Typed as spelled and written
Lena Stone Criswell

Thirty-Ninth Year - Number 159
Marlin, Texas, Wednesday, November 8, 1939
Published by the Students of the Marlin Public Schools
Vol. 6  Wednesday, November 8, 1939, Number 76
Texas High School
Press Association
Founded 1923
Headquarters Texas State College for Women
Denton, Texas

       Having Miss Russell and Mr. Burks as co-sponsors, how could any annual be a failure?  They and the staff have been working together for some time and are really making progress toward a better annual.
       This year's annual is not going to be like any other Marlin High has ever had.  It is to be revolutionized.  The pictures are not to be the same class or club group pictures you see year after year.  They will show the school in progress, the football team in action, and the personality of the campus.
       The staff and sponsors and the entire senior class are striving to put out an annual all will be proud of.  However, this cannot be done without the full cooperation of the entire student body.  So put your hearts into it, studes.  We must make our annual a success!

Permission granted to Theresa Carhart and her volunteers for printing
by The Democrat, Marlin, Falls Co., Texas.