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Family History of Rebecca Louise Myers Adams


Jacob Miers, as spelled in very early documentation, was born in Westphalia Palatine about 1730 d. 1802-1808 Jackson Co. GA. He married Anna Maria Hagar/Hager “Margaret”, who was probably born in the Palatine/Palatin also about 1730. Their parents are not known at this time. The first group of children was born there before the family immigrated to the Colonies in Pennsylvania in 1760. Son Abraham was the first child born in Philadelphia after arriving in 1760 Later the family moved on to Chester Co. South Carolina and then into northeastern Georgia, Jackson Co.   Following are the children:


Jacob 1750 m. Ana Engt

Lewis 1752 m. Mary Unk

John 1756

William Samford 1758

Abraham 1760 d. 1840 Winston Co. AL m. Sarah Roberson d/o Henry Roberson and unk. Her family emigrated from England.

Nancy 1761 m. Lewis Haynor/Hanor/Hiner

Barbary 1763 m. ? Roberson-? Williams

Sarah 1762 d. Oct. 28, 1849

George 1766

Isaac Oct. 1777 d. 1840

Alcy m. David Rutherford Jackson Co. GA Oct. 6, 1808 b. 1779


The family is found just before 1800 in Chester Co. SC. Jacob is said to have served in the Rev. War, and received a land bounty for his service. Jacob died about 1803, after being awarded land in Jackson Co. GA., later Flower Mound, Hall Co. when the boundaries were adjusted. The family is noted in the papers of Gov. Habersham of Georgia when the land was ceded from the Cherokees in 1825.  Also, the family of Bud Mullens [family of Nancy Mullens/Mullins] was noted in these papers.  Abraham and some of his sons-in-law also noted in Hall and Jackson Cos. where Lake Lanier is located, now the area is under water.  Abraham had married and was living in the area as well as other family members. The Miers/Myers remained in Georgia until after the Land Lottery in the 1830’s, when they migrated to the area of Walker, Cullman and Blount Cos. in the northeastern part of Alabama in the area between the Sipsey and Mulberry Rivers. By now the family name had been changed to Myres/Myers.  Abraham and Sarah were recorded in the Winston and Walker Cos, AL. areas until after 1850 US Alabama census. Margaret, the mother, had remained in Georgia as well as Barbary Roberson Williams, until their deaths.  A few of the other members came later to Alabama with many of the family eventually coming on to Texas. 


The children of Abraham b. 1760 PA. d 1840 Winston Co. AL and Sarah, that are known, were all born in Georgia are:


John Clark Jan. 4, 1794 d aft 1850 m. Nancy Mullins b. 1793 d. Sept 5. 1870 Walker Co. AL d/o Bud Mullins and Unk. who was thought to be of  Cherokee descent.

Jacob b. 1797

Nancy ca. b. 1798 m. Isaac Newton Roberts d. 1850

Mary b. 1802 May 20 d. 29 Dec 1859 m. Thomas Wilson

Margaret b. 1804 Sep 23, d. 23 Oct 1860 m. William Dowdy

James b. ca. 1804

William b. 1814

David R. b. Oct. 4, 1810 m. Gemima Wells

Sarah b. 1815


The children of John Clark and Nancy Mullens were born in Georgia, some married when the family removed to Alabama are:


Esther 1812 –perhaps the mother’s name of Nancy– died young as Esther is not a prominent name in the Myers line.

James Thornton b. Aug 1813 m. Jane Blaylock 2nd Ann Stewart d. 1898

Dicey Matilda b. 1816 m. William Lindsey d. Dec. 2, 1900 Lindsey Cem. Walker Co. AL

Henry Roberson b. 1817 moved to Texas Anderson Co. TX Mary Margaret Young 2nd Sarah Catherine Cook d. 1887 Anderson Co. TX

Burgess  b. 1818 2 Feb. m. Winifred Sutton d. aft. 1880

George Washington b March 1820 d. Nov. 28, 1868 in Walker Co. Al, but widow, Nicey Dorsey Price Myers

[see Price line] with some of her children came to Limestone Co. TX 1880. One son was killed in the Civil War, and another stayed behind, but later moved to Texas where the family was located. The family story is that it took 3 months of the wagon train, dogs and animals to move To Texas.

