                Atanasio Sanches
      1901    2-Aug           Domingues            Anselma                                       17 Months        Measles/Sarampion                            Aniseto Domingues
      1901    10-Aug          Moreno               Pilar                                         09 Months        Measles/Sarampion                            Antonio Moreno
      1901    10-Aug          Dias                 Anastacio                                     05 Months        Fever/Fiebre                                 Canuto Dias
      1901    11-Aug          Nunes                Maria                                         2 years          Measles/Sarampion                            Macario Gonsales
      1901    11-Aug          Gutierres            Fransisco       E. Carnacion                  8 months         Dysentery/Disenteria                         Tomas Gutierres
      1901    11-Aug          Padilla              Macaria                                       1 year           Dysentery/Disenteria                         Julio Padilla
      1901    15-Aug          Cardena              Maria                                         1 day            Born Sickly/Nacio Enfermo                    Arcadio Cardona
      1901    16-Aug          Lopes                Maria de Jesus  E. Carnacion                  1 year           Dysentery/Disenteria                         Sirilo Lopes
      1901    17-Aug          Olguin/Holguin       Santos          Santa Rosalia, Camargo        2 years          Dysentery/Disenteria                         Manuel Olguin
      1901    19-Aug          Cortes               Luis            Santa Rosalia, Camargo        1 year           Dysentery/Disenteria                         Bictoriano Cortes
      1901    24-Aug          Rubio                Ramona                                        2 years          Heart Problems/Corazon                       Fransisco Rubio
      1901    29-Aug          Rodrigues            Moises          Jalisco, Mexico               3 years          Pneumonia/pulmonia                           Jesus Rodrigues
      1901    5-Aug           Alvarado             Braulio         Santa Rosalia                 24 Years         Burns/Quemado                                Francisco Alvarado
      1901    6-Aug           Gonzales             Merced                                        02 Years         Vomiting/Basca                               Edwardo Gonzales
      1901    7-Aug           Serna                Demeria         E. Carnasion                  01 Year          Dysentery/Disenteria                         Estevan Serna
      1901    8-Aug           Ocon                 Abundia         Santa Rosalia                 37 Years         Dysentery/Disenteria                         Francisco Rubio
      1901    19-Dec          Ramires              Jose            E. S.                         1 day            Epilepsy/Alferesia                           Piedad Ramires
      1901    20-Dec          Salas                Pelagio         Jalisco, Mexico               90 Years         Dysentery/Disenteria                         Jose Maria Salas
      1901    27-Dec          Mendes               Tomas           Santa Rosalia, Camargo        60 years         Dysentery/Disenteria                         Jose Mendes
      1901    4-Dec           Medrano              Benito          Jalisco, Mexico               81 years         Dysentery/Disenteria                         Romulo Alonzo
      1901    5-Dec           Gonsales             Romana                                        10 Days          Epilepsy/Alferesia                           Eduardo Gonsales
      1901    6-Dec           Abalos/Avalos        Ysidora         Santa Rosalia, Camargo        26 years         Heart Problems/Corazon                       Pedro Abalos
      1901    2-Feb           Moreno               Mersed          Santa Rosalia                 31 Years         Pneumonia/Pulmonia                           Juan Ramires
      1901    4-Feb           Acosta               Gabriel         Rio Florido                   36 Years         Inflamation/Inflamasion                      Refugio Acosta
      1901    5-Feb           Domingues            Sebero          Santa Rosalia                 57 Years         Pneumonia/Pulmonia                           Jose Hernandes
      1901    2-Jan           De Montoya           Selsa                                         28 Years         Pneumonia/Pulmonia                           Bisente Montoya
      1901    2-Jan           Jimenes              Damasio                                       21 Years         Fever/Fiebre                                 Silbestre Jimenes
      1901    6-Jan           De Marin             Petra                                         28 Years         Fever/Fiebre                                 Marin Basques
      1901    10-Jan          Sambrano             Juana                                         01 Year          Cough/Tos                                    Bitor Zambrano
      1901    11-Jan          Telles               Romon                                         01 Year          Fever/Fiebre                                 Biatir Teyes
      1901    13-Jan          Cordoba              Ylario                                        02 Years         Dysentery/Disenteria                         Esteban Cordoba
      1901    13-Jan          Terrones             Mariquita                                     01 Year          Fever/Fiebre                                 Librado Terrones
      1901    16-Jan          Subia                Ylaria                                        50 Years         Tumor                                        Florencia Harra
      1901    4-Jul           Sanches              Ramon                                         03 years         Fever/Fiebre                                 Luz Sanches
