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Confederate Pension Applications Filed
Falls County, Texas


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Claimant Name                                 Application Number              County            Husband                                             Husband's Application Number

Allen, Isaac H.                                    01372                                     Falls

Allen, John W. (Mrs)                          Reject                                     Falls                Allen, John W.

Allen, Joseph                                     08678                                     Falls

Allen, Mary Hamilton                         43892                                     Falls                Allen, John William

Allen, Z. Ella                                       26338                                     Falls                Allen, John Wesly

Anderson, Eliza Ann                         35711                                     Falls                Anderson, Maben Calaway             31997

Anderson, J. W.                                 21469                                     Falls

Anderson, John E.                            Reject                                     Falls

Anderson, Maben Calaway             31997                                     Falls

Asberry, Jesse                                  27533                                     Falls

Asbury, Nancy L.                               45832                                     Falls                Asbury, John Thomas

Ashley, J. R.                                       01371                                     Falls

Babb, Mary Ann Davidson               42082                                     Falls                Davidson, Andrew Jackson

Bailey, David Hayne                         08679                                     Falls

Baker, J. W. (Mrs)                             20086                                     Falls                Baker, John Geter

Baker, Mary A.                                  15117                                     Falls                Baker, E.

Barbee, Fannie E.                            01361                                     Falls                Barbee, Wylie Edward

Barnes, George W.                           45288                                     Falls

Bates, Sarah A.                                 01375                                     Falls                Bates, Robert M.

Beimer, Lucy                                     45076                                     Falls                Beimer, Herman

Bellinger, John                                   32225                                     Falls

Bennett, M. L. (Mrs)                          Reject                                     Falls                Bennett, William Isaac                      23281

Bennett, William Isaac                      23281                                     Falls

Bird, Catherine                                  05870                                     Falls                Bird, Lafayette

Birney, Simon Foster (Mrs)              49493                                     Falls                Birney, Simon Foster

Blackwell, L. H. (Mrs)                        22902                                     Falls                Blackwell, John Tarleton                   07847

Bland, Amanda                                 11432                                     Falls                Bland, Gideon

Bloxom, Leslie                                   28037                                     Falls

Bonner, Ellen                                     Reject                                     Falls                Bonner, Christopher Columbus

Boon, Mary Ann                                 40486                                     Falls                Boon, William

Bouchillon, Sallie E.                          15118                                     Falls                Bouchillon, Benjamin Franklin

Bowers, Dolly                                    47403                                     Falls                Bowers, Sugars

Boyd, William J.                                46400                                     Falls

Boyles, D. H.                                      45465                                     Falls

Braswell, M. E. (Mrs)                        29910                                     Falls                Braswell, William Nicholas

Brewer, Sallie A.                               34197                                     Falls                Brewer, Edward L.                            19626

Briggs, Leroy Marshall                     27531                                     Falls

Briggs, Mary Ann                              32561                                     Falls                Briggs, Leroy Marshall                     27531

Brisenham, Kate                               10924                                     Falls                Brisenham, William

Brooks, Annie E.                               05863                                     Falls                Brooks, William

Brooks, Charley W.                           15122                                     Falls

Brown, Arthur                                     46916                                     Falls

Brown, Lottie                                     27023                                     Falls                Brown, David Ely

Bryant, Isaac                                      26649                                     Falls

Burns, B. F.                                        10927                                     Falls

Buster, Usuly Ann                              19367                                     Falls                Buster, William Preston                    12961

Buster, William Preston                    12691                                     Falls

Butts, Priscilla S. R. A.                     01376                                     Falls                Butts, Thomas J.

Bynum, W. L.                                     10071                                     Falls

Byrne, Martha E. Walker                  Reject                                     Falls                Walker, William E.

Canady, Lucy L.                                40631                                     Falls                Canady, Thomas Jefferson

Capps, James A.                              01370                                     Falls

Cariker, W. W.                                   05860                                     Falls

Casey, Nancy                                    33035                                     Falls                Casey, Rufus Martin                         27534

Casey, Rufus Martin                         27534                                     Falls

Casey, Texana                                  27020                                     Falls                Casey, Thomas Calvin

Chapman, Henry M.                         01380                                     Falls

Childress, Delilah                              01377                                     Falls                Childress, Thomas A. J.

