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Confederate Indigent Families Index

Falls County, Texas



Note: This is only an index of names.  Linda Mearse has transcribed the records on file in the State Archives in her book, “Confederate Indigent Families Lists of Texas 1863-1865”. In order to help preserve the original records, please request the Mearse transcription through interlibrary loan. Please contact your local library for further details.




 Allen, Ubert

 Allen, Wiley

 Aycock, A. J.

 Aycock, Burwell

 Aycock, T. P.

 Barclay, S. D.

 Barclay, William

 Barnes, Frank

 Barren, J.

 Barten, F. G.

 Barton, D. G.

 Bell, James

 Bennett, Lee

 Birks, William

 Bitchman, D.

 Blythe, A. W.

 Boren, William

 Bowman, J.

 Brabin, William

 Branden, A. E.

 Brown, C. F.

 Brown, James

 Brown, James C.

 Brown, W. L.

 Bryant, W. C.

 Bull, Isaac

 Caleb, George W.

 Canceller, John

 Capps, James

 Cenoy, C. C.

 Cenoy, J. P.

 Cerersey, F. M.

 Cerersey, Levi

 Cermutt, R.

 Cerrich, J. N.

 Chambers, Robert

 Chandler, J.

 Church, Luke

 Church, W. W.

 Cole, J.

 Collin s, J. C.

 Cooke, George

 Coone, Bernard

 Corley, A. J.

 Cornelison, Jessee

 Covington, J. H.

 Covington, Larkin

 Cox, John

 Crawford, J.

 Criswell, W. M.

 Davis, John

 De Grafeureid, Robert

 Duerr, Alex

 Dunlop, M.

 Duty, James M.

 Duty, Penn

 Easley, J. H.

 Erskine, James

 Erskine, John

 Erskine, William

 Erwin, A. J.

 Etheridge, W. G.

 Evans, E. G.

 Forbes, Reed

 Fugitt, M.

 Furguson, G. W.

 Garrett, Frank

 Garrett, Jasper


 German, John

 Glazner, M.

 Goodwin, James N.

 Gott, T. R.

 Grayham, W. A.

 Green, B. F.

 Green, Samuel

 Grimshaw, James

 Grundy, James M.

 Haley, Joseph

 Harland, John


 Holcomb, H. B.

 Huett, George

 Huett, John

 Huffman, Nick

 Huids, J. B.

 Hurd, Peter

 Hutcherson, James

 Jackson, D. M.

 Johnsen, W. O.

 Johnson, K. S.

 Johnson, M.

 Jolly, P. W.

 Kimbrough, W. H.

 King, G. F.

 Knighten, J.

 Lambert, B. B.

 Lea, W. H.

 Loftin, M.

 Lowe, William

 Lucas, J. M.

 Maines, E.

 Maines, John

 Martin, George W.

 Martin, J. H.

 Maxey, J.

 Mayfield, J.

 McCallister, W. B.

 McCutcheon, John

 McKinney, F.

 McKinney, William

 McMullins, W. F.

 McNealy, G. W.

 McNealy, Samuel

 Mitchell, John

 Moore, John

 Moore, John

 Moore, W. C.

 Morgan, J. C.

 Morris, J. M.

 Morris, J. R.

 Nichols, George

 Nix, E.

 Nix, N.

 Norwood, J. W.

 Padget, J.

 Perkins, J. W.

 Poole, F. G

 Pretilla, J.

 Ray, George


 Reed, James

 Reed, William

 Rice, Daniel

 Rice, Jacob

 Rice, Theodore

 Richardson, J.

 Richey, D. B.

 Riddle, J.

 Rinsen, Jerry

 Roberts, Elias

 Roberts, Frank

 Roberts, Joel

 Rodgers, John

 Rodgers, N. F.


 Rouse, H.

 Roy, William

 Saxton, Joshua

 Shepherd, W. A.

 Shives, James

 Simmons, D.

 Smith, Erasmus

 Smith, Henry

 Smith, W. W.

 Snider, Jessee

 Sparks, Baley

 Springfield, Aaron

 Stene, Daniel

 Stene, William

 Stillwell, Green

 Stillwell, H. G.

 Stonecrist, P.

 Story, George W.

 Talifero, M.

 Taylor, Ball

 Thomas, Jack

 Thompson, Ed

 Thompson, Virgil

 Thompson, Wesley

 Todd, William

 Vanney, J.

 Walker, J. M.

 Walters, J. W.

 Ward, Gilbert

 Wardlin, John

 Watkins, J. W.

 West, James

 Whatley, Sank

 Whatly, James

 White, E.

 White, J.

 White, S.

 Withers, Calvin

 Woodland, Henry

 Wyatt, William

 Wyers, Victor