      1901    9-Jul           Domingues            Fernando                                      01 Month         Weakness/Debelidad                           Legodino Domingues
      1901    10-Jul          Espinosa             Ester                                         04 Years                                                      Jose Espinosa
      1901    12-Jul          Terrones             Jose            Chimanpas                     18 Years         Burns/Quemado                                Agustin De Luna
      1901    13-Jul          Salas                Jose Maria                                    01 Day                                                        Pablo Salas
      1901    15-Jul          Billescas/Villescas  Pedro           Santa Rosalia                 08 Years         Fever/Fiebre                                 Geronimo Alvares
      1901    18-Jul          De Luna              Dolores                                       01 Day           Fever/Fiebre                                 Tomas de Luna
      1901    20-Jul          Marques              Maximiano                                     01 Month         Fever/Fiebre                                 Cresencio Marques
      1901    22-Jul          Rubio                Jesus                                         02 Years         Pneumonia/Pulmonia                           Francisco Rubio
      1901    25-Jul          Basques/Vasques      Anselma                                       11 Months        Fever/Fiebre                                 Donasiano Basques
      1901    26-Jul          Jimenes              Candelaria                                    04 Months        Measles/Sarampion                            Agustin Jimenes
      1901    27-Jul          Romero               Maria de la Luz E. Carnasion                  01 Year          Measles/Sarampion                            Miguel Romero
      1901    27-Jul          Cortez               Juan            h.h.h.                        01 Year          Measles/Sarampion                            Gorgonio Cortez
      1901    12-Jun          Belos                Sebera          La Punta Jalisco              17 Years         Fever/Fiebre                                 Refugio Gonzales
      1901    14-Jun          Gonzales             Maximiana       Santa Rosalia                 06 Days          Fever/Fiebre                                 Anastasio Nevares
      1901    18-Jun          Nevares              Antonia                                       01 Year          Pneumonia/Pulmonia                           Juan Martines
      1901    21-Jun          Martines             Jesus           Siniega de Mata               02 Years         Pneumonia/Pulmonia                           Juan Martines
      1901    23-Jun          Rodriguez            Luisa                                         01 Year          Fever/Fiebre                                 Bentura Rodrigues
      1901    27-Jun          Martines             Maria           Aguascalientes                18 Years         Stomach/Estomago                             Estevan Martines
      1901    30-Jun          Cordoba              Maria del Refugio                             05 Months        Pneumonia/Pulmonia                           Estevan Cordoba
      1901    8-Jun           Gonzales             Juana           Santa Rosalia                 01 Month         Pneumonia/Pulmonia                           Estanislao Esparza
      1901    6-Mar           Guerrero             Felipa                                        01 Month         Tos/Cough                                    Pablo Guerrero
      1901    9-Mar           Gonzales             Mauro           Aquascalientes                30 Years         Farming Accident/Despedasado Por La Mocha    Faustino Jimenes
      1901    9-Mar           Melendres            Nestor          Santa Rosalia                 62 Years         Pneumonia/Pulmonia                           Teodoro Melendres
      1901    9-Mar           Relles/Reyes         Julio                                         60 Years         Muerto Por Un Barreno/Killed By A Large DrillEutimio Alvarado
      1901    14-Mar          Garcia               Josefa                                        05 Years         Pneumonia/Pulmonia                           Lucas Garcia
      1901    17-Mar          Analla/Anaya         Cipriano        Santa Rosalia                 50 Years         Pneumonia/Pulmonia                           Guadalupe Analla
      1901    19-Mar          Terrones             Juan            Chinampas                     50 Years         Fever/Fiebre                                 Librado Terrones
      1901    23-Mar          Basques              Eligis          Leon                          75 Years         Vomiting/Basca                               Nicolas Basques
      1901    30-Mar          Montes               Antonio         Santa Rosalia                 22 Years         Pneumonia/Pulmonia                           Monico Montes
      1901    3-May           De La Torre          Jesus           Zacatecas Jeres               02 Months        Stomach/Estomago                             Martin de la Torre
      1901    4-May           Acosta               Cleofas         Cuidad Juares                 06 Months        Fever/Fiebre                                 Feliciano Acosta
      1901    5-May           Madaleno             Geronimo                                      09 Months        Tos/Cough                                    Libario Madaleno
      1901    7-May           Padilla              Feliz                                         01 Month         Whooping Cough/Tos ferina                    Jesus Padilla
      1901    7-May           Gallegos             Francisco       Jimenes                       02 Days          Tos/Cough                                    Julian Gallegos
      1901    9-May           Montoya              Amada                                         01 Year          Fever/Fiebre                                 Bisente Montoya