Clawson, Mary Jane                         31623                                     Falls                Clawson, William Martin                   23126

Clawson, William Martin                   23126                                     Falls

Clay, Godfrey B.                                06611                                     Falls

Clowers, Davis Harrison (Mrs)        47374                                     Falls                Clowers, Davis Harrison

Cobb, Susan Jane                            40424                                     Falls                Cobb, Jacob Hilman                         26685

Cook, Penelope R.                           34755                                     Falls                Cook, John

Cooper, Rebecca Catherine           06549                                     Falls                Cooper, Benjamin F.

Covington, Larkin Anderson            06612                                     Falls

Covington, M. B. (Mrs)                      15119                                     Falls                Covington, Larkin Anderson            06612

Cox, C. B. (Mrs)                                Reject                                     Falls                Cox, John Marshal

Cox, Carolina B.                                50528                                     Falls                Cox, J. M.

Cox, William Thomas                       13794                                     Falls

Coyle, Alexander Irvin                       34068                                     Falls

Coyle, M. J. (Mrs)                              37205                                     Falls                Coyle, Alexander Irvin                       34068

Crosby, E. Victoria                           20179                                     Falls                Crosby, Thomas Eli

Cross, Sallie M.                                 40166                                     Falls                Cross, Micaja Morgan

Daugherty, M. A.                               09598                                     Falls

Davenport, Candis A.                       34045                                     Falls                Davenport, George Hewlett             23044

Davis, E. (Mrs)                                  51136                                     Falls                Davis, E.                                            49900

Davis, Moses A.                                01366                                     Falls

Deer, Christian Mildred                    40176                                     Falls                Deer, Joseph S.

Denson, Nelson                                 Reject                                     Falls

Dewberry, H. C. (Mrs)                       22798                                     Falls                Dewberry, James Franklin               11433

Dewberry, James Franklin               11433                                     Falls

Dial, L. V. (Mrs)                                 20180                                     Falls                Dial, Napoleon

Dickson, Mattie L.                             36481                                     Falls                Dickson, Horace Mortimer

Dillard, Margaret Wooley                 Reject                                     Falls                Wooley, R. C.

Dillard, Miram Virginia                     18940                                     Falls                Dillard, William Scurrock

Dixon, Mary M. Sumner                    46723                                     Falls                Sumner, William J.

Dorsett, Frances Arkadelphia         43978                                     Falls                Dorsett, Charles

Dove, Hugh Godfrey                         46029                                     Falls

Dry, William Rufus                             09211                                     Falls

Dupuy, Katie Alexander                   51052                                     Falls                Dupuy, Henry Guerrant

Easterwood, John Charles              30038                                     Falls

Easterwood, Mary Ann                     31942                                     Falls                Easterwood, John Charles              30038

Edwards, Annie E.                            33493                                     Falls                Edwards, Nathaniel Cook

Elms, Joab                                         26434                                     Falls

Erskine, Sarah Jane                         47904                                     Falls                Erskine, John Willford

Erwin, H. O.                                        31468                                     Falls

Evans, Inez                                         30216                                     Falls                Evans, John Pinkney

Everett, W. H.                                    01378                                     Falls

Fannin, Mary Minerva                       40438                                     Falls                Fannin, William Thomas

Farmer, Thomas C.                          47428                                     Falls

Farrar, W. S.                                      Reject                                     Falls

Ferguson, E. F. (Mrs)                       38705                                     Falls                Ferguson, Ansel Henderson

Finley, A. A.                                       21748                                     Falls

Fisher, William P.                              13795                                     Falls

Foley, Harvey Mitchel                       17630                                     Falls

Franklin, Martha Elizabeth               45988                                     Falls                Franklin, John Abraham

Franks, Naomia Elizabeth               23486                                     Falls                Franks, Andrew

Frazier, Alexander                            15116                                     Falls

Frazier, Mary Elizabeth                    48071                                     Falls                Frazier, William Harvey

Gaither, A. B.                                     06552                                     Falls

Galloway, Mary J.                              27361                                     Falls                Galloway, William Whitmon

Garrett, Robert                                  21768                                     Falls

Gatlin, L. G.                                        01367                                     Falls

Gentry, B. A. (Mrs)                            26597                                     Falls                Gentry, George Thomas

Gentry, G. T.                                       Reject                                     Falls

Gilbert, R. B.                                      27360                                     Falls

Gillis, Rebecca J.                              10074                                     Falls                Gillis, Norman A.

