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Duncan Family Census Records - 1860

Morgan Family Records

Sullens and Sullins Family Records - 1900

Tull Family Records

Powell - Tull Cemetery Web Site of Roy Juch

Tull - Hicks Family Reunion Web Site of Roy Juch

Weaver, Howard, James & Long Family Records

Bridgewater, Bridgwater Family Records

Eight to ten thousand Bridgewater individuals identified.
Spanning five centuries and several continents

Descendants of William Dempsey Ledbetter

Lots of names here

Descendants of William Lee Henderson Wilhite

Lots of names here

Stone, Williams, & Davis

And Others

Tarbert / Torbett Family

Submitted by Malcolm Edwin Tarbert

1900 Census
Pct. 4 ED, Page 22, Line 10B

Submitted by Ric Gordon

1900 Census
Pct. 4 ED, Page 22, Line 14A

Submitted by Ric Gordon

1910 Census
Pct. 4 ED, Page 54, Line 20B

Submitted by Ric Gordon

Rufus P. Watts Family Records

Submitted by Wilda Murphy

Abraham Pevehouse

And Others

Submitted by Eddie Day Pevehouse

McGlaun Family Records

Surnames include:
Gaskin, Patton, Pie, Parham, Boom, Fortune,
Goolsby, Lynch, Price, Bangle, Cantrell, & Hill

Submitted by Ken and Jane Gates

Mahoney Family Records

Submitted by Mary

Barron Family Records

Surnames include:
Barron, Heddlesten, Higgins, Ledford, Taylor, Vondell, Brewer, Burns, Lee, Weimer, Copeland, Hendrix, Eller, Nelson, Pippin, Hiatt, Cavallo, Peppas, Detches, Fine, Clay, Stoller, Barker, Hopkins, Gosnell, Reese, Breuninger, Shelton, & Courtney

Submitted by Arlin Dale "Fuzzy" Barron

Descendants of Volentine Kay

Surnames include:
Kay, Allen, Baker, Petit, Brooks, Neal, Tull, McClain, Hendrix,
Mahnken, Corbitt, Rae, Walker, Horton, & Amsden

Submitted by Cheryl Governale

Descendants of Reuben Alexander Brown

Surnames include:
Brown, Kay, Kennedy, Hunt, Wilson, Sypert, Cagle, Payne, Curd, Stone, Eddins, Senuta, Erskine, Frost, Criswell, Koukas, Denard, Tate, Wiggins, Chatmas, Phillips, Beasley, Lattner, & Coffey

Submitted by Cheryl Governale

Descendants of Eli L. Kay

Surnames include:
Kay, Carter, Thompson, Alston, Martin, Barr, Jacobson, Holmes, Hilton, Byrd, Yarbrough, Russom, Williams, Hollingsworth, Johnson, Baugh, Timms, Coleman, Cousins, Clark, & Tate

Submitted by Cheryl Governale

Joseph Weldon Gibbs
of Rosebud, Falls County, Texas

Surnames include:
Gibbs, Donaldson, Chertorisky, Lamoreaux, Talley, Lucus, & Garrett

Submitted by Joseph A. Gibbs, Lt. Col. US Army Retired

Criswell, Erskine & Durham Families

Submitted by Jeanette Jordan

Abner Miller Stone Family

Charley David Stone Family

John Carson Calhoun Criswell Family

Thomas Turner Criswell Family

Friends and Neighbors etc of Criswell Family

Submitted by Lena Stone Criswell

Weaver, Howard, James, & Long Families

My family history now includes information of over 3100 individuals with a large majority directly related to people in or near Rosebud, Falls, Co., and also included are some from Milam and McLennan Counties.
All though posted on my web page it doesn't contain all the data that I have.
I welcome inquires, request and corrections!