      1901    12-May          Arsiniega            Maria Pultarca  E. D.                         23 Years         Vile Desease/Biles                           Benita Basques
      1901    13-May          Fnino                Maria Feliberta h.h.h.                        06 Years         Pneumonia/Pulmonia                           Macrina Fino
      1901    22-May          Carrasco             Lorenzo                                       75 Years         Fever/Fiebre                                 Alvino Ponse
      1901    28-May          Molina               Felisitas       Santa Rosalia                 29 years         Pneumonia/Pulmonia                           Antonio Garcia
      1901    31-May          Olguin               Trenidad                                      11 Months        Fever/Fiebre                                 Rallo Sedillo
      1901    2-Nov           Dias                 Fabian          E. de Dios                    65 years         Fever/Fiebre                                 Lasaro Dias
      1901    19-Nov          Ramos                Olibino         E. S.                         1 year           Pneumonia/Pulmonia                           Trinidad Reta
      1901    21-Nov          Regalado             Primitivo                                     1 year           Dysentery/Disenteria                         Felipe Regalado
      1901    21-Nov          Umada                Euestacio       Zacatecas, Mexico             37 Years         Pneumonia/Pulmonia                           Macario Gonsales
      1901    23-Nov          Martines             Antonio         Zacatecas, Mexico             8 years          Fever/Fiebre                                 Cristobal Martines
      1901    3-Oct           Guebara              Atanasio                                      2 years          Measles/Sarampion                            Bartolo Guebara
      1901    12-Oct          Abila                Miguel                                        1 year                                                        Santos Abila
      1901    13-Oct          Martines             Ramon                                         3 months         Dysentery/Disenteria                         Marciano Montes
      1901    19-Oct          Ornelas              Ester                                         1 year           Pneumonia/Pulmonia                           Ylario Ornelas
      1901    22-Sep          Ortega               Feliz           Santa Rosalia, Camargo        60 Years         Murdered/Muerto a Palos                      Jose Hernandes
      1901    24-Sep          Garcia               Agapito                                       5 days           Epilepsy/Alferesia                           Paubril Garcia
      1901    25-Sep          Gonzales             Teresa                                        25 Years         Childbirth/De Parto                          Rosendo Ornelas
      1902    5-Apr           Carmona              Felicitas                                     2 yrs            Dysentery/Disenteria                         Juan Carmona
      1902    11-Apr          Dela Rosa            Pascual         Estado Jalisco                4 yrs            Fever/Fiebre                                 Anatolio de la Rosa
      1902    21-Apr          Esparza              Antonio                                       32 yrs           Disenteria/Dysentery                         Blas Gonsalez
      1902    25-Apr          Martines             Mariana                                       1 yr             Inflamation/Inflamasion                      Manuel Martines
      1902    28-Apr          Mendoza              Liandro E.      h.h.h.                        17 yrs           Fever/Fiebre                                 Evaristo Estrada
      1902    29-Apr          Ponse                Manuel                                        2 yrs            Fever/Fiebre                                 Ygnasio Ponse
      1902    Augus t31       Ramirez              Bitoriano/Victorh.h.h.                        1 yr             Dysentery/Disenteria                         Juan Ramirez
      1902    4-Aug           Cordoba              Juan                                          4 months         Heart problems/Corazon                       Estevan Cordova
      1902    4-Aug           Herra                Paubla/Paula                                  8 yrs            Diarrhea/Diarrea                             Florencio Herra
      1902    12-Aug          Carrillo             Mersedes/MercedeSanta Rosalia                 8 months         Pneumonia/Pulmonia                           Fransisco Carrillo
      1902    13-Aug          Jimenes              Natividad                                     2 yrs            Fever/Fiebre                                 Alvino Jimenez
      1902    14-Aug          Juarez               Juan                                          9 months         Vomiting/Basca                               Zenon Juarez
      1902    14-Aug          Santana              Manuel                                        1 yr             Anemia                                       Manuel Santana
      1902    15-Aug          Romo                 Faustino                                      1 yr             Dysentery/Disenteria                         Masimiano Romo
      1902    24-Aug          Luna                 Maria de los Angeles                          8 days           Heart Problems/Corazon                       Siniesco Luna
      1902    26-Aug          Salas                Jasinto         Chinanpas                     55 yrs           Pain/Dolor                                   Jose Maria Salas
      1902    27-Aug          Balbuena             Genoveva                                      1 yr             Fever/Fiebre                                 Lazaro Balbuena
