1918 Falls County, Texas Death Certificates

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(female, age 92).jpeg (267782 bytes)

(female, age 92).jpeg

(white female, age 2).jpeg (240730 bytes)

(white female, age 2).jpeg

(white female, age 26).jpeg (253897 bytes)

(white female, age 26).jpeg

Anderson, Lela (Miss).jpeg (252740 bytes)

Anderson, Lela (Miss).jpeg

Arminditis, Mary (Mrs).jpeg (810638 bytes)

Arminditis, Mary (Mrs).jpeg

Arnold, R H (male).jpeg (420395 bytes)

Arnold, R H (male).jpeg

Avery (baby girl).jpeg (269024 bytes)

Avery (baby girl).jpeg

Baey (baby girl).jpeg (276092 bytes)

Baey (baby girl).jpeg

Bailey (baby boy).jpeg (283657 bytes)

Bailey (baby boy).jpeg

Baldwin (baby girl).jpeg (260403 bytes)

Baldwin (baby girl).jpeg

Ballmann, Elnor Robert Lee (male).jpeg (717227 bytes)

Ballmann, Elnor Robert Lee (male).jpeg

Bauldin (baby girl).jpeg (246988 bytes)

Bauldin (baby girl).jpeg

Bazzle, George.jpeg (384880 bytes)

Bazzle, George.jpeg

Beach (baby).jpeg (254829 bytes)

Beach (baby).jpeg

Beal (baby girl).jpeg (747445 bytes)

Beal (baby girl).jpeg

Beal, Bill P.jpeg (261762 bytes)

Beal, Bill P.jpeg

Biles, - (Mrs Henry).jpeg (267705 bytes)

Biles, - (Mrs Henry).jpeg

Bloodsow, Jno.jpeg (718278 bytes)

Bloodsow, Jno.jpeg

Boers, Alice Maxine.jpeg (272890 bytes)

Boers, Alice Maxine.jpeg

Bone, Minnie Mae (girl).jpeg (239137 bytes)

Bone, Minnie Mae (girl).jpeg

Boren, Zebide Miller (male).jpeg (285550 bytes)

Boren, Zebide Miller (male).jpeg

Bowen (baby boy).jpeg (255890 bytes)

Bowen (baby boy).jpeg

Bowlin, L D (male).jpeg (823487 bytes)

Bowlin, L D (male).jpeg

Boyd, Oscar.jpeg (271945 bytes)

Boyd, Oscar.jpeg

Bria (baby boy).jpeg (253003 bytes)

Bria (baby boy).jpeg

Brink, Lillie (Mrs).jpeg (289482 bytes)

Brink, Lillie (Mrs).jpeg

Brock, Elizabeth (Mrs).jpeg (255319 bytes)

Brock, Elizabeth (Mrs).jpeg

Brod, Regina (Mrs).jpeg (270075 bytes)

Brod, Regina (Mrs).jpeg

Buckholt, Anton.jpeg (718441 bytes)

Buckholt, Anton.jpeg

Bush, Gorden (Miss).jpeg (743684 bytes)

Bush, Gorden (Miss).jpeg

Cagle (baby boy).jpeg (277380 bytes)

Cagle (baby boy).jpeg

Cartwright, Dave.jpeg (262603 bytes)

Cartwright, Dave.jpeg

Castro, Rita (baby girl).jpeg (278638 bytes)

Castro, Rita (baby girl).jpeg

Commander (baby boy).jpeg (279539 bytes)

Commander (baby boy).jpeg

Cook, Penelope R (Mrs).jpeg (269329 bytes)

Cook, Penelope R (Mrs).jpeg

Cooks, Tinnie Bell (Mrs).jpeg (693685 bytes)

Cooks, Tinnie Bell (Mrs).jpeg

Corona, Lee (boy).jpeg (265373 bytes)

Corona, Lee (boy).jpeg

Covington, George.jpeg (254729 bytes)

Covington, George.jpeg

Crockett, Sarah (Mrs).jpeg (472271 bytes)

Crockett, Sarah (Mrs).jpeg

Cross, W A (Mrs).jpeg (277994 bytes)

Cross, W A (Mrs).jpeg

Crouch, B F (Mrs).jpeg (280084 bytes)

Crouch, B F (Mrs).jpeg

Custrd, Henrietta (Mrs).jpeg (784597 bytes)

Custrd, Henrietta (Mrs).jpeg

Davis (baby boy).jpeg (276203 bytes)

Davis (baby boy).jpeg

Davis, C R (male).jpeg (269153 bytes)

Davis, C R (male).jpeg

Davis, Myrtle (Miss).jpeg (268429 bytes)

Davis, Myrtle (Miss).jpeg

Davis, Samantha (Mrs).jpeg (657590 bytes)

Davis, Samantha (Mrs).jpeg

Dickens, Charles Newton (2).jpeg (249571 bytes)

Dickens, Charles Newton (2).jpeg

Dickens, Charles Newton.jpeg (262892 bytes)

Dickens, Charles Newton.jpeg

Dieter (baby girl).jpeg (260160 bytes)

Dieter (baby girl).jpeg

Dixon, Lola Doskey (Mrs).jpeg (282854 bytes)

Dixon, Lola Doskey (Mrs).jpeg

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