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Posted Thursday, January 24, 2008

Trucker Loses Control Slams Into Cemetery
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Trucker Loses Control Slams Into Cemetery

PHILLIPS - A trucker suffering from severe pain drove off the road and into a cemetery Wednesday evening.

The truck crashed through a fence of the Phillips graveyard between Lott and Travis in Falls county. The out of control truck created large ruts in the grass and damaged a number of grave markers.

The driver lost control of his large truck after suffering pain from a medical condition.

The driver was taken to Falls Community Hospital with non-life threatening injuries.


The Truck Smashed Through This Fence

Tire Ruts Inches From Grave Markers

Flying Debris Knocked Over Fences

Several Grave Markers Were Damaged

Debris Off Of The Truck Remain

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The following info was submitted by Marla Wallace

If I misspelled any of the names, please excuse me it was raining and very cold yesterday afternoon when Pauline and I were going through her list.  Also, we are so fortunate that Pauline has kept such good records through the years I certainly have my work cut out trying to duplicate her efforts.

Below is the list of stones that were damaged:

Scott Plot Curbing

John H. Scott Foot Stone

John H. Scott Upright Double Marker

Infant Scott Upright Small Marker

Warren Massey Upright/Tall Single Marker (large)

Martha Ellen Massey Upright/Tall Single Marker (large)

Margaret Estelle Massey Upright/Tall Single Marker (large)

Sam and Nellie Davis Flat Double Marker

Vonda Scott Crocker Flat Single Marker

John H. Scott, Jr. Flat Double Marker

Charles Stegall Upright Double Marker

Ludwig Plot Curbing

John H. Ludwig Flat Double Marker

Shirley Ludwig Upright Single Marker

John Ludwig, Jr. Upright Single Marker

J. Albert Ludwig Upright Single Marker

Emma M. Ludwig Upright Single Marker

Albert Marth Upright Single Marker

Albertina Marth Upright Single Marker

Charles J. Stuckey Foot Stone

Charlie J. & Nettie W. Stuckey Flat Double Marker

Lillian Koppa Upright Single Marker