Glass, James Melford                      34074                                     Falls

Goodrich, Levi Wolsott (Mrs)           47949                                     Falls                Goodrich, Levi Wolsott

Gordon, Thomas Tolson                   26475                                     Falls

Gott, Vincie                                        36577                                     Falls                Gott, Samuel Gott

Green, Hamp                                     11901                                     Falls

Green, John M.                                  25622                                     Falls

Greenfield, M. M. (Mrs)                     36341                                     Falls                Greenfield, Leroy Cater                    35270

Grimes, T. B.                                     26593                                     Falls

Grimshaw, James                             01369                                     Falls

Grisham, Deloach                             42040                                     Falls                Grisham, John Harrison

Grisham, James Wiley                     29165                                     Falls

Grisham, John H.                              Reject                                     Falls

Grisham, M. E. (Mrs)                        36917                                     Falls                Grisham, James Wiley                     29165

Gwyn, H. C. S.                                   13791                                     Falls

Gwyn, Ruth                                         49820                                     Falls                Gwyn, H. C. S.                                   13791

Gwyn, S. M. (Mrs)                              28809                                     Falls                Gwyn, Seaborn Junius

Hair, John C.                                      08680                                     Falls

Hale, S. A. (Mrs)                                39209                                     Falls                Hale, George Henry

Hamilton, Margia L.                          01368                                     Falls                Hamilton, Andrew

Hancock, Annie                                 07586                                     Falls                Hancock, John B. F.

Hardy, J. F.                                        19983                                     Falls

Harlan, J. H.                                       24878                                     Falls

Harlan, Maggie D.                             45520                                     Falls                Harlan, George

Hart, Henry T.                                     21467                                     Falls

Hasty, John Wesley                          18777                                     Falls

Hawkins, James O.                           06609                                     Falls

Hayes, Sarah E.                                41288                                     Falls                Hayes, James Sanford

Hetherington, William G.                  45686                                     Falls

Hewett, Israel                                     06613                                     Falls

Hightower, Nannie E.                        47954                                     Falls                Hightower, Stephen Daniel

Hill, John T.                                        47172                                     Falls

Hill, John T. (Mrs)                              51499                                     Falls                Hill, John T.                                        47172

Hill, Mary Elizabeth                           07587                                     Falls                Hill, Seth Stafford

Hill, Sarah E.                                      01381                                     Falls                Hill, William M.

Hobby, L. E. (Mrs)                             18941                                     Falls                Hobby, George Sanford

Hodges, Anna McCain                     47819                                     Falls                Hodges, James Josiah

Holder, Commodore P.                    13304                                     Falls

Hooks, James Carroll (Mrs)             Reject                                     Falls                Hooks, James Carroll

Howard, James Roach                     41407                                     Falls

Howard, James Roach (Mrs)           51641                                     Falls                Howard, James Roach                     41407

Howze, Elizabeth                              17632                                     Falls                Howze, John Gaston                         11902

Howze, John Gaston                         11902                                     Falls

Hughes, Daniel S.                             11900                                     Falls

Humphreys, Henry A.                        01364                                     Falls

Humphreys, Mary                              08296                                     Falls                Humphreys, Henry A.                        01364

Hutchings, S. D.                                22932                                     Falls

Inmon, Martha O.                               26433                                     Falls                Inmon, David Alexander

Irwin, Gabie                                        46118                                     Falls                Irwin, John Robert

Irwin, William Houston                      01363                                     Falls

Jackson, William Sharp                   17629                                     Falls

James, Benjamin Allen                     20042                                     Falls

James, M. J. (Mrs)                            21552                                     Falls                James, Benjamin Allen                     20042

Jarrott, S. M. (Mrs)                            19576                                     Falls                Jarrott, John Robert

Jinks, Mattie Isabell                          45440                                     Falls                Jinks, Willis Jones                            26466

Jinks, Willis Jones                            26466                                     Falls

Johnson, A. M. S.                              36638                                     Falls

Johnson, Mary T.                               27891                                     Falls                Johnson, David J.