      1902    27-Aug          Lusero/Lucero        Epifanio                                      1 yr             Fever/Fiebre                                 Jose Lusero
      1902    28-Aug          Gallardo             Maria Ricarda   Jalisco, Mexico               29 yrs           Fever/Fiebre                                 Tiburcio Macias
      1902    29-Aug          Cibos                Erlinda                                       1 yr             Fever/Fiebre                                 Jesus Erminia Cobos
      1902    31-Aug          Hernandes            Antonio         Veracruz                      63 yrs           Fever/Fiebre                                 Lazaro Balbuena
      1902    31-Aug                                                                                              Fever/Fiebre                                 Luciano Salcido
      1902    6-Dec           Vera/Vera            Herlinda                                      9 months         Fever/Fiebre                                 Trinidad Vera
      1902    19-Dec          Martinez             Encarnacion     Ciudad Juarez                 2 yrs            Whooping Cough/Tos Ferina                    Luz Sapien
      1902    24-Dec          Ramirez              Josefina                                      1 mo             Fever/Fiebre                                 Jose Ramirez
      1902    4-Feb           Mena                 Leonardo        Santa Rosalia, Camargo        18 Years         Pneumonia/Pulmonia                           Federico Fino
      1902    8-Feb           Montes               Carmen          Santa Rosalia, Camargo        19 Years         Hear Attack/Dolor de Corazon                 Nicasia Montes
      1902    10-Feb          Regalado             Manuel                                        11 Months        Heart Attack/ Dolor de Corazon               Apolonio Regalado
      1902    11-Feb          Gallardo             Ramon                                         4 months         Pneumonia/Pulmonia                           Marcelino Gallardo
      1902    13-Feb          Madaleno             Salome                                        7 mo.            Pneumonia/Pulmonia                           Liborio Madaleno
      1902    14-Feb          Avalos               Tranquilino     Santa Rosalia, Camargo        16 yrs           Bladder/ Mal de la Bejiga                    Pedro Avalos
      1902    18-Feb          Morales              Jose                                          7 mo.            Cough/Tos                                    Canuto Morales
      1902    19-Feb          Gallegos             Manuel                                        1 mo             Pneumonia/Pulmonia                           Feliberto Gallegos
      1902    21-Feb          Mora                 Virginia        Serrogordo                    23 yrs           Fever/Fiebre                                 Hilario Delfin
      1902    24-Feb          Chavez               Luz             Morelios                      3 yrs            Inflamation/Inflamasion                      Ygnacio Chaves
      1902    27-Feb          Orona                Cipriano        Jimenes                       37 yrs           Ydropesia                                    Carmen Dias
      1902    8-Jan           Saavedra/Sabedra     Fransisco       Jalisco, Mexico               18 Years         Heart problems/Corazon                       Librado Sabedra
      1902    16-Jan          Alvarado             Maria           Durango, Mexico               15 years         Pneumonia/Pulmonia                           Ynes Uranga
      1902    20-Jan          Villalobos           Nicasio                                       2 years          Angina                                       Higinio Billalobos
      1902    23-Jan          Jaques               Guadalupe       Santa Rosalia, Camargo        67 years         Heart Problems/Corazon                       Severiano Jaques
      1902    31-Jan          Garcia               Martina                                       1 day                                                         Lucas Garcia
      1902    3-Jul           Ybarra               Martimiano      Estado Jalisco                1 yr             Vomiting/Basca                               Modesto Ybarra
      1902    4-Jul           Arrieta              Natividad       h.h.h.                        19 yrs           Cancer                                       Bernardino Arieta
      1902    5-Jul           Villalobos/BillalobosFelisiano                                     2 days           Born Ill/Nacio Enfermo                       Josse Billalobos
      1902    7-Jul           Ontiveros            Domitila                                      8 months         Whooping Cough/Tos Ferina                    Daniel Ontiveros
      1902    8-Jul           Morales              Salome                                        1 yr             Chicken Pox/Sarampion                        Refugio Morales
      1902    9-Jul           Casillas             Maria de las NieE. de Dios                    1 yr             Vomiting/Basca                               B enino Casillas
      1902    10-Jul          Subia                Petra           h.h.h.                        59 yrs           Fever/Fiebre                                 Jeronimo Bustamantes
      1902    11-Jul          Reyes                Jesus                                         1 day            Pain/Dolor                                   Fransisco Reyes
      1902    11-Jul          Maynes               Rosalia                                       10 Months        Vomiting/Basca                               Jose Maynes
      1902    12-Jul          Juarez               Juan                                          1 yr             Dysentery/Disenteria                         Pedro Juarez
      1902    12-Jul          Ortiz                Santos          h.h.h.                        53 yrs           Liver problem/Mal del Igado                  Bernabe Cordero