John C. b. 1821 m. Sarah Romine

Abraham b. Apr. 25, 1822 d. bef. 1910 Walker Co. AL. m. Eliza Agnes Ferguson

Jarrett b Sept. 8-1824  April 27-1874 m. Mary Lou Price[see Price Line]

William b. 1829 m. Sarah Roberts d. 1860

Greenberry “Berry” b.  1830 d. Jan. 2, 1862 m. Mary Calvert moved to Texas Polk Co. 1860 US census, Fought in the Civil War with Polk Co. “Bloody Fifth” unit, but died in prison during a measles outbreak in the prison camp.


Some of the family names that moved on to Texas beside the Myers and Price lines were Roberts, Dowdy, McLean, Calvert, Cook, Rutherford, Dorsey, Black families


Also in Walker Co.  Alabama was the family of Joseph and Mary Dorsey Price.  d/o Cornelius and Martha Walker.  Joseph Price [see below for the Price/Pryce lineage]  received permission from the Territory of Mississippi to build a mill on the Mulberry Fork of the Warrior River. In this area resided the Abraham- Sarah Roberson Myers family as well as other Myers members.


Joseph b. 1780 d. aft. 1850 and Mary Dorsey Price b. 1781 PA. d. aft. 1850 d/o Cornelius and Martha Walker children were [as known]:

Cuthbert ca 1800 d. 1829 d. 1834 Green Co. AL m. Miley Mc Carne 2nd Margaret Strait

Martha Walker ca 1808 d. 1839 Blount Co. AL m. Russell Cannon

Unknown, but believed to be Mary 1809 d. ?

Margaret 1814 d. 1860 m. Alton Cannon brother of Russell

Thomas W.  Aug. 24, 1815 Apr. 6, 1860 Walker Co. AL Charlotte Cain d/o James Cain and Elizabeth McAnnelly

Alexander Cornelius [A.C.] 1817 m. Minerva Dutton 2nd Margaret McGill

Nicey Dorsey  May 7, 1824 d. Jan. 9, 1917 m. George Washington Myers brother of Jarrett and aunt of Mary Lou Price Myers


One of these Price children bore the child named Mary Lou, but which one is not certain. It is said that Mary Lou’s father was of Indian descent as related by a descendant of Mary Jessie Myers Carmichael Bowers Tidwell, youngest child of Jarrett and Mary Lou’s. It is said that Indian lineage comes down through the female in Indian research. Therefore, it could have been one of the daughters, and retained the Price name. In possession of the Myers family is a newspaper article dated in 1815 Ada, Pontotoc Co. OK. stating that the two old ladies, Nicey Dorsey Price Myers, wife of George Washington Myers, and Mary Lou Price Myers, widow of Jarret Myers, brother of George W. reunited after being separated from each other for 50 years. Both were raised in their father/ grandfather’s home, Joseph Price, back in Walker Co. AL. However, it does not name the mother and father of Mary Lou Price Myers.


After marrying about 1843/4, and in about 1855, Jarrett and Mary Lou Price Myers came to Anderson Co. TX to Kickapoo community, along with other members of the Price/Myers families, brother Henry Roberson Myers and great uncle Thomas Price. Here the family resided until after 1868, when their daughter Rebecca Louise was born. The family came to Carolina, Falls Co. TX to relocate. Jarrett bought 100 ac. on the head of Cow Bayou, north of the present day property of the De Graffenried family.  Jarrett died in 1874 on the Whitt farm, where his brother Burgess/Brutus Myers and family were living.  Mary Lou and her children remained on the Cow Bayou farm, where she continued to raise her family. After paying off the 100 acres, Mary Lou bought 50 acres, and along with her boys farmed it. Mary Lou seemed to be a lady before her time taking on this very big task alone, however with the help of her children, and paying off the note on the land.