Johnson, William J.                           10073                                     Falls

Johnson, William J. (Mrs)                 39462                                     Falls                Johnson, William J.                           10073

Johnston, Irene Elizabeth                 05868                                     Falls                Johnston, Alexander Henderson

Joiner, George Washington             35344                                     Falls

Jones, Octavia Ripley                       51249                                     Falls                Jones, William Henry Harrison

Jordan, Bettie                                    40708                                     Falls                Jordan, Henry Clay                           12033

Jordan, John J.                                  15112                                     Falls

Jordan, M. J. (Mrs)                            17634                                     Falls                Jordan, Andrew Jackson

Jordan, Ruth C.                                 Reject                                     Falls                Jordan, William Britton

Kay, Drury O.                                     01379                                     Falls

Kelly, Josiephine                               38554                                     Falls                Kelly, Samuel Oliver                          28633

Kelly, Samuel Oliver                          28633                                     Falls

Kemp, Ellen                                       41924                                     Falls                Kemp, James B.

Kilgore, Eliza Ann                             08682                                     Falls                Kilgore, John Hardan

King, Duncan                                     Reject                                     Falls

Knowles, Isaac                                  26847                                     Falls

Lagrone, S. D. (Mrs)                         46908                                     Falls                Lagrone, Oliver

Laird, Eli                                             15111                                     Falls

Lane, J. S.                                          Reject                                     Falls

Lawless, Mary Ann                            49350                                     Falls                Lawless, Joseph Warren

Linder, Alexander E.                         05861                                     Falls

Livingston, Joseph Henry                 Reject                                     Falls

Livingston, Sarah Elizabeth             31417                                     Falls                Livingston, Joseph Henry

Lockheart, Napoleon                        08878                                     Falls

Long, Martha E.                                 13790                                     Falls                Long, George T

Looney, Francis A.                            13793                                     Falls

Lott, Robert A.                                   01383                                     Falls

Lowery, Easter Ann                          Reject                                     Falls                Lowery, Theophilus Daniel

Lowery, James Crawford                 01362                                     Falls

Lowery, Licorus Caroline                 10925                                     Falls                Lowery, James Crawford                 01362

Lowrey, E. A. (Mrs)                           47386                                     Falls                Lowrey, Theophilus Daniel

Magee, Callie                                    27064                                     Falls                Magee, Norvell Abner                       22938

Magee, Norvell Abner                       22938                                     Falls

Maines, Rachel                                 01382                                     Falls

Martin, G. W.                                      15113                                     Falls

Masters, Jacob Francis                   32502                                     Falls

Matthews, T. J. (Mrs)                        15114                                     Falls                Matthews, Neuman

McClanahan, Reubin                        01374                                     Falls

McClendon, M. S. (Mrs)                   40115                                     Falls                McClendon, Charles Washington   33111

McCoy, Catherine                             22919                                     Falls                McCoy, Joseph M.

McDonald, James                             05976                                     Falls

McDonald, Jonathan R.                    01373                                     Falls

McGlothlin, Mary Jane                      05857                                     Falls                McGlothlin, John Hiram

McGuire, Eliza A.                              Reject                                     Falls                McGuire, James Monroe

McIntyre, D.                                        24584                                     Falls

McKim, Sarah E.                               46258                                     Falls                McKim, Major

McLain, James Leonidas (Mrs)      47300                                     Falls                McLain, James Leonidas                25880

McLean, William Franklin                 21160                                     Falls

McMichael, Annie                             15115                                     Falls                McMichael, William Absolum

McMichael, Hannah J.                      07585                                     Falls                McMichael, William Stephen

Meador, Fleming                               10517                                     Falls

Meares, Sarah Jane                         27478                                     Falls                Meares, John Calvin

Miles, Elizabeth                                 43454                                     Falls                Miles, William Columbus                  02979

Millermon, Charles Airston               40844                                     Falls

Milton, Charles A.                              05866                                     Falls

Mitchell, A. G.                                    05858                                     Falls

Moore, Eliza Ann                               34986                                     Falls                Moore, Luther                                    29015

Moore, Luther                                    29015                                     Falls

Moore, W. C.                                     Reject                                     Falls

Morris, A. P.                                       12830                                     Falls

Morris, Elizabeth                               44003                                     Falls                Morris, Robert Cox

Morrow, Elizabeth E.                        05856                                     Falls                Morrow, David J.