      1902    12-Jul          Fierro               Luisa                                         1 yr             Fever/Fiebre                                 Jesus Carmona
      1902    13-Jul          Robles               Elena                                         1 month          Fever/Fiebre                                 Carlos Robles
      1902    13-Jul          Marin                Reyes                                         1 yr             Dysentery/Disenteria                         Salome Marin
      1902    19-Jul          Garcia               Maria Carlota                                 3 months         Fever/Fiebre                                 Simon Garcia
      1902    20-Jul          Floriano             Jose                                          1 yr             Dysentery/Disenteria                         Estanislao Floriano
      1902    20-Jul          Anaya/Analla         Tafael                                        9 mo             Fever/Fiebre                                 Evaristo Estrada
      1902    21-Jul          Ortega               Bitoriano/Victoriano                          1 yr             Dysentery/Disenteria                         Alejo Ortega
      1902    21-Jul          Sandobal             Juana                                         8 months         Vomiting/Basca                               Jesus Sandobal
      1902    22-Jul          Calvillo             Refugia                                       1 yr             Fever/Fiebre                                 Lino Calvillo
      1902    26-Jul          Loya                 Domingo                                       1 yr             Blood Ailment/Mal de sangre                  Julio Loya
      1902    29-Jul          Miramontes           Joaquin         E. Dios                       1 yr             Dysentery/Disenteria                         Pablo Miramontes
      1902    4-Jun           Alvarado             Belen                                         22 yrs           Fever/Fiebre                                 Leon de la Cruz
      1902    6-Jun           Ortega               Josefina                                      10 Months        Fever/Fiebre                                 Bruno Ortega
      1902    8-Jun           Saavedra/Sabedra     Luisa                                         1 yr             Heart problems/Corazon                       Librado Saabedra
      1902    12-Jun          Gonzales             Bibiana                                       1 yr             Fever/Fiebre                                 Anastasio Gonsales
      1902    13-Jun          Hernandes            Susana          Santa Rosalia, Camargo        50 yrs           Un Ataque/An Attack                          Jose Hernandes
      1902    14-Jun          De Luna              Ysabel          h.h.h.                        1 yr             Disenteria/Dysentery                         Jose Luna
      1902    14-Jun          Salcido              Maria de Jesus  Santa Rosalia Camargo         112 yrs          Cough/Tos                                    Luciano Salcido
      1902    15-Jun          Guerra               Fransisco                                     10 Months        Fever/Fiebre                                 Mariano Guerra
      1902    18-Jun          Garcia               Bartolo                                       10 Months        Vomiting/Basca                               Felix Garcia
      1902    19-Jun          Regalado             Juana                                         4 yrs            Fever/Fiebre                                 Julio Regalado
      1902    21-Jun          Reynosa              Porfirio                                      2 yrs            Pneumonia/Pulmonia                           Teodoro Reynosa
      1902    24-Jun          Lugo                 Marselino       Sierra Mojada                 4 months         Fever/Fiebre                                 Seberiano Lugo
      1902    26-Jun          Arellan              Jesusita        Santa Rosalia                 8 months         Fever/Fiebre                                 Jesus Arellan
      1902    29-Jun          Martines             Feliberto                                     9 mo             Pneumonia/Pulmonia                           Margarito Martinez
      1902    29-Jun          Negrete              Fermina                                       2 yrs            Chicken Pox/Sarampion                        Bernardo Negrete
      1902    8-Mar           Lechuga              Jose            h.h.h.                        54 yrs           Epilepsy/Alferesia                           Pedro Miranda
      1902    10-Mar          Delfin               Marcelino                                     1 mo             Old Age/Vejes                                Hilario Delfin
      1902    25-Mar          Delgado              Feliciana                                     54 yrs           Inflamation/Inflamasion                      Romulo Alonzo
      1902    25-Mar          Ramos                Apolonia        Sta. de Dolores               116 yrs          Pneumonia/Pulmonia                           Jesus Jose Ramos
      1902    27-Mar          Salas                Candelario                                    2 months         Pneumonia/Pulmonia                           Juan Salas
      1902    30-Mar          Herro                Ysidoro                                       2 yrs            Fever/Fiebre                                 Florensio Herro
      1902    2-May           Lopes                Josefa                                        1 mo             Whooping Cough/Tos Ferina                    Primitivo Lopez
      1902    6-May           Chacon               Esiquel                                       1 mo             Fever/Fiebre                                 Jesus Chacon