The children of Jarrett and Mary Lou Price Myers are


Nicie Jane b. Sept 9, 1845 d. Aug 22, 1913 born in Walker Co. Alabama m. Zachary Taylor

Margaret N. [Sis] b. Sept. 23, 1849 AL d. Oct. 14, 1943 m. Saunders John Smith

Talitha 1850 died as an infant

Sarah Elizabeth Jan 18, 1856 Anderson Co. TX d. July 10, 1940 m. William D. Smith brother of S. John Smith

Henry Roberson Nov. 27, 1858 d. Aug. 12, 1937 Iowa Park TX m. Texanna Kring

Thomas Jefferson Jan. 22, 1854 TX d. Nov. 14, 1957 Maxwell, Pontotoc Co. OK m. 1st Laura Duncan 2nd Lena Collins

George Thomas 1865 died at 10 years of age buried in Carolina Cem.

Rebecca Louisa “Lou” Oct. 7, 1868 d. July 30, 1959 m. P. W. Adams s/o Jesse L. and Julia Rogers Adams Bass d/o Lazarus Matthews Rogers and unknown Kietle

Mary Jessie “Mollie” Jan. 1, 1871 d. 1960 Waco, McLennan Co. TX m. John Carmichael, Nathan Bowers and ? Tidwell


Thomas Jefferson Myers lost his first wife and 2 children, Laura Duncan and L.D. and Eulilia all buried along side Jarrett Myers in Carolina Cemetery as well as the son George Thomas, who died at 10 years, and the son of Henry and Texanna Kring Myers, the oldest son of Jarrett and Mary Lou.


In 1903, Mary Lou Myers and son Thomas Jefferson with his family moved to Pontotoc Co. OK., where Nicey Dorsey Price Myers and some of her boys had moved in late 1890’s.  There, Mary Lou remained until her death, believed to be during the Flu epidemic of 1918 was buried in the Maxwell Cemetery, Maxwell Pontotoc Co. OK. Thomas Jefferson also is buried in the same cemetery as well as others of the family. Many of Thomas Jefferson, Nicey Dorsey and Mary Jessie Myers Carmichael Bowers Tidwell descendants still live in the area.



Rebecca Louise remained in Falls Co. after marrying P.W. Adams in 1887. Along with P.’s siblings, Alice Mae Adams Shotwell and Blanche Lazarus Adams Greer had moved to the Cego area, West Falls Co. in about 1880. P. and Lou, as they were affectionately known, remained out in the Dot area just east of Cego and south of Carolina Cemetery, where P. bought land and farmed next to his sister Blanche L. Adams Greer. In the fall of 1915, P. built a home that he had ordered from Sears and Roebuck Co., and the family moved “ into the town” of Chilton on the north side of  the town. Here they raised their family, and many of their descendants are still living in the area.





John Price/Pryce from Eleven of the Barons of Runnemead. Perhaps the Magna Carta was a family conspiracy best made for the right and justice to all whom it served…. This line is traced back to 1000 A.D. starting MARCHESTHIAN with famous chieftains of the HOUSE OF AP RHYS  OF RHYLUS, North Wales, who served with distinction with GRYFFD AP CYNAM, at the beginning of the 11th century. Verified in the Barons of Runnemead documentation]


John Price/Pryce b. Brecknoch Wales 1583 m. Ann Matthews possibly

Came to The Colonies-Virginia- aboard the The Starr in 1610/11 when life was exceedingly hard. After serving his apprenticeship, John was awarded land headright, and in time was called An Ancient Planter, was one who owned land and had served in the House of Burgess. Hotten’s book that is an account of the Indian Massacre on 22 March 1622, where most of the people were killed p. 170 described him as a survivor. John was living in “The Neck of Land Charles City.”


