Typed as spelled and written
Lena Stone Criswell

Thirteenth Year - Number (Missing)
Marlin, Texas, Thursday, May 29, 1902
An Extensive and Satisfactory
Program Given.
A Large Crowd Present.

       Promptly at 8 o'clock Friday night the board of trustees came out upon the platform followed by nine young ladies who were about to receive diplomas as crowns for their good work and industry.
       The first on program was an instrumental piece of music by four young ladies, Misses Edith Branson, Mamie Bartlett, Rosalis Battle and Lalla Branson.  It was enjoyed very much.  Next was the invocation by Rev. J. A. Montgomery and then Miss Mamie Bartlett, the salutatorian of her class, as class poet.  It was a poem relating to the school house they now have and could certainly be indorsed by all that attended the Marlin public schools this or last year.  The poem was certainly worthy of the hearty applause that it received at the conclusion.

       Next was the class history by Miss Louise Middleton and was a paper that any one would have been proud to hear.

       "Modes of travel," by Miss Ethel Powel was a fine paper.

       Next was an essay entitled, "Modes of Lighting Houses," by Miss Ethel Branson was enjoyed immensely.

       An essay on "Essays" by Miss Ollie Moore and many of the school children can certainly endorse what she said.  It was very fine indeed.

       A reading entitled, "As the Moon Rose," by Miss Jimmie Brewer, was recited splendidly.

       Next was an essay entitled, "People One Would Wish to Have Known," by Miss Constance Harlan, was greatly enjoyed and received hearty applause.

       An instrumental duet by Misses Rosalis Battle and Mamie Bartlett was next appreciated.

       Enough nice things could not be said about the class prophecy read by Miss Francis Marian Peyton to fully show how much it really was enjoyed.  It showed that a great deal of time had been spent upon it and she could not have begrudged the time when at the conclusion the applause burst forth showing how much it was appreciated.

       The valedictory by Miss Rosalis Battle was greatly applauded.

       The diplomas were presented by Hon. Z. I. Harlan who m(ade) a fine talk.

       Next Supt. Hudson read a letter from the State University which contained a scholarship to be given to teh one who had made the highest average.  This was presented in a splendid talk by Hon. B. H. Rice to Miss Rosalis Battle.  As she has throughout (h)er school career led the room and at the close made the grade that surpassed all eight competitors, this is not too great an honor.  But she should certainly feel proud of it and her parents, relatives and friends proud of her.

       Prof. Hudson then arose and thanked the audience for their presence.  He also thanked both the teachers and parents f(or) their cooperation with him.  We believe that Prof. Hudson has done what very few could have done in the very short time and that is to affiliate with the State University.  This was followed by the benediction from Rev. I. C. Underwood.

       Miss Nettles and her assistants certainly deserve credit for the way in which they got up the program as everything was in perfect order and showed that a great deal of work had been expended upon it.


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