Typed and spelled as written:
Kay Cunningham


The Marlin Democrat
Marlin, Texas, Thursday, March 3, 1904

{By A. W. E.}

     Pleasant Valley school district has made splendid advancement in education within the last twelve months, they have voted a local tax and built one of the neatest and completest school buildings in the county. The house is L shaped with two large rooms,an entrance hall, galleries etc. It is built of splendid material and nicely painted. F. J. Turner is teaching his second term here and is doing some splendid work, the attendance in his room was forty five. The order of the room was excellent, no idleness was noticed.

     Miss Mattie Weir had in the primary fifty five. She has a nice new room with nice pictures and other decorations making ideal surroundings for primary work. The order and work of this room was splendid. Pupils and teachers are complimented for the neat, manner in which they have kept their new building. After nearly four months use not a single mark or other defacement is to be found anywhere on the building. The number of large pupils in this school is noticeable, their being nine young men and fourteen young ladies in attendance.

     Miss Gertude Moss had present at Hoolia nineteen. This room has been neatly papered and decorated with pictures, drawing, mottoes, etc. The recitations in reading and arithmetic were well done. 

     J. W. Sharp had present in the advanced class thirty one.

     Blevins has made some decided improvements on the school house a new roof and new siding has improved the appearance of the building very much. Miss Ola Brown is teaching her second term here in the primary department and had present thirty seven.  The room was neat and orderly and there citations in geography, reading and spelling were
nicely done. Miss Ola is a hard; worker and her pupils have caught her enthusiasm.
     The advanced department had present twenty, several of this room were compelled to away on the day visited.
     Mr. Frank McNair is doing some good work here.

     Miss Ada McQuary had present at Shields fifteen. The class in addition of numbers is complimented for the splendid work done on the board. 

     Norris had present with Miss Susie Livingston seventeen. An epidemic of measles keeping many of the pupils of this school at home. The order and work of the room was excellent.

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