Typed as spelled and written
Lena Stone Criswell

Eighteenth Year - Number 12
Marlin, Texas, Thursday, May 16, 1907

County School Notes.
(By A.W.E.

       Papers are now being sent out to qualify the newly elected trustees.

       The County Board of Examiners were in session Friday and Saturday.  There were six applicants for certificates.

       The Lott school closed Friday with two evenings of entertainment.  The play entitled The Three Hats given Thursday evening by the graduating class was enacted before a large and enthusiastic audience in the new skating rink.  It was a go from the beginning and the pupils displayed displayed much talent in the delineations of the parts.  The caste was as follows:

       Sam Selwyn, a married man, Frank Glass; Fred Bellamy, his unwilling slave, J. H. English, Jr., Capt. Katskill, of the irregulars, Otis Hays; Dibbs, a boy in bitters, Albert Porter; Bosco Blithers, a professor of penmanship, Jake Tomlinson; Mrs. Selwyn, Selwyn's better half, Miss Ava Walkup; Lottie Blithers, Fred's financee, Moda Moore; Grace Selwyn, Selwyn's daughter, Geneva Hodges; Tilly, a popular maid, Fannie King.  Excellent music was furnished by the Lott Silver Cornet Band and quite a neat sum was taken in at the door for benefit of the school library.  The Friday night exercises were also interestingly carried out.

        Reagan closed one of the most successful schools in its history Friday night, with a delightful entertainment.  The folding doors were all thrown up converting the three largest rooms in the building into one grand hall which was literally packed with people who were anxious to hear.  An especially fine program of songs, recitations and short plays was carried out to the delight of all present.
       The whole program was good but the two little plays "Not a Man in the House" and "Which Will He Marry" were especially good.  Some of the renditions would have been a credit to much older talent.
       The little original play, an object lesson was full of local hits and so true to life that the house roared with laughter, while the final act by Dr. Slimkins was simply immense.  Every one went away in the happiest humor and full of praise for the Reagan school.


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