      1902    16-May          Renteria             Guadalupe       San Ysidora                   24 yrs           Fever/Fiebre                                 Luis Ruacho
      1902    16-May          Romo                 Maria                                         50 yrs           Fever/Fiebre                                 Cresenciano Martinez
      1902    18-May          Salas                Margarita                                     18 yrs           Cough/Tos                                    Jesus Padilla
      1902    20-May          De Larosa            Gabino                                        1 yr             Vomiting/Basca                               Anacelio de la Rosa
      1902    20-May          Rodrigues            Cruz Fransisco                                16 days          Epilepsy/Alferesia                           Apolonia Rodrigues
      1902    25-May          Saabedra             Ynes            Estado Jalisco                11 yrs           Pneumonia/Pulmonia                           Librado Saabedra
      1902    29-May          Beltran              Petra           E. de Dios                    6 yrs            Fever/Fiebre                                 Casildo Beltran
      1902    2-Nov           Gonzalez             Silverio        San Bartolo                   55 yrs           Dysentery/Disenteria                         Faustina Baldivies
      1902    3-Nov           Salcido              Maria de Jesus  Via Florido                   52 yrs           Dysentery/Disenteria                         Pedro Herra
      1902    3-Nov           Moreno               Ramon           Santa Rosalia                 22 yrs           Heart problems/Corazon                       Masedonio Morales
      1902    6-Nov           Ramires              Piedad          E. h.h.h.                     28 yrs           Fever/Fiebre                                 Anddres Perez
      1902    8-Nov           Marques              Pedro                                         3 yrs            Pneumonia/Pulmonia                           Cresencio Marques
      1902    10-Nov          Perez                Nicolas                                       36 yrs           Paralysis/Paralis                            Gertrudes Aguirre
      1902    12-Nov          Chavez               Rita                                          55 yrs           Flu/Resfrio                                  Ysidro Flores
      1902    2-Oct           Campos               Gregoria                                      1 yr             Fever/Fiebre                                 Manuel Campos
      1902    2-Oct           Villalobos/BillalobosMaria           Encarnacion                   1 yr             Dysentery/Disenteria                         Marselino Villalobos
      1902    4-Oct           Montanes             Guadalupe       San Pablo                     10 Months        Angina                                       Josefa Salcido
      1902    8-Oct           Jimenes              Luz                                           3 yrs            Fever/Fiebre                                 Agustin Jimenez
      1902    10-Oct          Prieto               Ysabel                                        2 yrs            Firisia                                      Ysabel Prieto
      1902    14-Oct          Beltran              Asencion        En. De Di                     16 yrs           Pneumonia/Pulmonia                           Casildo Beltran
      1902    15-Oct          Camacho              Aniseta         h.h.h.                        40 yrs           Childbirth/de Parto                          Tomas Ballesteros
      1902    16-Oct          Padilla              Ursula          Estado Sinaloa                25 yrs           Bile/Las Bilis                               Simon Ornelas
      1902    19-Oct          Reyes                Florentina                                    5 mo             Pneumonia/Pulmonia                           Lorenzo Reyes
      1902    20-Oct          Perez                Dominga         E. de Dios                    10 Months        Fever/Fiebre                                 Crispin Perez
      1902    23-Oct          Rubio                Julia                                         3 yrs            Fever/Fiebre                                 Maria de Jesus Gonzales
      1902    25-Oct          Salas                Jose Maria      Citas                         60 yrs           Fever/Fiebre                                 Donasiano Salas
      1902    3-Sep           Rojas                Fransisco                                     1 yr             Fever/Fiebre                                 Fransisco Rojas
      1902    4-Sep           Regalado             Maria           Encarnacion                   2 yrs            Dysentery/Disenteria                         Pedro Regalado
      1902    6-Sep           Sianes               Espirition      Santa Rosalia                 7 mo.            Fever/Fiebre                                 Marselo Sianes
      1902    8-Sep           Gonzales             Pilar                                         1 yr             Fever/Fiebre                                 Seberiano Gonzales
      1902    11-Sep          Mata                 Tranquilino     h.h.h.                        2 yrs            Dysentery/Disenteria                         Cipriano Mata
      1902    11-Sep          Limon                Lorenza                                       1 yr             Dysentery/Disenteria                         Eleuteria Limon
      1902    18-Sep          Ramires              Apolonio        Santa Rosalia                 5 mo             Dysentery/Disenteria                         Rosalia Ramires
      1902    21-Sep          Najara               Carolina        Jimenes                       2 yrs            Indigestion/Empacho                          Demetrio Najaro