Mullens, Bettie                                   35473                                     Falls                Mullens, Thomas Macon (Mullins)   29040

Mullins, J. L. (Mrs)                             47517                                     Falls               Mullins, Edward Harris

Murphy, Eliza Jane                            46442                                     Falls                Murphy, John William

Murphy, Emily                                    09878                                     Falls                Murphy, Elijah

Mustian, Thomas Jefferson              20778                                     Falls

Nabors, Sarah Josephine                06551                                     Falls                Nabors, Robert Calhoun

Nettles, M. E. (Mrs)                           17631                                     Falls                Nettles, William Thomas

Newbold, Sarah E. Franks               49250                                     Falls                Franks, Henry Clay

Newman, Henrietta                           Reject                                     Falls                Newman, Edward Peter

Nunn, Jane Mildred                           32313                                     Falls                Nunn, James Corey

Owen, Fannie Madora                      34923                                     Falls                Owen, William Jones                        32527

Owen, J. M.                                        Reject                                     Falls

Owen, William Jones                        32527                                     Falls

Pace, James Willis                           27183                                     Falls

Parmer, D. A.                                    08586                                     Falls

Parsons, S. L., Sr.                             22251                                     Falls

Pearson, M. A. (Mrs)                        41493                                     Falls                Pearson, James Madison

Peevey, Ella L.                                  45272                                     Falls                Peevey, John C., Sr.                         43571

Peevey, John C., Sr.                         43571                                     Falls

Pelt, Henry                                         29019                                     Falls

Pelt, Mary                                           38518                                     Falls                Pelt, Henry                                         29019

Peoples, John Cameron                  01365                                     Falls

Peoples, Sarah R.                            20347                                     Falls                Peoples, John Cameron                  01365

Perkins, Esau                                    27072                                     Falls

Perkins, I. E. (Mrs)                            15121                                     Falls                Perkins, George Henry

Perkins, Mary E.                                43491                                     Falls                Perkins, Esau                                    27072

Peters, Ann Eliza                              14216                                     Falls                Peters, Elijah

Peters, Elijah A.                                Reject                                     Falls

Phipps, Sarah Jane                          28392                                     Falls                Phipps, Tolliver Pharas

Pope, John Hunter (Mrs)                  51748                                     Falls                Pope, John Hunter

Price, M. E. (Mrs)                              15120                                     Falls                Price, Isaac Newlin

Price, Margaret                                 47779                                     Falls                Price, William Thomas

Pringle, Sarah Ann                            43974                                     Falls                Pringle, Isham Johnson

Pruett, Sarah M.                                45902                                     Falls                Pruett, Thomas Jefferson

Quarles, William Sterling                  19577                                     Falls

Ratliff, Jacob Anderson                    10926                                     Falls

Redden, Harmon                               07583                                     Falls

Reeves, John R.                                06550                                     Falls

Rencher, John H.                               27532                                     Falls

Reynolds, John                                  Reject                                     Falls

Rice, S. A. Davis (Mrs)                     Reject                                     Falls                Davis, George Thedore

Richardson, Kate Rebecca             06789                                     Falls                Richardson, Samuel

Richey, Daniel Boone                       Reject                                     Falls

Richey, Nancy Rebecca                   42021                                     Falls                Richey, Daniel Boone

Robertson, John H.                           26457                                     Falls

Ruddell, L. F. (Mrs)                           17636                                     Falls                Ruddell, Isaac Newlin

Schrader, Mary                                  08681                                     Falls                Schrader, Cristo

Scott, I. J. (Mrs)                                 50827                                     Falls                Scott, Samuel Hunter

Self, D. R.                                           08677                                     Falls

Sewall, Hattie Muckle                       42579                                     Falls                Sewall, Krouse                                  37622

Sewall, Krouse                                  37622                                     Falls

Sims, Mary                                         51939                                     Falls                Sims, Joe Russel

Skinner, F. M. (Mrs)                          19689                                     Falls                Skinner, John Pierce

Smith, John M.                                   33055                                     Falls

Smith, Julia A.                                   45082                                     Falls                Smith, Samuel Alfred

Smith, M. C. (Mrs)                             17633                                     Falls                Smith, Alfred Barnes

Smith, Sallie A.                                  29763                                     Falls                Smith, John Bailey

Snider, Margaret Penina                  Reject                                     Falls

Snider, Margaret Penina                  39355                                     Falls                Snider, James Madison

Snipes, William Chester                  05871                                     Falls

Snodgrass, Jane                               12828                                     Falls                Snodgrass, T. J.

