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Lena Stone Criswell




Eighteenth Year - Number 7

Marlin, Texas, Thursday,  April 11, 1907



(By O.E.W.)


    Miss Myrtle Hair has finished her term at Taylor.


    Miss Emma Schneider sent in her term report for Mettina this week.


    On invitation of Supt. D. J. McWilliams, a very pleasant visit was made to the Lott high school.  The order work and management is everywhere excellent.  Most of the teachers are doing their second or more years work, and have become thoroughly acquainted with the conditions.  Mr. McWilliams has the tenth and eleventh grades.  The graduating class this year is Jake Tomlinson Fred Glass, J. H. English and Otis Hays; Misses Geneva Hodges Maclo Moore, Fanny King and Alva Walkup.  W. C. Crane has the eighth and ninth grades and is especially thorough and scientific in his work.  Miss Jewell Martin has the sixth and seventh and has given a fine years work, while the low fourth and fifth is ably taught by Miss Georgia Bowman, who is supplying the place of her sister, Miss Ethel, who was disabled by a fall from a buggy several weeks ago.  The low forth (sic) and third are in charge of Miss Cleo Waits who is giving excellent results.  The third grade has Miss Mattie Currie who is doing her fifth years work in Lott schools and is getting better all the time.  The primary has for the fifth time Miss Susie Lyon who also gets better and better.  This has been an especially quiet and successful term with no serious trouble at any time to interfere.  School will close third of May with two nights entertainment which is now being prepared by both students and teachers and will be a credit to the school.


    Rosebud school will close with splendid entertainments on May 2 and 3.


    Miss Lynn King has closed her school at Poverty Flat and is now enjoying a rest.


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