 John Price and Ann Matthews issue:


John [2] abt 1627 /28 died aft. 1662 m. Unknown


John [2] and Unknown issue:


John [3] ca.1650 d. ca. 1711 Henrico Co. VA m. Jane Pew d/o Henry and Jane Milner Pew of Henrico VA.


John [3] and Jane Milner Pew issue:


John [4] b. bef. 1690 Henrico VA d. bef. 1751 m. Hannah Williamson d/o Thomas and Susannah Carter Price Williamson [Her 2nd hus.]


John [4] and Hannah Williamson issue:

Daniel Ca. 1717-18 d. 1801 SC m. Mary Unknown


Daniel and Mary Unknown issue:

Cutbert b. ca. 1766 SC m. Margaret Head issue:


Joseph b. 1780 SC d. aft. 1850 in Walker Co. AL. m. Mary “Polly” Dorsey moved to Alabama 1818. Mary Dorsey Price was born 1781 in PA. d/o Cornelius and Martha Walker Dorsey. Joseph and Mary were known to have 10 children. One female child by name is unknown, but since there was a Martha, most likely one also would have been named Mary.

Joseph and Mary Dorsey Price issue:

Unknown b. aft. 1800 and is said to have married a Native American unknown


Uknown and unknown issue:

Mary Lou Price Sept., 1828 Walker Co. AL, d. Jan. 1918 Maxwell, Pontotoc Co. OK. m. Jarrett Myers in Walker Co. AL about 1843/4.


Mary Lou Price and Jarrett Myers issue:

Rebecca Louisa b. Oct. 7, 1868 Anderson Co. TX d. July 30, 1959 Falls Co. TX bur. Chilton Cem. along with her husband P.W. Adams [See P.W. Adams line for their children. The descendants of the couple all remained in Falls Co. except Mamie who married and moved to the Houston area, where she raised her family until her death in 1979.




ANCESTORS AND DESCENDANTS OF JOHN PRICE –Immigrant to Virginia 1610-11compiled by Vina Chandler Price [considered the foremost researcher of the Price family in the United States


Transcribed & Excerpted From The Original Lists of Persons Of Quality – Emigrants; Religious Exiles; Political Rebels; Serving Men Sold For A Term of Years; Apprentices; Children Stolen; Maidens Pressed; And Others Who Went From Great Britain To American Plantations    1600-1700

With Their Ages; The Localities Where They Formerly Lived In Mother Country; The names of The Ships In Which They Embarked And Other Particulars--From MSS Preserved In The State Paper Department Of Her Majesty’s Public Record Office, England – Camden Hotten –London-1874




A.K.A. “Mr. P” or “P”


Now known since the testing of the blood line, with DNA, shows that this Adams line originated in the area of Bristol, Gloucester England in early 1600’s.  According to documents, a Richard Adams arrived in Virginia in 1650’s, and eventually showed up in Dorchester Co. MD. Later this area was rezoned to Sussex Co. DE. Documents state that the Adams family was one of the earliest to settle in this area. Unfortunately, it does not state which Adams family. There are some researchers who say this Richard Adams has not been documented to our Adams line, however, my personal research seems to indicate it was. Below is the chart of the family line through P. W. Adams’ children


Richard b. abt 1616 in England came to The Colonies in 1650’s d. abt 1695 MD. m. Unknown

