Mettina Cemetery
Falls County, Texas

GPS Coordinates 31.46601, -96.77221


on NE corner of “S” curve
Falls Co. Rd. 175



A hugeThank You to Bill & Barbara (Caddell) Fox for this survey and driving directions

Directions from Mart:

Go south on South Co. Line Rd. (aka CR171) to the “T”

Turn left onto CR 172, go approximately 0.4 miles

When the road “Y’s”; take LCR 610 to the right

Stay on LCR 610 for approximately 1.3 miles

Turn right onto LCR 611.

Stay on LCR 611 for approximately 0.6 miles

Turn left onto CR 175

Stay on CR 175 for approximately 1.2 miles

As you are passing the house on the right, the cemetery is on the corner that you are approaching, on the left, in the pasture

The Mettina Cemetery sign near the road on the fence row is covered by tree leaves & brush during the spring & summer


If you had family in the Mettina area you might want to check the cemetery listings for St. John’s Cemetery.  St. John’s Church at Otto had its beginning in the Mettina community as St. John’s Evangelical Church in the year 1886.  The Rev. F. Werning, a traveling pastor of the Evangelical Synod of North America, was the organizing pastor and served the congregation the first four years of its existence.

Worship services for the new congregation were held twice a month in the William Hommel home.  For a brief time they also met in a vacant farm house until the congregation built the Mettina School in 1889.  This building served as a community church and school for the next thirteen years.

In 1902 the Mettina property was sold and St. John’s was relocated to its present site at Otto.  The present church building was dedicated in 1930.

The above info was taken from
A Centennial History of Riesel, Texas 1881 - 1981
Compiled and written by Mrs. Dorothy Kuehl
(page 36)
Submitted by Barbara (Caddell) Fox

Overview Picture of Mettina Cemetery

Submitted by Bill Fox

Before and After Mettina Cemetery Sign

Many thanks to Bill Fox for finding it, clearing it and getting a picture of it

Driveway to Mettina Cemetery

Picture 1
Picture 2

Submitted by Bill Fox

11 marked graves some of the tombstones have German words that we did not understand. We did not copy most of those words

Starting at the south side of the cemetery

Last Name

First Name






Oct 20 1834

Sep 2 1903

Christoph was born in Germany.

Married Anna Maria Kieffer Knecht on October 4, 1881 in Zionville, Washington County, Texas.  She is buried in St. Paul Church of Christ Cemetery, Marlin

Stepfather of Frederick George Knecht, Christina Knecht and Caroline Ann Knecht. 

Christoph and Anna Maria had two children together Marie Gunda and Erna Rose; St. Paul Church of Christ Cemetery, Marlin - All info submitted by Mary Ann Luedke Morgan

It looks like Huttenloghin in this photo but it's not -bcf

Picture submitted by Barbara (Caddell) Fox



Oct 28 1814

Jun 1898

It looked like June –bcf

Picture submitted by Barbara (Caddell) Fox


Koroline D.

Aug 1855

Jan 20 1898

This marker is a german/russian cross made of iron & porcelain.  They are known as "prairie crosses".  The dates are on the porcelain part of it. –bcf

A close up shot of Koroline D. Wolf’s name plate.  You faintly see the gold writing above Koroline name.  It’s a little easier to see it below her name. –bcf

Another view of Koroline D. Wolf’s marker.

Fence around Koroline D. Wolf

Shield on the gate of Koroline D. Wolf

The Shield reads:


Pictures submitted by Barbara (Caddell) Fox


Else Johanna

Marz 2 1881

Jul 23 1891

“tochter von Friedericka and Wilhelm Hommel”

This says Daughter of Friedericka and Wilhelm Hommel

"tochter" according to an online German to English dictionary meaning "daughter" &  "von" means "of" -bcf

The word Marz is there for March –bcf

Picture submitted by Barbara (Caddell) Fox 


Augustus Gustov

Oct 6 1837

Dec 14 1893

Picture submitted by Barbara (Caddell) Fox 


Johan G.

Dec 4 1856

Jun 7 1893

Picture submitted by Barbara (Caddell) Fox 



Dec 27 1884

Dec 14 1891

There is also an illegible Adams Funeral Home Marker for Gustov Kuehne.

Picture submitted by Barbara (Caddell) Fox 


Christoph E.

Jul 5 1890

Jun 5 1892

Son of G. and M. Vogel

Picture submitted by Barbara (Caddell) Fox 





Age 18 months

Picture submitted by Barbara (Caddell) Fox 


(See Notes)



Littlepage Funeral Home Marker

This marker is laying on the ground after Bertha Strunck tombstone

Close up picture of this marker

At night by flashlight it looks like Catherine (Strunck?)  (born: 1905?)  died: seems to be blank. -bcf

Picture submitted by Barbara (Caddell) Fox 


Isidor E.

Oct 18 1892

Nov 11 1892

Picture submitted by Barbara (Caddell) Fox