1904 Falls County, Texas Death Certificates

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(unknown baby boy).jpeg (130039 bytes)

(unknown baby boy).jpeg

(unknown baby boy) (2).jpeg (172039 bytes)

(unknown baby boy) (2).jpeg

(unknown baby boy) (3).jpeg (168241 bytes)

(unknown baby boy) (3).jpeg

(unknown baby boy) (4).jpeg (196679 bytes)

(unknown baby boy) (4).jpeg

(unknown baby boy) (5).jpeg (190960 bytes)

(unknown baby boy) (5).jpeg

(unknown baby boy).jpeg (225024 bytes)

(unknown baby boy).jpeg

(unknown baby girl) (2).jpeg (184012 bytes)

(unknown baby girl) (2).jpeg

(unknown baby girl) (3).jpeg (184012 bytes)

(unknown baby girl) (3).jpeg

(unknown baby girl) (4).jpeg (188560 bytes)

(unknown baby girl) (4).jpeg

(unknown baby girl).jpeg (172039 bytes)

(unknown baby girl).jpeg

A-, Vergil.jpeg (210477 bytes)

A-, Vergil.jpeg

Ables, Earl.jpeg (113815 bytes)

Ables, Earl.jpeg

Anderson, May.jpeg (248981 bytes)

Anderson, May.jpeg

Armstrong, Amanda.jpeg (199508 bytes)

Armstrong, Amanda.jpeg

Baker, C C (male).jpeg (196009 bytes)

Baker, C C (male).jpeg

Barnes, Welton.jpeg (176170 bytes)

Barnes, Welton.jpeg

Barrett, William Thomas.jpeg (197651 bytes)

Barrett, William Thomas.jpeg

Bell, Bertha.jpeg (176170 bytes)

Bell, Bertha.jpeg

Bennett (baby boy).jpeg (184227 bytes)

Bennett (baby boy).jpeg

Berrant (baby boy).jpeg (197651 bytes)

Berrant (baby boy).jpeg

Bertrand, E G (male).jpeg (191472 bytes)

Bertrand, E G (male).jpeg

Bowen, Claud.jpeg (196009 bytes)

Bowen, Claud.jpeg

Bryant (baby boy).jpeg (186126 bytes)

Bryant (baby boy).jpeg

Bryant, Sam.jpeg (186126 bytes)

Bryant, Sam.jpeg

Burnes, Mattie.jpeg (184161 bytes)

Burnes, Mattie.jpeg

Burns (baby boy).jpeg (184227 bytes)

Burns (baby boy).jpeg

Burton, Robert.jpeg (184161 bytes)

Burton, Robert.jpeg

Burton, Thomas N.jpeg (179857 bytes)

Burton, Thomas N.jpeg

Buzby (baby girl).jpeg (191472 bytes)

Buzby (baby girl).jpeg

Carr, Nap..jpeg (183660 bytes)

Carr, Nap..jpeg

Carter (baby girl).jpeg (206427 bytes)

Carter (baby girl).jpeg

Cherry, Mary I.jpeg (192774 bytes)

Cherry, Mary I.jpeg

Childress, Liza.jpeg (183660 bytes)

Childress, Liza.jpeg

Clements (baby boy).jpeg (192774 bytes)

Clements (baby boy).jpeg

Coleman, Jerry.jpeg (193825 bytes)

Coleman, Jerry.jpeg

Crawford, Annie Lee.jpeg (206427 bytes)

Crawford, Annie Lee.jpeg

Crawley, Jerry.jpeg (192846 bytes)

Crawley, Jerry.jpeg

Daniels, Nancy S.jpeg (201750 bytes)

Daniels, Nancy S.jpeg

Davis, Lucy Lee (Mrs).jpeg (201750 bytes)

Davis, Lucy Lee (Mrs).jpeg

Drennen, Eplicans (male).jpeg (180835 bytes)

Drennen, Ephram.jpeg

Dubose, John.jpeg (180835 bytes)

Dubose, John.jpeg

Edmiston, Dee.jpeg (98077 bytes)

Edmiston, Dee.jpeg

Eubanks, Sallie.jpeg (132461 bytes)

Eubanks, Sallie.jpeg

Fandi, Elizabeth.jpeg (206153 bytes)

Fandi, Elizabeth.jpeg

Fletcher, Mary.jpeg (127835 bytes)

Fletcher, Mary.jpeg

Freudenberg, - (female).jpeg (206153 bytes)

Freudenberg, - Miss.jpeg

Frosch, Andrew.jpeg (199791 bytes)

Frosch, Andrew.jpeg

Galoway, William Wilson.jpeg (187473 bytes)

Galoway, William Wilson.jpeg

Garrett, Willie.jpeg (136789 bytes)

Garrett, Willie.jpeg

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