Richard b. abt 1660 MD d. 1709 MD m. Abigail Williams

Richard b. abt. 1689 MD d. 1777 DE m. Mary Unknown

Isaac b. 1712 Dorchester Co. MD d. 1759 m. Mary Nutter d/o Christopher Nutter

Thomas Nutter 1744/5 DE d. 1827 Clinton Co. OH. m. Mary Unknown, Dolly Unknown

William b. abt 1773 Sussex Co. DE m.  Becky Unknown

James b. abt. 1795 IL m. Jane/Jancey/Jensey Unknown

Jessie L. b. 1833 in Arkansas m. Julia Rogers Adams Bass

P.W. b. 1864 Gonzales Co. TX m. Rebecca Louise “Lou” Myers


Thomas Nutter Adams was said to have fought in the Rev. War, and perhaps received a land bounty in the frontier of the Ohio River. Thomas N. and his family moved down through Virginia, over the Cumberland Mountains, through the Shenandoah Valley over into Eastern Kentucky, in Harrison Co. where some of his family married and remained. Some married into the Isaac Peevy/Peavy, the famous Methodist preacher of the area.  Also, some of the family names in Kentucky were Stafford/Safford, McKay and Wilson. Later, whether on down the Ohio River to follow the Southern Ohio Trail or crossed over into Ohio, where Thomas N. settled and died in Sabina, Clinton Co. OH.  It is said he lived to be over one hundred years old as well as his son Thomas Nutter Jr.


From here, son, William with his family moved on to the area of Illinois Terr. which included only about 3 counties at this time Crawford Co. in the very late 1700’s/ early 1800’s. It is noted in historical accounts of the area that many of these early pioneer/frontiersmen came for the abundant supply of furs and food. These men trapped and sent furs back to the eastern shore of America, where these goods were in high demand. These were frontiersmen and not really farmers, as they did not buy up large tracts of land. Here William lost his wife, and raised his family. James was born in the 1790’s, and married a Jane Unknown, and 2 girls and a son were born to them in Illinois, Edward Co. After the birth of a son, the family moved on to Arkansas to remain there until about 1842, when   could very well have come down to fight for Texas. There are documents of some of the boys in Red River Co. before 1850’s. Richard Adams’ family, the youngest son of James, states that there is oral history saying the family came to Texas in about 1842. The family is not enumerated on the 1850 Texas census, but some sons are in Red River County. 1860 Census has the family in Gonzales Co. where Jessie L. Adams and Julia Rogers were married May 3, 1859. Here the family remained until after the Civil War and most all the siblings dispersed into other parts of Texas, as well as California and Arizona.


The James and Jane Adams issue:

Nancy b. IL 1816 m. P.W. Roberts 2nd George Vaughn. Nancy was the only one to remain until her death in Gonzales Co. in 1883. P. W. was said to have been a J.P, and perhaps a physician. The couple was said to have been big supporters of the Civil War, and lost their fortune when the Civil War money had become worthless. The couple was known to have helped many in the area during this very difficult time period for the families and their friends that were in such desperate situations.

Mary abt. 1817 IL. M. Thomas H. Doyal/Doyl/Doyle d. Gonzales Co. about 1856 after the death of Annie Bell, her daughter. Annie Bell was adopted by her Aunt Nancy Adams and husband P. W. Roberts.  Thomas b. 1820 IL m. Nancy Taylor died in California, having migrated before the 1880 US census.

James M. b. 1822 AR, married Sarah Wright  moved to Hamilton Co. TX

Isaac Gipson “Gip” b. 1821 AR married Henrietta Jane James 2nd Lucinda Casbeer

John Quincy b. 1830 AR m. Emily Scarborough – migrated to Salt River Valley AZ in 1868 after losing his land on Willow Creek after the Civil War. . John led a wagon train in 1868 from Willow Creek in Lampasas Co. TX to the Tonto Basin Arizona Territory. John Q. was one of the first men to work on the Salt River Canal. One daughter was the first white lady to marry in the area, and John and Emily’s daughter, Texanna was said to have been the first white child born in the area. John Quincy and some of his sons were known to have been famous lawmen of the Phoenix area. The family is designated as Original Pioneers of Arizona History

Jesse L. b. 1833/4 AR married Julia Rogers May 3, 1859 Gonzales Co. TX. Julia was the daughter of Lazarus Matthews Rogers and Unknown Keitle, born in Lexington Fayette Co. KY. Lazarus Matthews Rogers is on the 1850 Lexington, Fayette Co. KY census married to a Mildred Ann Taylor or White. L.M. Rogers is no longer enumerated censuses. Mildred remains and raises the family along with whom I think is a brother or Uncle James Taylor. James Taylor is shown on a later census living with Julia’s sister, Imogene and family. These family members are all buried in the City Cemetery of Lexington KY.

