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Ruth M. Brown


William Henry Harrison Jones
August 13, 1842 - September 9, 1912

     In September of 1861, William Jones enlisted with Terry's Regiment,
8th Texas Cavalry Regiment. He was elected Second Lieutenant of Co. A at the units organization in September, 1861.


     As did much of the Regiment, he fell sick in Bowling Green, Kentucky, and spent sick leave in a private home during November and December of 1861. He was declared fit for duty on December 21 and was present for duty during throughout 1862 and 1863. He was promoted Captain in March, 1865.


     On January 12, 1864 Billy Jones was critically wounded in the shoulder at Mossy Creek, Tennessee. It was likely in a skirmish with the First Wisconsin Cavalry. He was then reassigned to the Invalid Corps Enrolling Service, where he served until he was surrendered with General Taylor's army on June 6, 1865.