      1902    22-Sep          Chacon               Jesus           Parral Grande                 4 yrs            Fever/Fiebre                                 Pedro Chacon
      1902    25-Sep          Ortega               Josefa                                        8 days           Fever/Fiebre                                 Anselmo Ortega
      1902    30-Sep          Rubalcava/Rubalcoba  Mateo           Encarnacion                   22 yrs           Pain/Dolor                                   Bonifacio Garcia
      1903    3-Apr           Montes               Felicitas                                     3 days           Born Ill/Nacio Enfermo                       Felipe Montes
      1903    4-Apr           Salazar              Aurora                                        1 yr             Whooping Cough/Tos Ferina                    Matilde Salazar
      1903    13-Apr          Silva                Pauliana                                      1 month          Whooping Cough/Tos Ferina                    Blas Silva
      1903    16-Apr          Garcia               Demetrio                                      1 yr             Dysentery/Disenteria                         Juan Garcia
      1903    16-Apr          Regalado             Maunel                                        1 day            Epilepsy/Alferesia                           Leonides Regalado
      1903    17-Apr          Gomes                Felix           Estado Jalisco                30 yrs           Childbirth/De Parto                          Marselino Reyes
      1903    18-Apr          Castillo             Luz             h.h.h.                        4 yrs            Whooping Cough/Tos Ferina                    Perfecto Castillo
      1903    20-Apr          Vasques              Antonia                                       6 yrs            Whooping Cough/Tos Ferina                    Tomas Vasques
      1903    21-Apr          Domingues            Josefa                                        5 months         Pneumonia/Pulmonia                           Aniseto Domingues
      1903    26-Apr          Enriques             Alberto                                       6 yrs            Whooping Cough/Tos Ferina
      1903    5-Aug           Mendoza              Jose                                          5 years          Fever/Fiebre                                 Matias Mendoza
      1903    7-Aug           Aguilar              Guadalupe                                     22 months        Whooping Cough/Tos Ferina                    Eugenio Aguilar
      1903    8-Aug           Rescendes            Julio                                         3 months         Fever/Fiebre                                 Alejandro Resendes
      1903    15-Aug          Castillo             Hisidro/Ysidro                                1 year           Dysentery/Disenteria                         Florentino Castillo
      1903    16-Aug          Saavedra/Sabedra     Francisco                                     4 months         Dysentery/Disenteria                         Librado Sabedra
      1903    19-Aug          Ramos                Juan                                          8 months         Fever/Fiebre                                 Jose Ramos
      1903    24-Aug          Ortega               Matilde         Santa Rosalia                 9 months         Pneumonia/Pulmonia                           Encarnacion Ortega
      1903    1-Dec           Salcido              Natividad       Santa Rosalia                 25 years
      1903    4-Dec           Franco               Feliciano       E. D.                         70 years
      1903    18-Dec          Lopes                Garbriel        La Catecas                    55 years
      1903    18-Dec          Reyes                Eligia                                        17 days
      1903    5-Feb           Contreras            Ysabel          Santa Rosalia                 12 yrs           Jul De Sangre                                Antonio Contreras
      1903    6-Feb           Avalos               Tomas           Mazatlan                      34 yrs           Pneumonia/Pulmonia                           Pedro Miranda
      1903    21-Feb          Cordero              Valentin                                      9 days           Blood/Sangre                                 Bernabe Cordero
      1903    25-Feb          Ferrones             Sebero                                        4 months         Cough/Tos                                    Dario Ferrones
      1903    Feb-29          Escamilla            Ricardo         Santa Rosalia                 59 yrs           Operation/Operacion                          Genoveva Gonzales
      1903    15-Jan          Flores               Secundina       Santa Rosalia                 65 yrs           Pneumonia/Pulmonia                           Teodoro Melendres
      1903    19-Jan          Hernandes            Silverio        Se. de Mata                   7 yrs            Fever/Fiebre                                 Pedro Hernandes
      1903    23-Jan          Ornelas              Rafael          E.h.h.h.                      5 yrs            Pain/Dolor                                   Simon Ornelas
      1903    25-Jan          Carrion              Cruz Fransisco                                13 yrs           Vomiting/Basca y Area                        Aurelio Carreon
      1903    28-Jan                                                                                                                                           Donasiano Salcido
      1903    28-Jan          Melendres            Domingo         Santa Rosalia                 60 yrs           Pneumonia/Pulmonia                           Sostenes Melendres
      1903    3-Jul           Bustillos            Candelaria      Santa Rosalia                 11 years         Whooping Cough/Tos Ferina                    Daniel Rodrigues