Richard b.1838 AR.  d. Dec. 16, 1883 m. Sarah Taylor


Jesse and Julia Rogers Adams issue:

Alice Mae b. 1860 Gonzales Co. TX d. 1935 m. Willis Pinckney –“W.P.”- Shotwell [lived in Cego, Falls Co. TX. until her death.] Some known descendants live in the Reston, VA. area.

Blanche Lazarus b. Gonzales Co. TX June 8, 1862 d. July 25, 1930 m. Henry Greer [lived on Cego Trail, Falls Co. TX which was part of his parents, Benjamin Franklin and Sarah Sallie Ann Ellis Greer, land of 313 acres. Some of the known descendants remain in the Falls Co. area, McLennan Co., and San Antonio, Bexar Co. TX. Recently information has been found that the sister-in-law of Blanche, Mittie Matidla Eva Greer Hackett’s husband, James Franklin Hackett came to Falls Co. TX after the Civil War, from the area of Dorchester Co. MD, where the Adams ancestors of Blanche’s originated in Colonial times. Also, the Greer family was not far away in an area of Gunpowder River, MD area and Colonial Virginia at the same time frame as the Adams and Hackett’s families.

Philip William [P.W.] b. Aug 22, 1864 Gonzales Co. TX d. Feb. 23, 1939 m. Rebecca Louise Myers [see her line above] lived in Falls Co. until his death, as well as wife, Rebecca Louise “Lou” Myers Adams and most of their descendants.

Emma Gean b. Aug. 29, 1869 d. Jul 20, 1937 m. John Thomas Merritt, eventually settling in Leroy, McLennan Co., until her death. Some of Emma Gean’s descendants are still in the Waco, McLennan Co. TX area.

Lizzie b. Dec 1870 d. 1908 m. Robert Denard/Dennard moved to Florida in 1900. Her death was most likely at the birth, or shortly after, of her twin daughters. Her husband and children remained in Florida after her death. Known where they may be now.

Bertha Julia b. Jan. 14, 1873 d. Mar. 19, 1946 m. John David Jacobs. The couple moved on to Forreston, Ellis Co. TX, where some of their descendants still live.

Jessie L. “Jess” b. bef. 1876 d.? Known to travel throughout Texas with one of his half-brothers; never married.


Julia Rogers Adams married Walter W. Bass in Williamson Co. in 1876, after the death of Jessie, which could be in Denton, TX about 1875, as Bertha Julia Adams’ was born there according to her descendants.


Julia Rogers and Walter W. Bass issue:

John Harney Sept 13, 1877 d. 1960 NM

Temperance W.  b 1879 died as an infant

Walter Rogers “Wash” b. Jan. 14, 1881 d. 1977 TX


Walter W. Bass and many of his siblings moved on to Texas from Tennessee after the Civil War. Parents of W. W. Bass were John and Temperance Sumner Bass of Giles, Co. TN. Walter and three brothers all served in the Civil War; one died, James P. who was killed at the Battle of Vicksburg, MS. One brother John H. moved to Lampasas Co., one Sumner H. to Coryell Co., a sister, Harriet Bass Napier moved to Williamson Co. TX before the Civil War. [then on to Hopkins Co. TX after a few years],  the sister living in Texas could have been the reason that the three brothers also moved to Texas after the war. Harriet’s husband was known to have had a tavern in Gerogetown. Their mother, Temperance sold the plantation in Giles Co., TN after the Civil War, and moved to Louisiana, where another daughter lived. Temperance remained there in Louisiana till her death. Some of the descendants are still in Louisiana. Son, John Harney Bass moved on to Roswell, Chavez Co. NM.  Walter W. Bass died July 1935 in NM after moving there after 1910. John H.’s son, Leslie Bass, had a daughter, Celeste ? who was last known in the Bedford TX area.


