Typed as spelled and written
Lena Stone Criswell

Eighteenth Year - Number 48
Marlin, Texas, Wednesday, November 6, 1907
What the Schools of Falls County
Are Doing.

       Mrs. Nelia Dorman is making good progress with the work of Hog Island.  Mrs. Dorman has had four years experience in the Leon county schools, and will do excellent work.


       The "Old Reliable" F. P. Davis is doing this third year's work at Center with an increase of a hundred dollars in his salary.  He is ably assisted by Miss Myrtle Hair.  The first month closed Friday and the attendance was by far the best for any first month in years.  They will have an eight months term and everything points to a successful term.


       Reagan school is making excellent progress with F. J. Turner as principal, ably assisted by Misses Dove Davis, Elvey Price and Marion Peyton.  These ladies are each filling the same positions they held last term, and the work was taken up just where it was left off last year.  Mr. Turner and Miss Davis alternate their rooms.  Miss Davis taking all the English and Mr. Turner the mathematics.  Miss Peyton has a Latin class, as well as her primary work.  The attendance, work and order of the school is inferior to none and everything points to a successful year.


       The city of Rosebud has by a large majority, voted a twenty-five thousand dollar bond issue to build a much need (sic) new school house.  The Rosebud News truly says:

       "No one can tell just what the new building means for Rosebud.  Among other things it will draw a most desirable citizenship to our town, and again, it will enhance  the property interest along all lines, and last but by no means least, it will show the world at large that we believe in educational institutions.
       All honor to the people of Rosebud.  They never do things by halves.  And they are as wide awake to the interest of their children as they are to their business enterprises.

       Chilton school has began its fourth year under the able management of W. T. Goode.  The Texas School magazine has the following to say about Chilton school in the last issue:

       "The Trustees of Chilton school believe in retaining a good teacher and have elected Prof. W. T. Goode for the fourth time at an increase of $205.00 over last year's salary.  They apply good business principles to the management of school affairs, and their school has steadily grown and prospered.  The people have voted a twenty-cent tax and their school lasts eight months in the year.  This is a splendid object lesson to teach the importance of adopting the proposed school tax amendment next year.  Local taxation is the keystone in the arch of every efficient public school system.  Three years ago the Chilton school subsisted on $1390.00 and it was a lean, hungry affair.  Now it has $2865.00 and is fat and fine and a subject of pride to the people.  Prof. Goode is ably assisted by Misses Sallie Freeman, Clara Moore, and Eliza Ripley."
       And we might add that Chilton is also an abject lesson, on getting good teachers and keeping them.  The order and work is excellent; this will certainly be the best term Chilton has ever had.
                                                                         A. W. E.   


Copyright permission granted to Theresa Carhart and her volunteers for
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