      1903    4-Jul           Rodrigues            Maria Esperanza                               1 year           Dysentery/Disenteria                         Braulio Olguin
      1903    5-Jul           Magallanes           Juana           Santa Rosalia                 49 years         Fever/Fiebre                                 Pultarco Salazar
      1903    5-Jul           Salazar              Epigmenia                                     3 years          Fever/Fiebre                                 Epigmenio Salazar
      1903    14-Jul          Dias                 Francisca       E. C. L.                      9 months         Stomach/Estomago                             Francisca Dias
      1903    15-Jul          Mendoza              Juan                                          3 months         Fever/Fiebre                                 Jose Mendoza
      1903    18-Jul          Rodrigues            Nieves          Santa Rosalia                 11 months        Dysentery/Disenteria                         Guaquin Rodrigues
      1903    22-Jul          Beltran              Auscencio       Encarnacion                   23 years         Fever/Fiebre                                 Casildo Beltran
      1903    24-Jul          Mejia/Megilla        Maria                                         1 day            Born Sick/Nasio Enferma                      Pabla Megilla
      1903    24-Jul          De Luna              Francisco                                     2 months         Dysentery/Disenteria                         Jose De Luna
      1903    24-Jul          Macias               Pedro                                         5 months         Whooping Cough/Tos Ferina                    Feliz Masias
      1903    26-Jul          Portillo             Maria           Santa Rosalia                 30 years         Pneumonia/Pulmonia                           Daniel Rodrigues
      1903    28-Jul          Corrales             Elena           Santa Rosalia                 56 years         Dysentery/Disenteria                         Manuel Santana
      1903    30-Jul          Flores               Mersed                                        10 days          Pain/Dolor                                   Jesus Flores
      1903    3-Jun           Luna                 Petra                                         1 year           Whooping Cough/Tos Ferina                    Fermin Luna
      1903    4-Jun           Martines             Felipa          E. h.h.h.                     1 year           Fever/Fiebre                                 Jesus Martines
      1903    6-Jun           Banda                Miguel          Estado de Durango             34 years         Pneumonia/Pulmonia                           Juan Miguel Banda
      1903    8-Jun           Rojas                Petronila                                     6 days           Attaches/De Ataques                          Francisco Rojas
      1903    16-Jun          Floriano             Migueila                                      2 years          Headache/Dolor De Cabeza                     Benito Floriano
      1903    24-Jun          Reyes                Maria                                         2 years          Pneumonia/Pulmonia                           Bisente Balades
      1903    24-Jun          Resendes             Daria           E. h.h.h.                     5 years          Fever/Fiebre                                 Jesus Jose Bustillos
      1903    26-Jun          Balades              Ramon                                         8 days           Heart problems/Corazon                       Alejandro Resendes
      1903    4-Mar           Bustamantes          Geronimo        Enramada                      79 yrs           Pneumonia/Pulmonia                           Juan Bustamantes
      1903    16-Mar          Martines             Bernardino      Santa Rosalia                 33 yrs           Dysentery/Disenteria                         Locadio Najara
      1903    17-Mar          Serrano              Maria           Estado Jalisco                2 yrs            Dysentery/Disenteria                         Ferman Ruiz
      1903    19-Mar          Covarubio            Felipe          Santa Rosalia                 22 yrs           Pneumonia/Pulmonia                           Antonio Covarubio
      1903    24-Mar          Najara               Carlos                                        8 months         Dysentery/Disenteria                         Locadio Najara
      1903    25-Mar          Garcia               Tiofila         Estado de Jalisco             66 yrs           Fever/Fiebre                                 Antonio Medrano
      1903    30-Mar          Franco               Josefa                                        1 yr             bilis derramada                              Carlos Reyes
      1903    2-May           Chavaria             Jose                                          4 days           Born Ill/Nacio Enfermo                       Emilio Chavaria
      1903    3-May           Acosta               Felipa                                        5 days           Born Ill/Nacio Enfermo                       Bernabe Juarez
      1903    12-May          Ramires              Silverio                                      1 month          Whooping Cough/Tos Ferina                    Silverio Ramires
      1903    16-May          Martines             Agapita                                       8 months         Fever/Fiebre                                 Refugio Martines
      1903    17-May          Herra                Marcos                                        20 days          Pneumonia/Pulmonia                           Pedro Herra
      1903    28-May          Espinoza             Maria                                         3 months         Pneumonia/Pulmonia                           Luz Sapien
      1903    4-Nov           Subia                Lorenzo                                       2 years

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