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Lena Stone Criswell




Eighteenth Year - Number 8

Marlin, Texas, Thursday,  April 18, 1907



(By A. W. E.)


    Misses Virge Peters, Criswell; Sibyl Woodland, Eureka; Lela Peters, New Salem; Olive Buckley, Rupee; Ada McQuary, Blevins and Clemmie Smith Chilton, are all taking a rest.  Their schools closed last week.

    A pleasant day was spent with the schools of Wilderville this week.  They have all had a successful year and have done excellent work.  Miss Hale's primary class at the chapel has made extra good progress.  Miss Flanniken's work at the Grove has been thorough and successful, while Miss Roll's reading class at Dewey is equal to any in the county.

    The legislature has passed two bills that will directly effect the school interest of the county.

    The county superintendent bill provides for a county superintendent for each county with 3000 scholastic population; increases the pay in this county $1,500 per year.  Exempts independent districts with 500 or more scholastic population from county institute work.  Requires independent districts with less than 500 scholastics to report to the county superintendent; requires attendance to five days institute, but provides no pay.

    Senate bill No 61 provides for only one set of trustees to each district and greatly increases the qualifications to hold the office of trustee.  This bill will knock out all the negro trustees.

    The attorney general has accepted the formation of the Chilton independent district and they will hold an election next Saturday to vote a maintenance tax of twenty-five cents in place of the local tax they had before.  This is a very imporant measure and on it depends entirely the success of Chilton schools in the future.  An independent district without a maintenance tax is in rather a bad fix, as there would not be a cent for any expense except teachers' salaries.  For once the people should put aside prejudices and stand united on the issue that means so much for the town, the people and especially the children.


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