In 2005, the grave of Julia Rogers Adams Bass was located in what is now Hillcrest Cemetery in Temple, Bell Co. Texas, but then known as, City Cemetery.  Julia died in the Kings Daughters Hospital, Temple TX on Feb 17, 1901 and buried the next day. The receipt book for her grave was for $3.50, and was finally paid off about 5 months later. Perhaps it was hard times for the family, as in a few years he applied for his Civil War pension which was granted him until his death. Unfortunately, there was never a marker erected at her gravesite.  Her great grandchildren and others of the Adams family line placed one in her honor in 2006.  It was felt by her Adams descendants that if Julia’s children had known that none was ever placed, the siblings would have gladly done so. There was a memorial service at her gravesite in June 06 by the descendants of the Julia Adams family. It is not known what the circumstances of the children coming to Falls Co. in about 1880, but sister, Alice Mae had married W. P. Shotwell of Cego, Falls Co. TX, and the couple may have taken the children into their home, as Julia had remarried and had a new family to raise. P.W. Adams’ short bio said, “he had come to Falls Co. over 60 years ago”, which would have been about 1880 when the children moved to area.


P. W. and Rebecca Louise “Lou” Myers Adams issue:

Jessie Dagma b. Oct 23, 1888 – d. Nov. 16, 1983 m. Dec. 20, 1908 William Robert “Bob” Urquhart born in Ramer, AL. s/o Norman Alexander and Fannie Howell Urquhart

Thomas Jefferson “Jeff” b. Nov. 24, 1890 d. Mar. 2, 1974 m. Oct. 4, 1916 Gladys League d/o Judge William Tell and Medora Bartlett League b. Dec. 10, 1894 Popular Bluff, MO. Their descendants live in the San Diego, CA area.

Stewart A. April 1, 1893 d. Jan. 4, 1972 m. Feb. 14, 1922 1st Mary J. Sessions d/o William Washington and Missouri Liles Sessions 2nd m. May 5, 1928 Myrtle Alice Gray d/o William Edgar and Lavinia “Luvie” Hoffman Gray. Descendants of Stewart and Mary Jane now live in the Atlanta, GA area.

Bess b. Jan. 28, 1895 d. April 28, 1969 m. Dec. 24, 1915 Newton Bonnard Morton, who was from Italy, Ellis Co. and lived right down the road from Bertha Julia Adams Jacobs’ family. Descendant of Bess and “Bonnie” Morton lives in Lott, Falls Co. today.

Dewey Philip b. June 6, 1898 d. Feb. 22, 1967 m. Mar. 13, 1929 Clyde Ann Farney b. Sept 14, 1906 d/o Edward Clark and Minnie Sue Allen Farney. Descendants live in the Chilton and Falls Co. at this time.

Clayborne “Bill” b. Sept 24, 1900 d. Feb. 9, 1981 m. May 14, 1934 Wilma Neely b. Nov. 11, 1910 Iola, Grimes Co. TX d. d/o John Howell and Eula Quinn Neeley. Bill and Wilma’s descendants live in the Washington D.C., NM, OR. and CA. areas.

Boyd b. Jan 6, 1904 d. April 5, 1989 m. June 10, 1933 Freddie Evelyn Blackmon b. Feb. 8, 1907-d. Jan. 15, 1988 d/o John Melvin and Dovie Mandy McBay Blackman. Descendants live in Uvalde Co. TX and Waco, McLennan Co. TX

Floyie b. Jan. 12, 1906 d. April 26, 1983 m. Jan. 25, 1936  Alma Lois Byrd d/o Walter Edward and Lillian Aviece Wiggins Byrd. Floyie and Alma’s descendants live in Chilton, TX  today.