Submitted by James H. Weaver

Braden Family

Surnames include:
Braden, Wilson, Mitchell, Henry, Ratliff, Douglas, Caldwell, Hardin, Davis, & Grissom

Submitted by Douglas Braden

Mitchell & Garrett Family

Surnames include:
Garrett, Dixon, Malone, Reeves, Mitchell, Mrosko, Reed, Stirm, Adams, Clark, Davis, Damarl, Tulloch, Schuster, Tarver, Dubois, Ashleigh, Manasco, Crane, McVicker, Castillo, Grimes, Vasquez, Coleman, Gibbs, Summers, Courtney, Reinke, Tennyson, Skiles, Bradshaw, Harrison, Smith, Williams, Stanford, Youngblood, Taylor, McComb, Chernosky, Smelly, Ciot, Kryuchkova, Crook, Rostovcev, Andreev, Mayfield, Berry, Cannon, Griffin, Fisher, Walling, Wolfram, Bratton, Walker, Scarbrough, Keesee, Tate, Haynes, Martin, Chessher

Submitted by Jim Dixon

Butts, Parton, Wilcox, & Gross Family

Submitted by Becky Parton

Byrne Family

Submitted by Jim Brasher

Falls County Texas Records - Vol. 1

Compiled by Kathryn Curtsinger Hill and Evelyn Curtsinger Martin

Submitted by Evelyn Curtsinger Martin

McCoy Family

Submitted by Tim McCoy

Roberts, Ellis, Griffin, Hill, Phillips & Murphy Family

Submitted by Jonelle Ellis Russell

Capers Family

Submitted by Vinita Lynch Shaw

Hudson & Duke Family

Submitted by Marie Ellett

Loria and DeNina Families
of Poggioreale, Sicily

Some of the more common surnames in Poggioreale (past and present) are Abbate, Accardo, Accurso, Agosta, Alesi, Allegro, Aloisio, Ancona, Anselmo, Apicella, Arcuri, Augello, Bella, Blanda, Bufalo, Burgano', Cacioppo, Calamia, Camardo, Campisi, Cangelosi, Cangemi, Cannatella, Cannella, Cannizzaro, Cantavespri, Caronna, Cascio, Catalano, Ceneri, Ciaccio, Chiappetta, Ciancetta, Clesi, Coltello, Console, Corte, Cuccia, Cunzulo, Cutelli, de Paula, de Petra, DeNina, Dibenedetto, Failla, Falco, Falsone, Fasullo, Fazzino, Fontana, Furmuso, Gagliano, Garacci, Giacone, Gracciano, Guarisco, Ienna, Impastato, Ippolito, La Rocca, Labruzzo, La Vite, Leggio, Leto, Lombardo, Loria, Mangogna, Maniscalco, Martorana, Messina, Milazzo, Milici, Monticciolo, Mule', Palasota, Palazzotto, Palermo, Pizzolato, Ricca, Roppolo, Sacco, Salsiccia, Salvaggio, Salvato, Sancetta, Scamardo, Scardino, Scarpinato, Sparacino, Stagno, Stillone, Strada, Stranci, Termine, Todaro, Tritico, Tusa, Valvo, Varisco, Vella, Venezia, Viola, Zinnanti, and Zummo

Submitted by Robert Lowry

John Peter Vanbibber, Sr. Family

Submitted by Linda Everhart

Turner and Alston Family Census Records

Submitted by Georgann Hunter

Descendants of Alexander Hardiman McAlpine

Submitted by Norwood Cooper
Genealogy of a Cooper Family of Texas

Descendants of Adams, Bass, Myers, Miers,
Mires, Mullins, Price, & Pryce

Submitted by Mayme Hause

Descendants of Rachui, Rachuy, & Rachuig Families

Submitted by Mayme Hause

Descendants of Ward Families

Submitted by Sharon Ward

Descendants of McCreary & Magee Families

May, Magee, Collins, McCreary, Davis, Meyers,
Allen, Sale, Priest, Parks, Ruble, Vehon

Submitted by David McCreary Earle

Descendants of Thomas Jefferson Prewitt

Prewitt, Pruett, Marlin, Anderson, McDonald, Gentry

Submitted by Dorothy M. Breedlove

Malinda (McGinnis) Meyers

Submitted by Submitted by Min. Marshall Meyers Bell and Andre Walker

King - Dorsett Family History

Submitted by Jack King


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