Typed and spelled as written:
Kay Cunningham


The Marlin Democrat
Marlin, Texas, Thursday, March 3, 1904


Filed since last report:


Bertha H. Moore, aged 27, consumption; Mooreville.

William McGruder, aged 2, pneumonia and diptheria; Golinda.

Edward O'Neal, aged 50, Brighte's disease; Durango. 

Julia Gwyn, aged 59, pneumonia; Durango.

John Dubvse, aged 21, appendicitis; Stranger.

Infants: (4),near Kosse, near Lott, Drango (2).


Gustave Abile, Perry; girl.

Rudolph Nixon, Cego; boy.

Edward Smith, Blevins; boy.

James Tarver, Rosebud; girl.

E. Marshal, near Eddy; boy.

J. M. Jones, near Eddy; girl.

Wm Guggolz, Stamp; boy.

J. G. Halder, Perry, boy.

H. R. McKim. Lott; girl.

J. J. Jordan, Lott; girl.

James McGaha, Lott; girl.

W. F. Hoelscher, Westphalia; girl.

Ollie Spivey, Lott; boy.

Ed Phennis, Durango; boy.

J. Lee, Durango; girl.

Peter McCloud, Durango; boy.

John Strenn, Cego; girl.

Jim Hirston, Durango; girl.

E. S. Selph, near Blevins; girl.

J. D. Pickett, Stranger; boy.

_____ Griggsby, Stranger, girl.  (note: this was a blank line in paper also) kc

Joe Jimines, Stranger; girl.

Ed Lyn, Reagan; boy.

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