Mamie b. Oct. 3, 1908 d. Sept. 8, 1979 m. June 16, 1929 Herbert A. Rachuig s/o Julius H. and Selma Schulz Rachuig. Descendants of Mamie and Herbert live in the Sugar Land, Richmond, Rosenberg Fort Bend Co. TX. and Nixon, Gonzales Co. TX areas.

Unnamed twin b. Oct. 3, 1908 d. Oct. 3, 1908.

Louisa b. Nov. 15, 1912- Jan. 8, 1916 died 4 years of age after exposure to the cold in the wintertime. Loved to go barefooted, and she managed to get out of the house when the family found her without her shoes on that cold winter day with snow on the ground.


All are buried in the Chilton Cemetery except Herbert A. Rachuig and unknown twin of Mamie.  The thought is that the twin was laid to rest on the family farm out at Dot or in an unmarked grave elsewhere in the Dot area, perhaps at Murphy Cemetery, being nearby.





Julia Rogers the mother of P.W. Adams etal was the daughter of Lazarus Mathews Rogers born in NC in about 1817 d. aft.1850 in most likely Lexington Fayette Co. KY. He has not been found in records after that 1850 US census. The mother was Unknown Keitle, who died at the birth of Julia. L[azarus Mathew] then married second a Mildred Ann Taylor in Lexington Fayette Co. KY on  2 Aug. 1841 Fayette Co. KY. According to LDS records in Salt Lake Utah.


ISSUE OF Lazarus Mathew and Mildred Ann Taylor Rogers are:


Imogene [Emma] b.A ug. 5, 1843 d. Mar. 9, 1924 in Detroit, Wayne Co. MI while living with a grand daughter Lilly Willyard, Emma  m. Harry H. Christian b. May 6, 1840 KY d. May 24, 1896 both buried in Lexington Cem. Lexington, Fayette Co. KY

George Ann b. abt 1846, died and was reinterred in the Lexington Cem. when the original cemetery was sold along with all of her siblings and George W. Taylor in June, 17, 1889 Sec. B1-Lot 2-grave 26.

John William Butler b.1849 Ky d. Nov. 25, 1852 with croup, and reburied with his younger brother in the same casket in Lexington Cem. Fayette Co. KY in Sec. B1-Lot 2. June 17, 1889.

George William b.1851 KY D. Sept. 4, 1852 with T.B. and buried in the same casket as his brother on June 17, 1889.

 Elizabeth b. abt 1853 d. unknown, but on cemetery records as June, 17, 1889, but as other siblings true date unknown. None of the vital information on the stones was taken at original site.  The graves are in what would be about the size of a large yard, with only one stone commemorating the event of the mass removal. There is a small area with a bench for meditation. A very strange situation, but confirmed by the office of the City Cem. giving me the reason as to why the Rogers family was all buried in about the same time frame and in Sec 1B Lot 2.

Mildred Ann Rogers-mother- died Feb. 22, 1892 at the age of 68 in another section of Lexington City Cemetery. On the 1880 KY census, listed her as a widow – seamstress living with a Smith family.


Other information on Julia Rogers Adams Bass is with the Adams line. Further research is ongoing for more information on Julia’s ancestors. It is known that Julia’s mother had a brother by the name of Theodore Keitle.


If you would like further information, please contact me, if you see something that is of interest. There is much about the collateral lines in my research.


Research on the P. W. and Rebecca Louise Adams line is credited to Joyce Adams Robyn from her early research into our family, and her journal ADAMS RIB, census, birth, death records and of course, the Internet.


Hackett and Grier/Greer families courtesy of Reba Relf and Frank Hackett’s research.