Typed as spelled and written
Lena Stone Criswell

Eighteenth Year - Number 37
Marlin, Texas, Saturday, September 28, 1907
About Twenty Tons Were Destroyed
or Damaged.

       The work of removing the burning coal from the basement of the public school building was completed about three o'clock Tuesday afternoon and school was resumed at the usual hour Wednesday morning.
       As stated in the first report, the existence of fire around the building was established in the minds of the teaches and Janitor Adams sometime before it was located but it was difficult to locate the exact spot where the fire was burning.  There were eighty-tons, altogether, stored in the basement, in different compartments and some in a coal house on the grounds.  The gases arising were unmistakably from coal, but the exact location could not be easily defined as there was no fire in sight. When the location was finally determined, all the hands that were available, including Street Commissioner Curry's force, were put to work removing the coal.  About thirty tons were removed, something like twenty tons being consumed or damaged to an extent that will render it useless for fuel.
       When it became evident that the coal under the building was on fire, Supt. Doughty notified the teachers to dismiss the pupils, which was done in the usual systematic manner and no excitement or confusion resulted.
       While the building was not in serious danger at any time after the discovery of the fire, there was, nevertheless, considerable anxiety for its safety and the public felt greatly relieved when the danger period had entirely passed.


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