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Hillcrest Cemetery is located just off McClanahan Road
Approximately 3 to 4 miles Northeast of Marlin

GPS Coordinates  31.32551, -96.86930

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Hillcrest Cemetery Entrance

Hillcrest Cemetery Entrance Plaque with Names

Terry Dickens Mayor

---------- Aldermen ----------

H. B. Stallworth, Jr.                                                     R. C. Reed

C. T. Denard                                                                H. E. Walters

Joe Novich                                                                   P. A. Lindsay

N. W. Goodrich, Secy.

W. A. McKnight, Coll.                                                   P. J. Windsor, Treas

E. L. Walsto, Marshall                                                  C. M. Pearce, Atty.

John V. Barton, Archt.

N. M. McGinnis, Archt.

----- 1955 -----

Another View of Hillcrest Cemetery Entrance
Another View of Hillcrest Cemetery Entrance
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