Spivey, A. M.                                     23283                                     Falls

Squires, Mary J.                                13792                                     Falls                Squires, Wiley W.                             09244

Stallworth, Fredonia Agnes             41808                                     Falls                Stallworth, William Thomas

Stanfield, Martha J.                           Reject                                     Falls                Stanfield, John Logan

Stephens, Charlotte T.                      09877                                     Falls                Stephens, John S.

Stephens, Mollie B.                           43646                                     Falls                Stephens, William M.                        12022

Stephenson, M. E. (Mrs)                  46098                                     Falls                Stephenson, John Woolam

Stephenson, M. L.                             15110                                     Falls

Stephenson, S. W.                            09210                                     Falls

Stevenson, Walter                             21607                                     Falls

Stone, A. W.                                      Reject                                     Falls

Stone, W. D.                                      50415                                     Falls

Streckert, William                              05865                                     Falls

Strother, Luther                                  34434                                     Falls

Stuart, John W.                                  31995                                     Falls

Suggs, E. M. (Mrs)                            49823                                     Falls                Suggs, Ira Caleb

Sutton, James Monroe                     05862                                     Falls

Sutton, Jennie                                    35233                                     Falls                Sutton, James Monroe                     05862

Swaner, Francis Marion                   Reject                                     Falls

Swinnea, Henry Sterling                   25956                                     Falls

Taylor, D. S. (Mrs)                             Reject                                     Falls                Taylor, D. S.

Taylor, James B.                               07584                                     Falls

Thompson, Allie                                43463                                     Falls                Thompson, James Moore

Tinar, Nancy Caroline                       10923                                     Falls                Tinar, Ezekial

Travis, Caldonia                                17635                                     Falls                Travis, Henderson                             09209

Travis, Henderson                             09209                                     Falls

Traweek, L. W.                                  09212                                     Falls

Tucker, Mit G.                                    12349                                     Falls

Underwood, B. F.                              06610                                     Falls

Underwood, Sarah I.                         12829                                     Falls                Underwood, B. F.

Vance, Winneford                             05869                                     Falls                Vance, James A.

Vann, James Edward                       43881                                     Falls

Vann, Rachel                                     45077                                     Falls                Vann, James Edward                       43881

Waite, S. A. (Mrs)                             05859                                     Falls                Waite, S. J., Dr.

Walker, Mathew J.                            09922                                     Falls

Wallace, Albert David                       20579                                     Falls

Walston, Eliza Ann                            42462                                     Falls                Walston, Daniel Alexander

Watson, N. J. (Mrs)                           18939                                     Falls                Watson, Benjamin Franklin              02649

Weather, James P.                           40028                                     Falls

Weathers, J. P.                                  Reject                                     Falls

Webb, Sarah Ella                              31741                                     Falls                Webb, William Henry                        10072

Webb, William Henry                        10072                                     Falls

Webster, Susan R.                            05872                                     Falls                Webster, John C.

Welch, Benjamin Washington          18587                                     Falls

Welch, Nancy                                     26117                                     Falls                Welch, Benjamin Washington          18587

Wiebush, George W.                        Reject                                     Falls

Wiggins, Susan                                 49305                                     Falls                Wiggins, W. T.                                   47445

Wilder, Ransom                                05867                                     Falls

Williams, Mattie                                 40697                                     Falls                Williams, Virgil Milton                       17235

Williams, Virgil Milton                       17235                                     Falls

Womack, Matilda                              51362                                     Falls                Womack, Daniel, Jr.

Woodland, Lucinda                           41988                                     Falls                Woodland, Henry

Wooley, John Marshall                     25332                                     Falls

Wrenn, William B.                             30723                                     Falls

Yates, Elizabeth A.                            22928                                     Falls                Yates, William Burl                            03006

Zivley, Mary F.                                   11325                                     Falls                Zivley, J. H.